saturday 24/11/2018

Damn, do you know that pussy cat is not a good clan in UR, i don't like this clan
I love it, and know what ? This is the best clan in damage reduction, beautiful woman, lovely lady and you can blow your enemies mind with this clan

Don't blame on clans, blame on your skill, bro

tuesday 20/11/2018

I agree, the new website totally mess.

Wait what about Sylth Cr?

sunday 18/11/2018

Leaders are just for lore.
Best card in the clan are often referred to as 'bigs'

friday 16/11/2018

Edit Note: Edited the main link at the post to be able to directly connect to the Instagram Site of Urban Rivals:

Otherwise, look forward to the underwater place.

edited by Rowdy MOB Cr friday 16/11/2018, 05:28

wednesday 14/11/2018

It is a ridiculous mission, but as was said earlier, you don't have to sell the cards and you don't have to go for the mission.
If you are selling cards you want to sell, to make more liquid money, then the mission is a nice bonus.
If you are selling a card, the gain is the clintz, the loss is the card. The tax is a thing, but if you're selling the card, you're okay with that.

sunday 11/11/2018

saturday 10/11/2018

Thanks, Silas_G bro! I'll keep cranking em out!

Thanks batdut5, that's actually one I don't have yet.

Seems like joining another tourney stops the issue. Kate has stop spamming me with her messages.

friday 09/11/2018

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I just wanna say thanks to the staff for fixing this. I can finally play again and grind out DT's effectively smiley

Anyone here know how to make 5 star pfulls with minimum 4750 xp?
Thank you smiley

thursday 08/11/2018

Hello, I sell General Cr for 14.5M clintz. DM me and I'll send it your way through PS.

See "special event cards" topic in our guild forum. smiley

wednesday 07/11/2018

That makes a lot of sense actually, will do that! smiley

monday 05/11/2018

Thanks! I didn't realize they added the prize list to the game mode page. smiley

sunday 04/11/2018

Eh... sell emoticons like with some games? Kate-emoticon is getting old smiley

saturday 03/11/2018

Damn that 2nd evo of Araaknat is actually super cool

I'm thinking B" target="_blank">">B Mappe.
Every time I face a wallet all star player with this guy I just know the game is over.
My favorite though is probably Nemo" target="_blank">">Nemo Mt.
He just seems to transcend all rules of the game and bring you serenity...
Judge" target="_blank">">Judge Lynch is another one with a stupid ability.

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