thursday 05/03/2009

Treasure Hunt Deck

Please give me some suggestions, and please rate smiley
This deck is used in the event Treasure Hunt
Please also remember, you have 4 pills. That's why the attack abilities are there.
Thanks smiley

I was thinking of an old deck for rescue
please rate and comment
and most importantly please suggest!

Basically, that character gets +1 power for each member of the clan in your hand for that game; it doesn't affect other characters.

wednesday 04/03/2009

Yeah...I'm not going to waste a 1* Wanda for DTs. XD

I'll be happy to be your mentor i'm a lv40 who has played the game for 2 and a quarter years.

Thanks for you suggestions - gonna try all of those smiley

What if i put Miranda for John? Which GHEIST could i use?
Thanks a lot

Jungo are more viable in ELO than in in DTs, though I don't know exactly how well they run in DTs. I would say...

Frankie Hi

But I just took the best half decks of both clans and put them together for T2. I rarely play Uppers in DTs, and I've never tried Jungo.

Get Edd he is a very good card.

tuesday 03/03/2009

@speed king:
that is right, but it's the old rules

the new one like LoA_JJ said

It depends on the chars in the game and their clan belonging. Which clan has the most members in the game, its background is chosen. For example, four Montana against three Uppers and one Sakrohm - so the Montana background is going to be seen during the game. But what happens when this proportion is equal, dunno. Imho it could be the one who has higher star cunt or the first turn.

Thanl's Urizen though could you explain that a little more in depth if possiblle? As i'm running Pussycat/Montana split could you possibly give examples


Just remember... it's not 6 power that's added, but +6 attack...
You won't see it on any of the cards during gameplay... it's just calculated automatically.

You should get New Blood packs, when new characters are introduced. That way, if you happen to get one of the said new characters, you can sell 'em at inflated prices. Of course, after the first week or so, the prices start to stabilize so this "trick" has a narrow window of exploitation.

Ulu Watu is top tier in Survivor, because of their huge power and DRs, so they're the half-deck to make. I would suggest:

Wee Lee

I'm not quite sure on Oxen over Jeeves, since I don't play in Survivor, but I went with the higher power.

Even in a randomized room, the game is still largely skill based - if you're going to play in random, use a deck that works better in random. For instance, I play the following in both random and non-random, but it excels in random -

Graksmxxt and Uranus are great for random because they're worth putting pills into, but if you get unlucky and lose, you're still reducing damage by 5 points. Furthermore, with the addition of Spiaghi last week, this deck got a whole lot better, because I'm drawing DRs almost 50% of the time.

I play the deck in non-random as well, however, because Spiaghi, Mona, Don, Vickie Cr, and Wakai are great cards in that format as well.

For the most part, when you play random, plan to win with 1 or 2 cards, so you can maximize your chance of a sure shot, and use DRs.

Keep, they can be collectors, smiley

Try this bro, makes 1300 easy, smiley

rolph *5
methane *4
toro *4
Z3r0 D34d *2
murray *3
uranus *3
wakai *2
Na Boh *2

GG's! smiley

My ELO full gheist was:

z3r0 d34d
selysa cr

If you can't afford morphum, use rolph instead, if you can't afford selysa cr, use Luba (or darth) for platinum and something level 1 (lilith is best).

monday 02/03/2009

If the opponent had a Hugo in play, Uranus would've won.

Steve = 5 + 12 - 8 = 9
Uranus = 5 + 6 = 11

The only other way Uranus could beat Steve in 1 pill v 1 pill is if the room was set to random. You could have started playing in non-random, but the room could have switched to random without you knowing about it.

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