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tuesday 17/03/2009

GG ---> Good Game smiley

GG's --- > Good Games smiley

Burger to dean, uxoh to jane ramba, then oscar to don, GG's! smiley

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Bluff is the most important aspect
for me, ulu watu, sakrohm and ambre looks nice smiley

monday 16/03/2009

Dont know if its good enough for ELO but its definately goodsmiley

Living Shield

Daily tournaments switch between random and non-random every event; for example, if you're hanging out in the Type 1 room and playing at GMT 19:00-20:00, for example, is non-random; the next tournament at GMT 21:00-22:00 is random, continuing like this would give you whether the tournament you're in is random or non-random. This means that even rooms that say they are non-random, can be random during half of all daily tournaments, I hope that helps.

sunday 15/03/2009

Here is my budget deck for new players
It cost about 5.4k

Just put preset=403226, but change the = to a :

If he times out before drawing a card, you get the points for winning (25 minus your star count)
If he times out a couple rounds in, you get all the point up until that point

You have very bad cards at the moment, giovanni, simon, timber and luba are decent, but the rest need to be replaced as soon as posible.

Use 8 card deck, geting rid of a worthless card is always good because it greatens the chances of the good cards appearing.

leviatonn is quite expensive, but there are cheap cards tha tyou should lok for:

Platinum, bristone, filomena, sharon and oscar (specially bristone and sharon)


I only use a full jungo deck my cards are Dagouba,Odile,Radek,Scopica,Chill,Scotty,Pslo and Jalil.They seem like pretty good cards but i still cant get more then 2 victories in a row.Any suggestions pls help me.

@Zenos - Even with only +2 Pillz, Shann is still the best 5* Banger available. There's absolutely nothing wrong with running her in a half deck, where she's comparable to Katan.

saturday 14/03/2009

Cn u sell ur alec for me?
i will use my jane ramba trade for him....

Check my preset i wanna make it a T2 deck but i dont know what to change lol


Ummm because I was looking at the public presets don't you think that A bangers/Sentinel deck should have a Graff and a B Ball? Because they are normally there. But still THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING ME!!!

My deck is;

I have come in top most times since making the deck, any advice on how to improve it?

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