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wednesday 01/04/2009

Forget what shwqa_MOB says fang pi clang is a great clang and if your willing to put in the work they can be a very powerful can very cabable of defeting la junta and even ghiest. look at my deck samurai showdown it might help you out a bit

Take willy out - he is canned poo. Put in Vermyn N

The only essentials I would consider are Jane Ramba and Bryan. It depends on what your other half deck is the rest of the Juntas are up to you.

tuesday 31/03/2009

Use them both and save the stars for the big boys? That's what I would do.

I would say Pussycat/La Junta is your best bet right now
Noon Stevens 1*
Jane Ramba 2*

A few unleveled but they aren't expensive to maintain. This deck is high damage and DR mean you can overcome the lack of +/- attack

Lol yea man Megadriver is right. Most people that play Bangers got those cards. Like me XD

Well you could make it ELO by changing tana to Lulabee and wee lee to shayna smiley

Does it matter? Rescues pwns all. I HATE Rescue. So much I refuse to use them, know ALMOST exactly how many pills each card is gonna take and I still get killed. I HATE RESCUE!

Use Lobo. Kangaroos are cool. smiley

Is a good deck. Swap Glorg for Kenny. Rubie for Zatman.

Only saying this because you already have 2 SOA cards, so Kenny would be a good card to add instead of Glorg.

Get rid of Rubie for her horrible low attack. Zatman is a much better choice (If you can afford him).

Yeah, either one works for me, either i get a damage reducer or a attacker, dosen't matter to me

I still like svenssmiley
Who cares if it has 1000+ replies..

monday 30/03/2009



Or Please Post


Gibson, Veenyle, Gil and Lolly

Plz i need more comments


comment and rate please.

Endo (C), Hattori (R),Sakazuki (C), Unagi (C),Windy Mor (U),Xia Leming (U), Yu Mei (U) and Yusuke (U).....most of the time i use Sakazuki (C) or yuske to attack first follow the second round with leming and if i dont have him i uasualy i just dont pill the second round. during the third round i use Hattori (R) to finish off, but some tims i'll use one of the other Fang Pi Clang to finish in the 4th; this plan works pretty well except when i face leviathon or characters like him....any way rate me deck

sunday 29/03/2009

6 cards with reduction should do the job smiley but I don't like Corrina...prefere Murray in her slot or open up 1 star somewhere (gogo Wanda) and put petra in over her

I agree with filipek92's idea.. only radek to scopica is optional

Nice tanto89 ur deck cheap and effective with this deck my elo now 1144 i am still plying .......its true u cant get lots of win but man .........its not bad at wall

Stop means that if someone stops your characters ability, your characters ability will take effect...

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