tuesday 17/03/2009


please rate i think it will take you to a good place in DT .




comment and rate my presets! =)

The best combination of 4x 2* is definetly Bangers. Probably the only clan with 4 really good 2* cards.

If you just want a total of 8*, pussycats is a great choice with Wanda and Gwen as great 1* cards leaving 6* for the other 2 cards

Well one's a 2 star and one's a 5 so it depends on what you want to use them for. If it were me I'd get Miss Twice but if you looking for a 2 star filler for ELO then it might be a different story.

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Umm... that's 9 cards in your deck...

Try this:

rolph *5
methane *4
toro *4
leviatonn *3
Z3r0 D34d *2
bristone *3
platinum *2
Ludmilla *2

GG's! smiley

Stick w/ your gheist since they have bristone to keep things in check, smiley

Yey tnx bump! smiley

I'm using a bangers ~ sentinels deck these days, hehe! smiley

Check public presets, smiley

Get more cards, make a sakrohm ~ junkz deck and save for it's components, smiley

Sheitane proves more danger on more occassions, if used properly, even w/ fury, smiley

Samantha is very strong in type 2 esp. for points, smiley

Save more for cards and buy credits, smiley

Tula instead of rhed for a more space for rolph, smiley

Strong deck, uses support at full potential, smiley

Rescue is the perfect EASY 1300 deck, smiley

Umm... since you told yours... it's not a secret anymore... huhu! smiley

Read Urban Gameplay School in the stickeys! smiley

Having mono decks like those needs a great carrier card or a great leader user, use top most used clans to base your deck choices or make one to counter them, smiley

Check public presets, smiley

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