monday 09/03/2009

Yeah one that can fit easy into a deck while allowing room for cards like Ongh and Sylthsmiley surprisingly I haven't heard them having too much trouble with +/- atk clans.

Get vansaar,lost warehouse,and win the battle to get 100xp for your cards

Hate the old one better.. smiley

sunday 08/03/2009

Because the preset is already made.
Its a good deck. Should stop many Elo decks.

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Only got 1k? You're gonna need a lot more clintz then that to make a deck. Build as you go.
Don't go Ulu Watu or Jungo. They're expensive.

If you insist on a Montana, then try
A Leader
Filomena - 240 clintz
Simon - 250 clintz
Giovanni - 300 clintz
veccio - 300 clintz
Sharon - 400 clintz
Oscar - 600 clintz

It's more then 1k, but it is impossible to buy 8 cards for 1k, even if 150 clintz a pop, let alone good cards.
Buy a handful of Montana to strengthen your deck, and then save up for more.

Made Another Pussycat/Jungo Deck Check It Out:


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He is actually very useful. First he reduces by 1, then All stars reduce by three. It makes all stars pretty unstoppable

I can get into the top 500 with any deck lol.

For elo i'd recommend mono-piranas. if your going for a dt, go with uppers.

How about..Sylth, Greow, Elea, Mindy,Jeyn, Baby Q, Wanda, (insert 3 star pussycat)
Just sell Scotty and some others for Greow.

saturday 07/03/2009

smiley i like it close

Here's the deck I took into the warehouse and leveled up:
Prince Jr
Veccio (Bought him to have a fourth Montana)
Mickey T

Zooropa uses this one he got 572 as the most

Obviously morphum is not good partnered with jwall clans such as unkz, pirannhas, roots, ulu watu... there Eklore offers much better chances, offering something new.

But with clans such as bangers gheist jungo, all stars, morphum works way better because the other cards have more damage than power.

I saw 3 days ago a french dude making 572 points, that is inhuman. He does something that is not possible for me.

I don't understand what you mena, type1 but not ELO? Gheist should be the same.

The best Gheist deck (top 1480 ELO) is this:

Try samantha for dorian you'll get more points that way

prince jr

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