tuesday 24/03/2009


ok first of all I lied. It is true that I am a level 7. I lied because iv'e read some other subjects and stuff and the guy who wrote the subject wanted something like ''can you help me please? I am trying to make a deck that is pure... And that if I have all the money in the whole game which cards would I get the make the best deck for Elo''. Then people reply with something like this '' Oh heres a budget deck'' Then I was thinking like dude he asked you for a deck and he didn't care about the price so why give him a deck with a budget?!? That is why I lied because I didn't want that kind of answer. And the cards that I put out are not cards that I have it's just a deck that I think is the best deck that is pure Bangers for Elo. But since I was a noob I wanted advice. So I had to lie to you guys. Very Sorry. smiley

Marco / aurora
anita / slyde
larry / bobby *2

budget rescue + hugo:

But its so satisfying when you were about to lose and they played soooo slowly that they lose =P

Lol. That had not happened when I had 3 Vansaars. I think you are just seeing things.

*sigh* not again....

Oh and replace zlatar with him unless u really want to keep zlatar. then replace mo difalco

Montana + hugo montana/uppers. actually anything could work just depends on your playing style

Sorry I'm trying to control the terry market
But I don't plan to sell them
I collect them
So if I messed up someones Terry purchase I'm deeply sorry.
Please forgive me

monday 23/03/2009

So right now the cards I can have is:

B Ball


B Ball


B Ball
Vermyn N

Please make a vote

Hi everyone i want to make new elo deck i have 300k and i want to make deck that will take em for top 100 please any help .

note: please no unlvl card .

thanks mods .

Uppers-allstar the classqiue
Striker 4
marina 4
jessie 2
randy 3
zatman 3
oxen 3
nellie 4
samantha 2/wendel 2

even with the worst hand you can still win smiley plenty of 2 hit ko.. pure offense little or no defense at all(except marina)

Take note that in this room, during all daily tournaments, the number of bonus points awarded for a character leveling up will be limited to 0 pts, KO bonus are also limited to 2 pts. Finally, everybody must be visible during a tournament.

so, no, pillz leftover is limited to 2 pts which is 1 pillz

You have too many STOP personalities. Also you need to get rid of Aktara, Courage abilities are terrible to play with STOP personalities.

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You do not want to use Bangers, they have a high star count and don't get you points, and quick KO's is not what you want

sunday 22/03/2009

I haven't really played any of these clans except Montana, but this seems like it'd be fun to play:
Kenny, Nistarok, Glorg, Sheitane, Uranus, Wakai, Murray, Na Boh
Some nice bluffing potential, adequate damage, and several DRs.

For a montana half-deck I'd suggest: Edd, Mona, Prince Jr, and Spiaghi/Ottavia. And I'd probably pair it with Junkz or All Stars.

Hope this helps!

Gheist/sentinel with hugo. its gotten me a high eol with gheist being in the majority.

Will this be good for roots week ?


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Best cr: general cr
best affordable cr: vickie cr or tessa cr

the next cr should not be discussed in the forums

Bro Only One Way:

1st Round You Bluffed A Common Bluff
Then He Knows It's A Bluff And Damages You Without Pillz And Then He Kills You For Good

3 power is just too weak.. What happens when you end up playing against piranas? or even clans like montana that counter the rescue bonus? then you are stuck with a 3* at 3 power. If your opponent has Vickie, Gibson and even Lehane would render him worthless as a bluff unless you want to waste tons of pills and pray that they didn't put any pills on their cards. Even cards like Zatman would be hard to overcome. And it is really hard to replace a Alec everytime he lvls up! talk about maintence.. and all that just for T1? Buying multiple lvl 3 alecs for T1 play.. smiley Why not just use a cheaper 3* card to fill the gap?

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