tuesday 17/02/2009

As an aside - if you decide to go with Uppers, you should keep an eye on Oxen's price. He's brand new and expensive now, but his price should drop considerably in two weeks, and again thereafter. If he falls to the 500 - 800 range, he should be a buy. Great when paired with Beetenka, Nellie, Rubie b/c he opens up so many extra two hit KO options, even though his high -life min. makes him an early round card.

monday 16/02/2009

Piranas for the pillz but i mainly get beat by ulu watu in it smiley

Search feature will answer all of your questions.

With a friend, use a deck full of smokeys and give your friend a deck full of gary's. then play old in the DZ.

Nice deck you got there smiley

I like reverse clans, clans that have the opposite of each other, like -2 damage and +2 damage. I am currently working with this Ulu Watu/All Stars deck.


All Stars


I always get 1200+

for DT-

Wee Lee

All Stars


This always gets me 100-50 and lower.

But yea, reverse clans are the way to go.

sunday 15/02/2009

Jungo/Pirana Elo Deck
Mindy Radek Scopica Ongh Smokey Bloodh Hawkins Tula

That great thanks

ps i didnt say tana coz i have him

I Had Bought Credit When I Was 20+

I Had A Sentinel Deck , Which Had Got Me To 6th In Daily Tournament .

Just Sell All Leaders . And Buy Those Sentinels . I Had Zdrone And Then I Bought Dayton , Who Works Very Well .

If U Want Help , PM Me .

Most people purchase Credits to get cards, otherwise it's especially difficult to get anything worth more than 1k Clintz.

Anyway, off the top of my head...

Z3r0 D34d

That's pretty a pretty typical GHEIST ELO deck.

FYI, try making a great ELO deck 1'st w/ the cards that you have, you may need wendel & oxen to replace zatman and jackie whole you may replace big tana for hikiyousan and wee lee for nanook, smiley

Try this:

willy *5
bodenpower *5
saddy *3
b ball *2

from here you can make a 10* support clan like pussycats or sakrohm, smiley

saturday 14/02/2009

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Close Please

I have a t1 tourney deck, and i need some advice for it, so here is my preset, if u have an idea, then leave it on my preset or pm me, thnx, bad acid. here is the link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=356697

Maybe they let me keep it there,to be able to keep the gift i made to my gf.

Dunno who are those ''they'' which i refer,but i thank them.A lot smiley this means much to me.

Thank you for all those that rated this on friday the 13th, i am still going to keep this deck cuz its seem like a fun deck to test your luck smiley , so you can keep rate/comment on this deck "Friday the 13th" aka the wish me luck deck smiley

Don't buy Oxen now ,sell him coz he just came out so he's expensive and use the money to get Jackie

preset: 354747

Thanks! smiley

friday 13/02/2009

I would be opposed to that "more useful" attack calculater. It takes the game to the point where the player has less to think. Such "improvements" are not necessarily good. (Besides, can't you caluclate it in your head? Take it as free extra training! It surely doesn't hurt you to excercise calculating in your head fast... See, UR is for education :O) Long story short: I'd argue that calculating everything in front of the player in a game like Urban Rivals is not an improvement but positively HARMFUL to the game.

Hell, apart from reading the screen it would be easy enough to write a bot for UR already... (Sidenote if some admin reads this: is there any policy on bots in UR? I cannot remember there being any... and NSC-players have a certain appeal... and from UR side (i.e. not made by players) could even "cheat". Hm, maybe I'll make an extra topic on that later. Or rather mail the support, remembering what I was told last time :O

Animations: oh yes, let us switch them off, shorten them... I feel sometimes reminded about endless special attack animations that cannot be interrupted. At some point they become simply annoying. Problem? If I deactivate them and my opponent does not... I still have to wait -_-. This can already be seen in fast mode v. normal mode players... I would still like a FAST play mode - with chess clocks giving 1 minute total to each players for ALL rounds (needs not even be a tourney room).

It's alright you should use jungo's and bangers

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