saturday 07/01/2017

You could try this maybe
It's a French site

Lmao smarchtember

I would definitely not like to see Quetzal go so early...

thursday 05/01/2017

I just wont chat in general. lolsmiley

i mean i can click on it right now but the bar's gray out an no players show up. why that chat was turned off at all is beyond me.

Dang it support will work only if your opponent has the same clan as well. same for rescues so usen support cards will most likly hurt the team but there many cards that can work in there place or can use the low support easy. but if your teammates is usen the same clan then it helps the team even more.

I think I'd prefer brexit over this mess in America

tuesday 03/01/2017

Hears a link how the point system would actually work if done right.

Elo point system.

Nah yesterday i didn't get any boost
I checked battle history

What are the new rewards from arcade seasons 2 and 3 after the removal of rebirth cards?

Will the new Hive background be on the non-app version since I only own a PC.

monday 02/01/2017

You have bonnie ld smokey dalhia rekved taljion alma hawkins etc..

Just close your eyes and pick a number and shoot the card!

if you are facing them, then again same thing.. just pray to all gods that you know and smiley

Sounds like "we'll do what we told you we'll do"
Still, nice to hear they'll do it smiley

sunday 01/01/2017

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Oh very sorry wrong ld yomi ld was available that way then the app was released now you get her in the bonus arcade seasom in the last hq hard mode. the mobile option expired unfortunately.

It's remove 40 life with him...

saturday 31/12/2016

What if it was Xantiax Uchtul? Xantiax - 8 life min 0?

Oh yeah

friday 30/12/2016

Has anyone played Tribal Wars? Urban could have a mentor system like them or something like that... New players have no support whatsoever smiley

Black friday came later this year smiley

Going with post 9:
There seems to be a 'musical' half of Riots that could work with Junkz.
Kenjy Norma Geo Pr Cushing/Grace
Skyler Trixie Romana Blink

thursday 29/12/2016

Gheist mono for me for lifesmiley. but since gheist have a huge pill an dr problems i mix them with vortex an pussycats.
an since gheist become vortex in the future they fit really well.

i hopen for more clans combining an coming from the future like vortex an hive did. still got a lot of clans that can be put together.

i think 3 clan decks are a bit weak for right now till they get cards with abilitys are act like bonus an a leader to protect them. then 3 clan decks will be seen alot more.

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