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friday 31/05/2013

Thats ok.

If you look at my weak deck comment and change some letters it turns to strong deck smiley

p.s im haveing a mad few days smiley

friday 24/05/2013

Nice deck. Good luck on reaching level 100.

wednesday 22/05/2013

thursday 16/05/2013

Nice deck. I personally don't really like Oraya in T2 decks as + life can easaly be removed. You could try Hikiyousan instead.

sunday 12/05/2013

I prefer Virginia to Sol Hona lol so I would of used he even when Sol Hona was allowed lol.

Nice deck. Miss Lizbeth could be changed to Lizbeth when you get her.

friday 03/05/2013

Good updated deck. smiley

wednesday 01/05/2013


My 1HKO deck for DM!

Highly effective!

Read Bio for deck as well!

tuesday 30/04/2013

In tourney its annoying. Some players have no intentions of making points but just to stroll and slow down other players. They bring uranus,graxs,kolos,ambre in tourney .

Now suppose you are fighting such player. You win first 3 rounds ,you have extra pills and in 4th round you can KO easily. But the player time outs or he concedes you will get 25 or 27 points only. If you played 4th round and win legally then you could have scored 35+ points. See,it makes a lot of difference in tourney. You could easily get 27 points for 2 round HKO but then you played 3 rounds and opp. left .

There should be some points improvements on time outs . Its very annoying because I have 7 timeouts wins in a single tourney and that has made a difference of over 100 points in my gameplay.

monday 29/04/2013


Not bad at all

Get Zatman when you can!

sunday 28/04/2013

Scary T1 deck. smiley

tuesday 23/04/2013

Perhaps instead of dallas, one can change hendz instead? (to oyoh/lamar cr as um_aabattery suggested)
his ability may backfire whilst oyoh/lamar cr will provide more stable options

thursday 18/04/2013

I thought bout using Fang Pi half deck. But just completely unsure.
Kuei, Kurusi, Muntendon, Sayura, Unagi, Yusuke, and Zinfrid are the ones i have.

Was looking for a cheap pair with them. I have Spyke (most expensive card I have) which i got from a pack. I have bout 6-9k I can use.

tuesday 16/04/2013

Standard DM is easier and you can do alright with a cheapish deck. Try Vortex clan or Sakrohm / Uppers and use Hugo or Morphun as leader . And what Asian said^.... (I remember seeing him in DM quite a few times and I knew I was gonna get my butt kicked lol)

monday 15/04/2013

Nice melange of high powered cards and utility. Pretty expensive, but i guess you gotta pay if you want such power.

sunday 14/04/2013

Okay, thank you very much for the advice

Lol. You guys don't know anything about DM.

wednesday 10/04/2013

Potrzebuję pomocy z deckiem do DM.
Mój deck na "codzień" nie sprawdza się zbyt dobrze.
(Mowa o tym decku: http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=2571435&list )
Jako, że mam trochę CTZ na wydanie (223tyś), chciałbym zbudować coś typowo pod DM.
Myślałem o Uppers, Montana, Piranas, Sentinel, Bangers i LaJunta, ewentualnie Fang-Pi Clan...
Nie mogę się zdecydować, dlatego też proszę Was drodzy gracze o poradę.

sunday 07/04/2013

Thanks, thats what I was aiming for, with the right setup, I can have 3 1HKOs in my hand smiley

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