saturday 03/12/2016

All leaders have a steep -25 on there own i believe.

an other cards like the 12 damage cards like kolo's has like -15 so it is a large number.
when i troll a dt i got full pussycats.

friday 02/12/2016

thursday 01/12/2016

Wow! That looks a lot like classic UR! Nostalgia! smiley

wednesday 30/11/2016

First look through all the clans
find one you like visually an ability an bonus you read them an think i like this clan.
then try them out about 8 or 4 cheap ones to give them a fair shake.
also trying other clan as a half to see if you like them also or playing like that.

find out about the clans an what is there strength an weakness all clans have them.

then one you find a clan you like get all of that one clan you can get an watch it become easier to win more an more then once you got all the clan you wont go for a second an see if you can find another clan that can mold to you main clan to make up for said weakness.
not much to it really stragity an tactics hard part is finding were you fit an with who.

Thanks man, I can't find it here on the new website haha. :*

tuesday 29/11/2016

I believe so. I used it when they first introduced the Premium packs just to see if it would work. Don't know if they've fixed it since then or not...

monday 28/11/2016

And roots fail vs the roots frozn deck where AI has kiki cr and calindra cr

I summon this card in attacking position.

I like the idea of Winter Wonderland Pack for Christmas. But how about 'Christmas present' packs? Three different packs that looks like gifts, costs 35 credits each, contains 5 cards, at least 1 rare guaranteed, 1 Rebirth guaranteed and with each packs contains an other set op clans that's for the buyer at the beginning unknow. On top of that Charlie Rb, Kolos Rb and Shakra Rb will be available each in a different pack smiley

sunday 27/11/2016

McNeal - Uncommon(ish) card, Sando - 1 Silver token, Miyo - I think I saw 3 credits in the friends feed but can't find the message anymore, Vixen - supposedly 3+10 credits according to that one guy on the NB topic. Not 100% certain on the rares, but there's credits in them without a question.

I totall y agree with you, but you may understand that the hints hype the fans, which is great for the business

saturday 26/11/2016

The 3rd hardcore one in the 1st season you have to use a spilt deck

friday 25/11/2016

I want leader wars without leaders, idk just call it wars or something

thursday 24/11/2016

In UR players must apologies for issues and not the staff! smiley

Read last two posts for reference:

^ haha number 6 I am sorry

Oops! It is on there, just not compatible with my Amazon device! haha

Does anyone else feel like the upper skyline could easily fit into the Mirror's Edge universe?

You can use the same credentials as the desktop site & you can find the game on the google play store or iphone app store:


wednesday 23/11/2016

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Cards for p2p players isn't that good.

UR is innovative (or was at least) for a lot of reasons, some being relating to the playstyle, but a big one being the freeness of a TGC, wich is quite rare.

So really, I play this game b/c it's free, if I simply can't obtain some cards, it loses a lot of value... Arcade is enough of a let down...

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