saturday 04/05/2013

Thanks.. uranus is unbanned so, i chose praxie over her. smiley

friday 03/05/2013

A flawed argument, sir. When a card becomes obsolete, the content provided by that card is effectively reduced. The fact that some people may enjoy the simple act of owning the card doesn't really negate that.

Outside of certain kinds of player events, I have no reason to discuss the strategic merits of Yumi, or put her into any of my decks. I've glanced at her art once or twice. But give her 7 power, or change her Confidence to a better condition, and she suddenly becomes relevant again. She would even be fair as a Courage: +14 attack: a slightly better Toliver with 1 less damage. Now she becomes the subject of discussion, more people want to buy her, more people want to slot her into all different kinds of decks.

Rather long-winded way to make my point, I guess, but what I'm trying to say is that changes can be constructive rather than destructive, and that serves the game by making content more relevant in general.

Can this deck work?


Ok deck. I would personally change Corrina to Anakrohm, Lakit to Mantiz and Shayna to Zack. This still keeps the price down.

Don't know why its being rated down its actually quite a good deck. smiley

Interesting deck. smiley

deleted: Interesting deck. I would personally change Fuzz to Peeler because without his bonus fuzz's 6 power isn't very good and in a half deck theres a chance of getting him without his bonus.

deleted: same as the other deck but also more SOA allready without fuzz.

Oh and I only ran into 2 other Rescue users in that time. Way too many Mokra Uranus users though

thursday 02/05/2013

Duessi -

I've always been able to say "use a DR/SoA deck if Avola is overplayed that week". I guess my main problem is that I usually have an adaptable deck that can take the losses from Grudj and Karrion. Which then leads me to think that said cards aren't nearly as big of a problem as people claim smiley

wednesday 01/05/2013

Oh man I would love Lizbeth but she's banned almost all the time, thats why I didnt put her in.

tuesday 30/04/2013

monday 29/04/2013

Also used junkz/all stars last week: Jessie,Saki,Karen,Marina,Qubik,Tremorh,Romana,Jiro


I'm easily swayed by the fact that manfred has 8 power.

I think its an ok deck but A lot of changes could be made when more clintz are available. Laermans can take some ore all of my ideas. They don't even have to listen to me lol.

The problem is I find Ella a bit outdated like you said, Ivana is mostly a 1 less power wanda unless you go against SOA, Jeyn is ok but I prefer Malicia for the extra damage and Defeat heal if she loses, Noemi's power is a bit too low for my likeing ive never been a fan of cards like her and Trish and I find Clover good for ether inflicting 5 damage or reducing a lot of damage. Finally I prefer Dianas extra power and + life effect to Veronicas I damage and - Pillz effect.

But this is all suggestions I never expect anyone to follow them if they don't want to.

Interesting deck. i would personally change Ongh to Benicio to allow you to change Aleister to Uranus.

I know that, but it's hard to be optimistic about it smiley

I'm going to be running GHEIST, XU52 is out so that's something.

Minerva isn't all bad. Her high round-winning ability, low damage, and little bit of DR makes her seem a bit awkward, as those things contradict each other. When is she handy? When you desperately need a wall that is MADE to lose, while discouraging your opponent form fury, and maybe even sneaking in a round win with just a small number of pills.

And when is that, you ask?

Well, when you have a strong heal or poison going. smiley

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