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sunday 05/04/2009

Thanks to opinion. Many people say to integrate a Leader on my Deck.
I´m gonna change Kolos to a Leader, maybe Eryik, like you say.

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If you could get your hands on Vickie Cr at 3*s she'd be simply amazing...

I made a couple suggestions on the preset, but overall pretty good... you said you took 7th in a dt.. better than I can boast. smiley

added taigo for gabrielle

Yes it is possible to make a angel face
But you need to not expire ,leave,or time-out your battles

Thankyou. smiley

saturday 04/04/2009

I think its because soon one has to go cr and every one wants to have it before it goes cr and becomes over priced

The Deck Was deleted smiley

I think this Should be closed...


B Ball

Nonono Lehane is the best card in UR right now, hands down.

It's not because of the 2 damage she deals, it's because of the damage she prevents on top of the damage she deals coz let's face it, you either overpill to beat Lehane or you sacrifice one of your cards.

Needing 2 more pillz than what Lehane has is too crippling. And she's a 2-star so sometimes you need 3 more because otherwise it'd tie.

If you run them both mono, Sentinel is probably a tad better. However, Hawk and Lehane are banned in elo and are likely to be banned frequently, so a mono La Junta deck would be more generally usable. There are also several great La Junta/Sentinel split decks in the public presets that I remember seeing - I'll post links when I find them again. So, personally, I'd say mono Junta is a great way to go, but when you can afford the more expensive sentinels, try collecting them too and see how this work for you! At the end of the day, the deck you run is really more up to your individual play style than anything else, and since both these clans have great potential, you really can't go wrong.

The first one is really nice but imho both Shakra and Ratanah will stay banned for a long time with the new system.

Have to test the rescue one but it's probably the best rescue build and will be very strong next week with both Sentinels/Roots getting hard bannings and Uppers probably using Zatman again

Prince Junior is probably the best Montana 2* that would fit into that deck, Neon, but otherwise looks like a great plan!

friday 03/04/2009

But 2k more expensive..every ~10 fights smiley

Wanda + Gewn as 1* Fillers are great but really really expensive to maintain

Well i see the points here, just saying that i had that strategy working several times with venus, and wouldnt work with trinkxxt because of her damage reduction(no players would use all their pills on her unless the card do 8 or more damage or the 1 playing trinkxxt only have 3 lifes left). Just saying i got 10 wins in a row in T2 survivor, a good deal of them using the strategy used above.

but yeah venus is generally not the best pick but if you gonna use her then this may work in alot of situations.

BBQ to yayoi, then Lulabee lv4...
and ella to anyone lv1, betty to jeyn/elly mae (charlie 4* if isn't banned...)

Oh yea and one more thing.. would the all stop card(dont know his name) be worth buying?

5/10 at best? You are playing some support cards that are not so great in a half deck and overall the deck has no focus, just two clans beeing thrown together without a goal. The starcount is too high to get really good daily results and for Type2 survivor it's not good enough.

And if you want to play just for fun, there is no need to play those low star cards like Venyle at all..

oh well whatever its your deck have fun

Make them presets and post the link here...smiley

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