tuesday 17/03/2009

Get more cards, make a sakrohm ~ junkz deck and save for it's components, smiley

Sheitane proves more danger on more occassions, if used properly, even w/ fury, smiley

Samantha is very strong in type 2 esp. for points, smiley

Save more for cards and buy credits, smiley

Tula instead of rhed for a more space for rolph, smiley

Strong deck, uses support at full potential, smiley

Rescue is the perfect EASY 1300 deck, smiley

Umm... since you told yours... it's not a secret anymore... huhu! smiley

Read Urban Gameplay School in the stickeys! smiley

Having mono decks like those needs a great carrier card or a great leader user, use top most used clans to base your deck choices or make one to counter them, smiley

Check public presets, smiley

Look at top used clans and base your collection from there, smiley

Play more and save for a pack, smiley

GG ---> Good Game smiley

GG's --- > Good Games smiley

Burger to dean, uxoh to jane ramba, then oscar to don, GG's! smiley

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Bluff is the most important aspect
for me, ulu watu, sakrohm and ambre looks nice smiley

monday 16/03/2009

Dont know if its good enough for ELO but its definately goodsmiley

Living Shield

Daily tournaments switch between random and non-random every event; for example, if you're hanging out in the Type 1 room and playing at GMT 19:00-20:00, for example, is non-random; the next tournament at GMT 21:00-22:00 is random, continuing like this would give you whether the tournament you're in is random or non-random. This means that even rooms that say they are non-random, can be random during half of all daily tournaments, I hope that helps.

sunday 15/03/2009

Here is my budget deck for new players
It cost about 5.4k

Just put preset=403226, but change the = to a :

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