tuesday 10/03/2009

Thanks for the advice. I like uing Fang Pi because its easy to get two round ko's, but I also have a Montana Deck. I'll switch to it and see how it works out.

Thank you guys! please close this mods. Tnx

Finish Fast, Finish Fair, GG's! smiley

I put this deck together to combat Roots this week:


ELO deck with Jungo and Piranas for Roots-allowed weeks. Against half-Roots decks with one of the stop abilities on the board you can get them to attack with a non-SOA and block with Sylth to get poison 3 on them early on. Plenty of SOB, power reduction, life gain, and high attack and damage. Biggest weaknesses are a lack of SOA and damage reduction although the Jungo bonus can alleviate the latter.

Please give me your thoughts.

I tried this out - http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=394847 - and it plays pretty well. Like I said, you could run Rubie over Wendel...but I wouldn't.

I'm looking for thoughts on my T2 deck for Survivor:


2x SOB, very high power, very high damage, tons of damage reduction, attack reduction, and Morphun to alleviate the pillz deficit at higher Survivor levels give this deck the tools to handle most situations. Its biggest weakness is a lack of SOA.

Thanks for all the input!

Currently I'm a lvl 9 with freaks and sakrohm in my deck. Is this good? Or should I try a different approach?

Shamwow, Sentinel do not play on roots week. And roots and Jungo have loads of power 8/7 cards to take a shot into junkz/shakrom. +/- attack si not their weakness. All stars is a weakness only for Jungo, With randy and robb laughing at scopica & sylth.

Bangers do a strong combo with montana, but a bad one with all stars (they are pretty much the same).

Janine is obviously awful so stay away from it.

Best ELO cards for uppers

Frankie Hi

In that order.

I would focus to use dorian, rubie and wendel with samantha as the 4th card. Dorian comboes with marina, rubie with striker and randy.

Shalrom has the most damage reduction of course, second is pussycats, but only if you put both Ella and Charlie, otherwise all stars (ashley, marina dan), have more.

When in the very beginning of the round it says Your turn and you select your card first, that is when courage activates

monday 09/03/2009

Haven't truly tested it but,


Obviously get Tanaevera, IF YOU CAN, trash warren, and switch miss lulabee for Lulabee/Hikiyousan/tanevera, Jeff to Gsis, Taigo is a good 2*, and that is pretty much it.

Now ur talkin.. am a mono pirana deck fan and these are the decks i regularly use..

Yeah one that can fit easy into a deck while allowing room for cards like Ongh and Sylthsmiley surprisingly I haven't heard them having too much trouble with +/- atk clans.

Get vansaar,lost warehouse,and win the battle to get 100xp for your cards

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