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tuesday 19/05/2009

k thx..

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FYI, I brought these card when i had money, which is usually by participating in tourneys

monday 18/05/2009

If you're playing survivor, definitely type 2.
It's easier to get more wins therefore more clintz =P

(such as stop: +3 power)
i really like these cards especially when playing gheist so i can easily beat toro (he is so annoying!)
i would like to see a stop:reducer soon
right now, double stops (especially shakra) are nearly unstopable and unless they don't get their bonus their is no way to reduce their damage (other than not allowing those cards to win or using the underappreciated vholt)

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Look at the prices of roots and then gheist

Use sylth instead

I love the Bangers and I know how to beat them but I can't tell you because if I do no one will play Bangers. smiley

Pls comment this preset so i can know what cards should i change in my deck

You are all right, I was calculating the attack power wrong by only multiplying by the number of pills they added, not the number plus the one already on it. Thanks for the help!

Sell it... at the right time. Jackie price is always influctuated. If you can sell it at a high time you get money (30k) then it will reduce to 25k then 24k then 30k again(this is just an example) if you sell it at 30k and buy it at 24k you can make a 4.5k profit and still have Jackie.

I use this montana half deck at elo

Ottavia 2*

Also at 11 stars.. smiley

New Bloodz would be better.. Because you have a great percentage of getting a good card rather than in other packs..

SOB will have a great match with them.. but if u dont use SOB clans.. for example u use Junks, Sentinel, Sakrohm and Uppers.. U could always use bluffing strategies to make them use pillz.. because of their damage reducing ability which has to be at min 8.. and i think that's their weakest point.. smiley

Hpw bout



That should work nicely, it is about 6k and it can do wonders. Or if you don't like my idea, refer to Tanto98's budgetelo deck thread.


sunday 17/05/2009

Yea ill get it together... some of those cards are pretty cheap too so its all good

In sydney when i check for it its about 7 pm im from quakershill

Elo rating is only about the rating of your opponent and yourself. It does not matter at all how you win.

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