saturday 14/03/2009

My deck is;

I have come in top most times since making the deck, any advice on how to improve it?

If you have higher ELO points than your opponent:
you win = you get less points
you lose = you lose big points

If you have lower ELO points than your opponent:
you win = you get big points
you lose = you lose less points

And action is good . have sentinels and you can getand new la junta . my first pack was action and i get jane ramba smiley

I would say the Metagame is current in a state of change. Currently Roots are king follow closely by Sentinels, then Piranas and All-stars are following behind those. However with the raise of powerful Stop cards Roots is may be overthrown to be replace with another clan (not sure which yet)

friday 13/03/2009

It's pretty good XD

They why don't you tell us what you collect, your current collection, and your playing style instead of having us play a guessing game trying to help you. smiley

Oh and this preset as well

Your Uppers half for DT's is Solid, some people prefere frankie hi over rubie.
For the Sakrohm side, i would change.

Na boh - wakai

Trinmkkt - Petra

There's more power that way, and just 1 less damage.

I don't play Gheist in ELO, so i can't help you on how to play them.
Altho, i'd use Methane instead of rolph, then change lunatik - murray, and na boh - wakai..

Hope that helped. if not Pm me.. smiley

He is missing if there are no offers at this time

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Well..i got few elo deck smiley so i will give you an idea of what deck is in my head..

the attack+defense
striker 4*
marina 4*
randy 3*
jessie 2*
charlie 4*
yayoi 4*
wanda 2*
gwen 2*
pro:you can attack while defending
cons:average power and expensive and average damage smiley and you need to pill wisely since this is not +/- attack clan..

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Yeah because if a card has max power the next lvl it should only get 2 damage so if she is no elo banned then gibson should be a 8/6 sob which go's toe to toe with jackie! which is definatly banned so yeah she should be banned

Heres the one i use when i dont wantto use montanas,20,date,desc,all,0,0,0,65200,0)

I wazzupz, need your help to make a Bangers/? deck for Elo. I would like some suggestions please for a very good deck. And if you give me a preset make sure its not the page with all the presets but the exact one that you want me to see please

thursday 12/03/2009

O.k. i'm making a Bangers/Sentinel deck for Elo. I would like you guys to give me ideas for my deck please. Right now I have a deck that is Type 2 bangers only. I have Willy, Blaaster, Bodenpower, Lennox, Fifty, Sleam, Naykee and Hugo. Make use of em if u want to

Montana uppers work well

The last day and a bit I have been experimenting with bangers in ELO, and I have been using 2 different decks. Sure bangers may be a lil hard to use in elo, but with the right draw they are almost unbeatable. It also comes down to good bluffing and reading the opponent. Sure roots , junkz , sentinel , sakrohm , All stars , pussycats and piranas are more commonly used but they get boring. People often don't prepare for bangers and can be caught off guard.

This deck was probably the better of the 2, I use bangers for damage and piranas for bluff/block or gaining some pillz.
Pillz,Power,Damage n more pillz.

This deck was reasonable but nothing special, I know people prefer vermyn n over platoona but I thought I had enough damage reduction and wanted some extra power instead. (not created by me)

this is another deck I created a while ago, you wont be able to use this week because sentinel is banned. You can also swap luis for dayton, but with so many soa out there, not to mention nightmare and piranas, I prefer an soa I can throw away.


If you don't have neither o fthe best 4 cards for that deck you ain't doing very good lol.

You can make a nice cheap Montana deck, I'm a big fan. But the top 4 in Montana in my opinion: Edd, Mona, Spiaghi and Prince Jr., only Prince Jr. Is a bargain, and Mona and Spiaghi are overinflated right now. But what is good about Montana is there are a lot of characters you could replace Mona with such as Sharon, Giovanni, Oscar (in mono- Montana), Simon, etc...Spiaghi now makes Montana a very strong damage reduction clan as well between him, Octavia and Ricardo. Edd gives you a great SOB and Simon is an effective SOA, not great but he does the job against Piranas or Kolos. Don isn't great but price-wise he is a bargain 5*, although Hugo is probably better for them overall.

I think Jungo is a nice clan too. Their only expensive power card is Greow who is at 4k. They have an endless supply of amazing 3* that are at bargain prices: Scipio, Radek, Jalil, Ondile. Greow's STOP is very nice to have strategically. Their two expensive cards, Onggh and Slyth... Onggh is overrated, I mean, compare him to Maciej and Maciej doesn't even make it for Freaks. Slyth is powerful but he's predictable, inconsistent, and at 4* he is too expensive to use for bluff. Their 2* are a little lackluster: Mindy is decent, and Bors and Elea are playable: but not amazing like Scipio. The +2 life bonus is very nice. Jungo's weakness is lack of damage reduction and lack of strong SOA/ SOB- Psylo and Bors are suboptimal.

Nightmare is ok and a good complement to Jungo. Glorg, Sargh, Eadh are bargains.

Yeah I agree. Most of us live in capitalist countries so we should understand supply and demand and that if there is a need the market will shift to fill it.

I think its just a sign of a healthy marketplace and its redistributing clintz through the UR economy rather than having it horded by a few players with nothing to spend it on once they have all the cards.

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