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thursday 14/05/2009

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wednesday 13/05/2009

I need help on this, do not rate down unless u tell how this can be improved.


I think he is talking about all the decks 0ucsmiley And yes... They are more or less the same:S



Couldnt find it, thus why i made the thread. Thought that was obvious.....

tuesday 12/05/2009

I think Junkz and low cards like Gil Dreen Lolly etc can work out

Does anyone know a Gheist mono deck build for t1 tournaments and eventually ELO?
I restarted because I made he mistake of buying horrible and mixed clan cards. I don't want to mess up again...
Thanks smiley

Heyyy... you really hate soa.... darn... those decks are 100% anti soa... i rate those decks...11/10smiley

I think they should unban zatman not jackie

monday 11/05/2009

Some symbols.

Crossed out pill = This card is not Elo legal.. (is Elo banned).
Dice with a red "x" on the corner = This is a NON-Random room.
A golden cup, not a cup you drink out of = This room can be played in and your battle points gained will count for DT's.
A sun on a Cr (Collector) card = Soleil, this is a mark of the designer.
Any other mark on a card = Designer (artist) mark.

I'm pretty sure thats them all.

But azgroth don't have many hit

Think you looked at the wrong deck guy .....

U need another montana to make it 4 junkz and 4 montana. take out nobrdorid for a certain montana like mona

Hey Guys
This is what I am working with currently.


Any suggestions? I know when Timber hits 5 stars, I will need to sub him out for a 4 star Sent card.. not sure which one yet tho.

Think this could last at all for DT or Elo? thanks.

Gonna be tough with any Bonuses. As a leader on board will almost guarantee that 1 clans bonus is negated. Personally I would go Mono in one clan or the other with Ambre, she can help your serious Pill manipulators get through. Just my opinion though.

Can you make one with el gringo lvl 5 holding a pill instead of the chips things?
same letters as the one i got now, but with and boxing ring as backgroundsmiley

Feel free to take a look and comment, however as far as I'm concerned these two are as perfect as it gets for my personal playstyle, go ahead and modify either to suit yourselves. Have fun.

RESCUE 27-T2 deck intended to be used for DT got #2 with it

UPPERS PARTY CRASHERS T1 deck intended to be used for DT got #16 with it

Now this is a Bangers/Roots deck that seems a little wierd .

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