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friday 08/05/2009


LOL Air Gear.smiley

Please close this thread. Lord Urizen helped me find the answer by doing it in practice. Thanks a bunch, everyone! smiley

Pls close. someone helped mesmiley

It depends on ur other deck..SOA is a good thing to have but so is a nice DR...i would do kirk, but ice jim isnt a bad choice

and the other 2* nightmare ( i forget his name)


Listen to ea_amuous2

good decksmiley

Include the fang pi clang more; mainly just include Hattori and Ryuichi in some coimics. there should be a whole coimc series that is centrlized around fang pi clang

I used to be crap at elo but here is a very good elo deck u will be gauranteed atleast 1200-1300 elo

radek power educer
mindy atk modifier
sylth POISON 3 MIN 1!!!!
scopica life gainer
yayoi SOA
charlie awsome bluff 7/8
wanda has 8 power at all lvs and only 2 star!
ella damage reducer!

i know it lacks sob but with sylths poison and the pussycats u will be winning quickly
also works good in survivor elo

thursday 07/05/2009

$Rich Waters$ anyone have suggestions about this deck to make it better

Why mono? Here's my take:

The obvious mainstays:
Rowdy 4*
Gibson 4*
Gil 2*

And a couple more:
Dreen 2* (Can be replaced with Veenyle if you're not using her already)
Lolly 3*
Otakool 3*

Brings you up to 18*, leaving you room for 7* more.

Peeler 5*
Veenyle 2*


Onik 3*
Nobodroid 4*

Or you can go for a more 2-3HKO type of deck:
Fuzz 5*
Gibson 4*
Gil 2*
Otakool 3*
Nobodroid 4* / Rowdy 4*
Onik 3*
Dreen 2*
Veenyle 2*

But I wouldn't recommend it.

I don't see the value of a mono Junkz as there are no support abilities and they lack SOA/SOB. (Otakool/Gibson are pretty good though for that). I would rather find another clan half deck that meshes well and enjoys the pill-saving aspect, such as La Junta, All Stars or Nightmare.

More possibilities peopl!

wednesday 06/05/2009

Both guy's are powerful, but if you perfer pillz over SOB Nobrodroid is for you. Gibson if you perfer SOB over pillz. or if you chose niether and want cheapness Gibson.

You've got a GOW picture so i'll answer you smileysmiley
For T2 take jackie, dorian, zatman, samantha, mona, prince Jr, edd and filomena smiley

Of course new bloodh in friday but in other days danger

What is king of the hill?

But I am doing this and I am aware of the advantages of it, so it seems im unlucky....

If your trying to find out which clan will get hit with the next CR stamp I really do not believe there is a particular order..

And if there is it is far to hard to figure out seeing as we get new clans every six months...

Best bet is looking at some clans with very few CR's or no CR's and also looking for elo banned cards. Of course this is all just my opinion! ^.^

Some of thoses wishes are already planned smiley
I have to close this subject but feel free to send any suggestion to the team using the support page (so we can properly track and answer them).

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