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saturday 25/04/2009

Should I sell Kolos and Kenny to buy Rubie Zatman Dorian Oxen ?

Wrong perception, Aasha. You generally remember unfavourable outcomes more often than favourable outcomes; same for unlikely outcomes over likely ones. Plus you must not look at a dozen games but rather at hundreds of thousands. And no, obviously, UR did not reveal their source code, so you cannot check it directly

Let's see...I believe All Stars, Sentinel, Freaks, and GHEIST are the four clans most likely to see an update. The other clans have either gotten an update in 'this cycle', or were near the end of the previous cycle.

Replace the cheap guy (Gran Vistas his name) with Andsom


Everyone refresh your page and it will be ok.smiley

friday 24/04/2009

Thanks, anyone else got any ideas?

Well alot of people tend to play more mix decks then mono and the one you got right now is great, but for DTs you need a smaller stared deck. you uppers and sakrohm is wonderfylly balanced but here's some fixes.
trinmxxt to murray and dorian to either oxen or some other good low star, like frankie hi

for that nightmare deck, i'd say try to go with lower stars for DTs, like Ikki there, said they're kinda hard to use in DTS but this shoudl be good

26 stars

but for a T2 surv deck this is how i;d go about it
morphun (any good leader could do tho)

if you wanna know about some other clans, i could give my opinion, just Pm me if want more help

My suggestion would be Dayton over Skiner.
Against SOA, Dayton only loses damage and can still win rounds with his power to prevent your opponent from damaging you.

Since Uppers are the most common clan used in DTs, you don't want to have to dance both Copper and Skiner between all the Jackie, Rubie and occasional Wendel cards.

Skiner is a great bluff card and would be more valuable in a random tournament.

Theres only 4 ways to increase Damage, 1.Fury (uses 3 pillz) 2. +Damage Abilities (cards like kolos and beetenka ) 3. +Damage Bonus (when 2 or more cards from the same clan are in your hand, bonus is activated and certain clans have +Damage bonus like fang pi clang and la junta ) 4. Timber (If he is drawn in your hand, you recieve a bonus 1 damage to each card)

With that said there is also decreasing damage. 1. -Damage abilities(cards like uranus and veenyle ) 2. -Damage bonus ( pussycats ) 3. Vholt (If a player draws him, then all of the opponents cards with more than 5 damage lose 1 damage)


it has work ok for me but is there any changes needed?

Not really

jane ramba
no nam
burger or trish

Sorry I just bought nobrodroid and rowdy
pls close this subject

Fang Pi are lots of fun and can make matches quick though they do have potential... it is hard to compete with the Uppers/Montana powerhouses in T2 Dts. As for ELO... Gheist/Roots are still the dominant forces. If you want to try Fang Pi in Dts I would suggest this amazing Montana/Fang Deck. Montana + Fang The creator told me he got great results.

I'd say go for a mix of attack uppers or downers and a damage increaser, i have done ok, not great but enough to get buy using junks and fang pi. but im not into elo much so dont liscen to me.

No Damage redcuer i mean

I dont really like mono decks, but i was bored an made this:
Yeah, there are a couple of high star cards. Use them for quick KO's and squeeze points in low star ones.

Here is what i did with my first DT with it:
4th gta0004 from guild Angelz Of Doom with 394 battle points won 3 059 Clintz + 1 Credit.

I screwed up 2 games down the stretch or i could have been first.

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