saturday 07/03/2009

Obviously morphum is not good partnered with jwall clans such as unkz, pirannhas, roots, ulu watu... there Eklore offers much better chances, offering something new.

But with clans such as bangers gheist jungo, all stars, morphum works way better because the other cards have more damage than power.

I saw 3 days ago a french dude making 572 points, that is inhuman. He does something that is not possible for me.

I don't understand what you mena, type1 but not ELO? Gheist should be the same.

The best Gheist deck (top 1480 ELO) is this:

Try samantha for dorian you'll get more points that way

prince jr

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i found this game when i was playing other web based game..and it was pure luck
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Whats the fun in using a deck everybody abuses? I'm just gonna say that bangers arent for ELO and Type 1; so many of there good cards are 4-5*smileyso don't even waste yer time on that

Aye another Bangers user.smiley Replace Scotty with Merloo, she so ugly it MIGHT distract your opponents.smiley

Stick Erik , Hugo, or Vholt in there

For the banger half deck throw away all of em except Lennox; He's a possible 1-hit KO. Lateitia, Bodenpower, Kluwn, Vermin N
Blaaster, Fifty, Sleam, Saddy - Take your pick-there all good.

Great cards.

No dude, ottavia prevents 1hko's and can be used against others. In a deck where you have to use fury to even get a 2hko, Spiaghi doesn't help

friday 06/03/2009

Don't mind them... just enjoy the gamesmiley

Have a look at this post:

Jungo are playable with pussy, but not with many other things.

Jungo Freaks do not work. 52% of the time you get both bonus, 1.4% you get all jungo wich is also ok. But when you get a 3-1 draw, or all freaks, then you are toasted.

Rolstrike said:

"All Stars don't lack from Atk they are bad when u r using 2 or 3 pillz. If you use Striker (U) with 6 pillz and the opponent uses Don (U) with 6 pillz. Striker (U) will win by +2 atk. You have to just know how to use All Stars."

Of course if you put one of the best cards in the game agianst one of the worst the good one wins. Now do the same math against Sharon and tell me. Or better, just put price junior with no pillz and tell how are you gonna win the game with just 6 pillz left agaisnt a full montana deck lol.

Capn Clintz said:
"Freaks rely on their bonus. When do you see people playing 4 of 1 clan 3 of another and 1freak?"

LOW starred freacks rely on their bonus. what I said is that high starred ones do NOT. Krassus, Splata, Cassandra, Wolfgang, they don't need their bonus. It is a nice addition, but it is not needed. Not the same way striker, blaaster or Petra use theirs.

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I like sentiental for elo in 2hr i gained 150 elo points

thursday 05/03/2009

For t1 tanerva wee lee lullbee or hiroshan or gia

I would go with any t2 deck that can win and has a low star count

I think Fang Pi are very weak because they only have one effective ability. The top elo clans have bonuses that modify their attack, your cards power, SOA, and SOB in addition to their abilities. Hawk, Lehane, Smokey, Hawkins, Dahlia, all Gheist and Roots, Striker, Marina. These cards all have bonuses and ablities that give them an advantage and weaken the opponents cards.

Fang Pi have a bonus of +2 dmg. This is only important if they win the round which they usually won't since they don't have the strength of the other clans. Their power is too weak to compete with + atk and - power. Against Piranas they lose their bonus and will likely lose the round because of their lack of raw power and power and atk modifications. Most players are willing throw a good amount of pills on Smokey, Dahlia, or Hawkins to win because of their abilities.

Even if the Fang Pi relied on their non existent god like abilities they would still be shut down by SOA or a damage reducer. If Fang Pi had a strong SOA it still wouldn't matter because of the popularity of Piranas. Practically a damage reducer. You won't end up winning enough games to make the top ELO. They have no good bluffs and are extremely difficult to open with.

To sum it up, Fang Pi will always be weaker because they, like Jungo and La junta, lack strong unmodified stats and abilities. Relying on your bonus to do substantial damage, will never work in the long run.
Marlysa-not strong enough
Everything else- sucks.

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