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saturday 11/04/2009

For fast playing dts Oxen works great for a quick 6 dmg and since SOA is not as common in dts it is safe to use him.
Rubie is better in elo where SOA is needed and the fights can be more carefully planned.

Skrumxxt and Nimestiec are kinda bad choices. Both Wakai and Na Boh are better two drops and Petra is a staple in every Sakrohm Half. So I would remove Nimestiec and Skrumxxt for Petra and Wakai and play a 4* over Ottavia

Well ok debeatable old but then why do you see old players with 4jackies plus 4zatmans

No its very good smiley worst hand is winnable smiley

friday 10/04/2009

Oxen shouldn't be in that list at all lol

lea has come out of nowhere

where is marina as well.

yh uppers have taken dominance again.

annoyingly enough this is the probelm with the voting system, because people who get high elo scores just swamp the vote by keeping the uppers cards.

I don't like Pussycats atm, Wanda and Ella are hit too hard by SoB-Clans. Tested a similar deck this week and wasn't that happy with it. The Piranah Matchup is just too bad unless you draw all your good stuff and with the new additions, Nightmare could also become a hard matchup.

Close please .,

I go for:
54333322 - That's my Montana's with Hugo (haven't tested this in ELO yet)

44433322 - All-stars Sakrohm deck (before Striker was ELO banned) (only reached 1230+)

Hi this is my deck: http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=449754
Just reached 1342 ELO points with it

Plz comment and rate smiley

This is a very good ELO Deck.
This is the link: Elo? It isn't a problem!
Please vote green

Yeh, its random (The devil) that made you lose. Only way to cancel random is to make your atk double that of your opp, example with the round you played, you woulda had to play 8 pillz to win. This is why I don't play random. But as the people above said, you need to count the starting pill.

Also when playing in a random room, mort bax is too weak, I'd advise swapping him to edd or rosa. even griezzo is better but not by much.

Because most people want to train characters themselves to get the experience.

Yayoi would be better option for jeyn smiley

thursday 09/04/2009

@waster of time
actually a 0exp zatman cost more

Roots are great !
Kiki Cr, Shakra, Ratanah would be an amazing hand...
Sakrohm The Guru, Petra, Graksmxxt, Uranus, Murray


I need some help with my deck, its ELO.

but im not having much luck, please help me
thanks in advance


Ok so we see Piranah is easy to defeat if they are played really bad smiley

that should be in your budget

Thx for all the comments guys (and the green facessmiley).

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