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saturday 04/04/2009

Prince Junior is probably the best Montana 2* that would fit into that deck, Neon, but otherwise looks like a great plan!

friday 03/04/2009

But 2k more expensive..every ~10 fights smiley

Wanda + Gewn as 1* Fillers are great but really really expensive to maintain

Well i see the points here, just saying that i had that strategy working several times with venus, and wouldnt work with trinkxxt because of her damage reduction(no players would use all their pills on her unless the card do 8 or more damage or the 1 playing trinkxxt only have 3 lifes left). Just saying i got 10 wins in a row in T2 survivor, a good deal of them using the strategy used above.

but yeah venus is generally not the best pick but if you gonna use her then this may work in alot of situations.

BBQ to yayoi, then Lulabee lv4...
and ella to anyone lv1, betty to jeyn/elly mae (charlie 4* if isn't banned...)

Oh yea and one more thing.. would the all stop card(dont know his name) be worth buying?

5/10 at best? You are playing some support cards that are not so great in a half deck and overall the deck has no focus, just two clans beeing thrown together without a goal. The starcount is too high to get really good daily results and for Type2 survivor it's not good enough.

And if you want to play just for fun, there is no need to play those low star cards like Venyle at all..

oh well whatever its your deck have fun

Make them presets and post the link here...smiley

If u have zatman and u have a hard timme making clintz. u can just wait till he maxed and sell him at a slightly lower price say

thursday 02/04/2009

Thank all you guys for your input XD

all cards are under 1000
hugo will be free at level15 so i didn't count him.
comment and rate please
thank you
(o"o) UM-1984

@Shadow - Sentinel are hurting from the player ban of Hawk and Lehane, and will probably remain banned more often than not. With the introduction of Naginata and Dacote, Junta is definitely viable against Sentinel right now.

To play either deck viably in ELO, though, you need to spend a lot of clintz. But Sentinel does make the better mono-clan deck, because they have an attack buffing bonus, alongside a couple of good Support based cards.

Alrighty then. Cheers for that guys.

Bloodh should always be in and it's not likely that he will get a ban

If Jackie would be legal with Zatman, every deck would be Uppers/X where X can be nothing smiley

Jackie is Hawk with -1 star and better bonus...I wouldn't forget here smiley

Gheist are hard on begginners because they have no decent + or - atk cards and they're decent cards cost a bit. The easiest for begginers in my opinion are sentinel, sakrohm, junkz, uppers and rescue. Montana are also quite good and all stars are decent in a 1/2 deck.

I put together this deck it is a rare mono bangers deck... I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions to make it better. smiley Vermyn N and friends. Thankyou smiley

Well I have 100% of the collection i just need to buy the collector cards next... & I have a budget of 53K How ever im saving that for the new releases next week and then the week after that i'll be buying a 1000 cr So i should raise a lot of money lol Apart from the two power houses that seem to work well what other suggestions do people have

Sounds like a plan, i was thinking about doing that

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