thursday 19/02/2009


wednesday 18/02/2009

Thanks a million for the info, helped a lot. Made me decide not to play randomsmiley

Basically, sometimes you're just going to be weak against certain clans; my general advice for beating piranhas with pillz manipulation is to try and match pill manipulators against cards that SOA (so their pillz don't matter) or use -power or -attack cards to weaken them enough so that you can easily beat them.

Whenever the staff wants to.

Speed-king, the same could be said for about half (or maybe even 3/5) of the Nightmare clan. That's why they have what their abilities are though, I suppose. I sure wouldn't want to see a 7 power Kenny, or an 8 power Kolos.

Sham: Actually my thought goes more like: "Ok, I give a Dieter with 1 Pill now so he cannot really do anything, if he plays 0 pillz he is hosed and my Kolos can kill without fury, if he plays some pillz he wins but that's fine. He can then play X Y Z - Y would be bad, but mhm... X would be outright stupid as Kolos can overpower and one hit kill, Z would be easily dfelcted by b".... I repeat that at least I do not think in single step but look what can happen after D works or fails... (With failing only in some cases, but exceedingly more often in the current game, meaning: yeah, I just lost the whole match in a single round)

Or, in short: I cannot share your estimate of people thinking only about the next step - which is strongly implied in your examples.

Well, for starters you need mindy, elea, ongh and sylth. thats 13 stars. for the other 12, well. im not too sure, you can work it out. just saying, that those would be the cards i start the deck with.

Broke the piggy bank today and picked up a bunch of All Stars to form my first two original decks. Feel free to take a look and comment. With the exception of Shakra (received from pack) and Jessie (got a decent deal), I use only cards that cost under 2k.

Rooting for the All Stars :
Montana All Star Team V1 :

I love rass
because he was my first card bought and hes pretty decent smiley


Montana ls very cheap to afford but good half decks can be made.

tuesday 17/02/2009

La Junta is good when roots are on, Fang Pi the other week, but only with unagi level1.


Burt 2 star prince to sharon

Jungo Allstars or Uppers and sell the other cards to get some better cards from these clanssmileysmiley

Well unfortunely dt will be the best way
your deck is too weak for survivor and elo
however for dt use a 26* deck tht will get u more pionts
heres a guy in my guild who made a guide for dt

Fang Pi Clang is low or bottom tier in just about every format. Their Power levels are too low to be competitive, especially when La Junta is similar, but much better.

Olga Noel is actually a useful card. In a year, when more people join, they will most probably buy her if they were using freaks.

As an aside - if you decide to go with Uppers, you should keep an eye on Oxen's price. He's brand new and expensive now, but his price should drop considerably in two weeks, and again thereafter. If he falls to the 500 - 800 range, he should be a buy. Great when paired with Beetenka, Nellie, Rubie b/c he opens up so many extra two hit KO options, even though his high -life min. makes him an early round card.

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