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saturday 21/03/2009

Well it really depends on what you're going to play
elo survivor or DT?

Lou - Shakra
Tshern - Ratanah

Well this weekend is my last ditch effort to get anywhere in elo this week and im doing very well.. So plz can u help me and give me idea's to go whith this Awsome leader

I had some buggy games too where I didn't get any reduction from Ella's clan bonus.

Check you deck or if you battle with them after there battle it will show you. Purple bar means full XP.

friday 20/03/2009

Actually the ghiest r meant to be played as more of an agressive lockdown. hence why they have few damage reducers and walls. and jungo are still under developed with only 18 cards. I would suggest you go gheist/nightmare. There area few cheap nightmares who are also staples. If u need one i can sell u a maxed dieter for 1k

Striker marina loma noju/alexei robb randy ashley jessie and kang / lewis

alexei/ loma noju is wether u want 2 soa or 2 +life along with the 2 damage reducers and robb and randy and lewis r just walls

Amunous2 the deck is working really well so far though i hit a few problems the night i built the deck once i got really tired in the late morning lol before things went pear shapped for me my elo ranking rose to 1125 before slipping to 1098 in five straight games lol so i called it a night. and since then i've not really played much mainly been buying and selling to try and complete my collection lol

Would love to know what more people think?

i had a little go on elo lastnight wastn paying much attention but scared 6wins out of 7 fights without to much difficulty. (this was with Delta i prefur the bluffing game)



na boh

gl (o"o) UM-1984

Montana and Junks [T1]




thursday 19/03/2009

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Why does everyone say Spiaghi is a staple? I'd sooner pick Prince Jr than Spiaghi.

That way you will earn some clintz to make your deck even more interesting..
Thus maybe getting you a jackie or a zatman but since frankie hi is a mini zatman
and a rubie is a mini jackie you should learn to play with those first.

Fang Pi- Marlysa Cr, Kerozinn Cr
Freaks-Splata Cr
Sentinel- Tessa Cr
Errrr... that's a few of em'

Can you give me suggestions ? i have already purchased all gheist members , except for the cr's and they don't seem to work ...any tips for me on how to play with the deck? the config. is this one :
Lin Xia

I think the question should be" Why not morphun instead of Hugo?"
Ambre is really useful, but only in offensive rounds, hugo is always useful, even without pillz, so does Morphun.
But I think Morphun is better when you have +6 power cards, I mean, one more pill, for a card like zatman or jackie, would be a +8 attack, and with hugo it's a +6.
In case you are using nellie or rubie, hugo is better, also with samantha, mickey t, etc., when you don't have much power, but as I said, if you use oxen, zatman, jackie, frankie hi (More cards with +6 power than cards with less power) put morphun in your deck.

You can only buy packet with your credits at the shop. Cool Attitude, Danger, Action, New Blood, and Rainbow are all 20 credits. While a Full deck is 50 credits.

Bryan, Dacote, Dean, Jane Ramba is a good half

I like La Junta with All-Stars (Good against power houses like Bodenpower or Ongh which few Junta can compete with), Piranas (SOB against tough bonuses and pill manipulation), Junkz (like Gold-Phoenix said, helps past rescue and such), and Jungo (helps with life while Junta deal the damage)

Neon said most but I have tested La Junta extensively and I can tell you:

Bruce is weak
Winston is weak
Trish is good
Dean is good

Of course wardog bryan and jane ramba are good too. The new cards didn't ahve the time to test yet.

Burguer is not very good either. Chiro lacks damage in half deck.

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