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saturday 28/03/2009

I think its pretty gud wat you think
6 Possible 1HitKOs

I got that deck when I began playing the game.smiley

Bridget- Jungo

Thanks I will try to use both of your advice, next time I am playing.


those are two i use in non random. beating uppers montana will require a guess or a bluff on your part. but this beats down 40 star decks much easier than uppers montana i feel

Im currently 1304 elo rating with your #1 choice.....

and my advice, dont go mono unless u plan on using a team leader. or if their characters are JUST THAT GOOD. bangers just really dont have the characters to go mono right now.

u lose alot of versatality EVER going mono. really only 1 team was meant to be mono... IMO.. and u know what team that is smiley.

I'd 2 hit them, first round play some pillz on GraksmxxT then block till 3rd or 4th round and finish with copper.

friday 27/03/2009

Ok all the banned cards are well over 10k and if u cant use them and u cant play with them and all u can do is look at them which is just stupid! if someone has payed that much then they deserve to play it

In my point of view, you should buy danger

why you might ask

best expensive cards of action
Marco, Kerry, alec, charlie, yayoi, jane ramba, copper, coby, hawk, Marina, Striker

best expensive cards of Cool Attitude
Blaaster, vermyn N, wee lee, tanaevera, Gil, ratanah, shakra, Ongh, Slyth

Best expensive cards in Danger
Kenny, Kolos, Zatman, Dorian, Jackie, leviatonn, dahlia, bloodh, hawkins, Graksmxxt

danger cards has more expensive cards than other clans ... still it will depend on your luck though

Consistant, eh? Well if you make a Fang Pi/La Junta deck it'll be consistantly bad smiley.

But really, I find to have a consistantly good deck you need to have a deck that can weather anything. What I mean by that is look at the two clans you picked, All Stars and Ulu Watu. +2 pow and -2 pow. Their pretty much the same. That is bad. A good deck has two clans which have different bonuses and at least half the characters need to be able to live without their ability and the other half need to be able to live without their bonus,

Also I think a good deck should have damage reduction. Why? A free no pillz round can be the difference between a win and a loss. And they also make the best bluffs, like Marina and Wolfgang. Will they do good damage or did I spend no pillz on them...

SOA and SOB are not required, but can be helpful at times. Everything has a counter though. Sure Roots is powerful and arguably the current best but a good Junkz or Sentinal deck can deal with them easily(+8 att and high power). Sure Sentinal is doing well, but a good Pussycats/Sakrohm deck can eat them alive.

Well, you've effectively chosen 3 clans that, well truthfully, suck together in most every mode...
I'd agree with Amuous on the decks though.

Eh, they are kinda both. They got some good defense with DR's and SOA's, but their bonus makes them good offensively.
And as a monoclan, Eyrik is definitely good. His reduction goes first and then the All stars bonus kicks in

thursday 26/03/2009

This deck is not very good. Kluwn sucks. Compare Olga to Kluwn.

Olga 8 power/ 3 damage/ level 3/ Ability -2 power minimum 5

Kluwn 5 power/ 5 damage/ level 3/ Ability -2 power minimum 5 (With the bonus Kluwn is 7/3. 1 less power then Olga.)

Also you shouldn't have so many clans. Replace Uranus with Vermyn N. Take out Klwun and put in B Ball.

Rubie is the win over Frankie any day. The SOA is wonderful when you run into Kolos, Uranus or pill manipulators. She can be thrown out after you hit with a 6 damage card to suck pillz or, if you think your opponent will only pill enough to beat her naked, get a sneaky KO.

Frankie is a non-factor in DT play now, unless you're already running Zatman, Rubie and Oxen and, for some sick reason, want him instead of Jackie.

Here is a little beauty of a preset
ELO/ uppers and sentinel
i suspect this deck will soon either have a lot of banneds cards in the future, and a lot of times half of it wont be playable smiley
so use it while u can

please rate and comment
thank you very much smiley

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Actually dont matter everyone
i have made some good decks

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