sunday 08/02/2009

Eklore and Friends

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Eklore is very scary for many players, so they usually put 7 pilz in the first round. Hawkins and smokey is a big threat if you get them along eklore. Tula, tyd, lehane and hawk can handle the "big cards". And dayton is a 2HKO with eklore.

If mono then ulu watu
wee lee
the new card
if half for stratergy pussy cats or roots

Close please i dont need this anymore

I am also looking to pick up a couple of CR's. I know they don't come out of packs anymore, but I am interested in learning what the best pack investment is, trying to build up the clintz for a Lyse Teria Cr and Vickie CR (Huge Montana Fan).

Yay Jungo and Freaks @_@
Both which have Bonus that don't help them in battles whatsover
Saxy preset!

Yeah you have to buy credits.

Best is Jessie, Robb, Randy and Striker for Elo.


ok that is roughly 1750 for a good deck (hugo is free) now think for noobs they have to get to lvl 10 they got 2 leaders go to wearhouse lvl em up they sell to kate and they get 1800 so a lvl 10 can easily get that deck and when they reach lvl 15 they train up hugo and they have a good powerful deck i got more if u wanna no one for any clan i can help u (for free!)

Sharon, lyse teria cr, mona, edd smiley

Replace murphy for rosa, smiley

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Always use the description box to explain your play style and reasoning on the deck, smiley

I was a decent player, and it's still a great game, but it got to the point where spending $10+ on a single card, when I have little access to big tournaments and can only play in FNM, wasn't worth it when I developed more expensive interests. I might play again if new sets in the Ravnica or Kamigawa planes are made, but that's probably it.

My new favorite collectible game is the CMG Monsterpocalypse, but it kind of died out in my until interest builds back up, Urban Rivals is the only thing I'm playing.

I was also really big into HorrorClix, but that never caught on. smiley

Use bloodh instead since he has more damage output in a mono clan build, smiley

Prianas have proved to be a more dangerous opponent IMO, smiley

Check public presets, smiley

Normal cards may become CR in time, smiley

Before the match ends and if you have already lost... and u haven't used her in the match... you can leave the match, smiley

Rescue POWAAA POREVAAA! smiley

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Supply and demand... my 2 cents... smiley

Zatman cuz he is "The Wall"

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