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saturday 23/05/2009

Ah, that sounds reasonable actually...the whole bristone for torro wasn't really working out xP

K ya thanks guess i'll stick with rolph seems to be no comp for poor xu52 lol

50+ points is easy.
The way to do it is:
Beat high star cards
don't use pillz an gain if you want
level up a card(s)

all you have to dosmiley Not hard at all...

friday 22/05/2009

I'm posting this here, in lack of a better place.

Okay, if my math is off and I am wrong, you are allowed to call me names, but I've noticed something. When buying credits using Euros over PayPal or credit card, you get MORE credits per Euro if you buy FEWER at a time. Shouldn't this be the other way around? Shouldn't it pay off to buy a huge bunch at once, rather than buying a few at a time? Or am I missing something?

A kind of tag team battle, 2 against 2

Well lots of people prefer non-random rooms and some prefer random rooms. Personally I don't prefer any. Here i will list the pros and cons of both. First I will start with random

Random rooms

Low level people have a chance of beating high level people, thus helping them level up
Let's people know that you still have a chance to win
Less strategic deck deck building
You feel awesome when you beat a high level person

High level people can get frustrated when they know their opponent is horribly outmatched yet still wins the round
You feel bad when you lose to a high level person
Doesn't prepare you for non-random rooms

Non-random rooms

People with good decks can win easily against people who are not prepared
Helps make people better in strategic deck building
Helps prepare people for events, Elo, etc

Makes people who are not prepared lose a lot...
Can be very frustrating to people who are not prepared

Conclusion: There is no better mode. depends on how you play. If your too used to random rooms then you can rely on luck to often. If your too used to non-random rooms then you'll rely on luck too much. Both of them are equal. You have to learn to be good on both kinds of play. If you learn to be good in both ways then you can rack up victories.

Elite star you have 194 characters just sell some and you will have plenty money to buy what you want

Quote = soreal

Fifty (U)
Lennox (U)
any good???"

Good cards. A lot for ELO...


click this link and suggest to my presets

also rate and comment

Yeah, and he has a 2base power. even with ability he is just 7.

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Haha, we played in elo, remember?
Its kinda hard to make a good pair to a gheist deck because they dont have many useable 2*.
Burt would be good for Rubie, gives you a DR which you dont have.
NIghtmare depends on its 4* and 5* to do good so dont try them.
Montana would be good with Edd, Mona, Spiaghi, Prince Jr/Sharon

thursday 21/05/2009

Nightmare or Uppers, Montana a bit overratted. Nightmare's bonus is the same as Pirhanas but like Kolos.......Kenny.....Azel these cards are amazing and Glorg is in there too i love them and Jackie is a human kolos


You could also click on the info of one card. Your URL will be:


with [NUMBER]being the number of the character... with highest number being newest card. [Strictly: newest card entered into the database. Gaps mean: card is not made official/deleted. And theoretically there can be newer cards with lower numbers. But I don't remember that happening anywehere. Correct me if necessary, did not check them all.]

Yeah.. it as big difference on 12 attack... but that doesn't matter... some abilities like marco and alec have needs support...
what i mean is alec would just be a 6/4 without his ability and marco would just be a 5/7 without his ability.

I've got both decks as i love SOB.

Piranas are very much the thinking players cards. Pill Manipulation is key, and you won't win fast with them.
Nightmare is the better bluffing deck, but my T1/ELO decks can leave me with a combined damage of 7 from all 4 cards, which isn't very helpful.

I bought the Piranas first as they are cheaper, and they will give you a good idea on what SOB can do. I'd say that would be your best bet.

@gta yea i did i got 2nd place with both of those deckssmiley

Yeah gta0004 I have to agree with you. That like always happens to me in random places. Thats why I only play in non-random rooms like Elo.

so would this be a crapp deck? : Gheistling (maxed), Timber (maxed), Nina (maxed), Boohma (Maxed), Vryer (Maxed), Vansaar (4 stars), Giovanni (maxed), Simon (maxed), Nimestiec (maxed), and melluzine (maxed and not in deck)

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