sunday 22/02/2009

It depends on the deck, and game type. Scotty is most certainly better than Psylo in certain decks, but other times not so much.
In Survivor T2, I'd say Lin Xia, as Lucia is ruled out by Hikiyousan, Tanaereva, Lulabee, Miss Lulabee and Wee Lee.
And never use any Jungo in Survivor T2, unless it's Ongh, Sylth and Greow as a 3 card half deck.

saturday 21/02/2009

I like 0-JP's deck, but it looks mighty expensive xD
Vermyn to Graff
Juicy Lord to B Ball
Coby to Dayton
and William to Aurelia

makes it much more cost friendly, if you ask me smiley

What would be a nice all stars deck?

The deck admittedly has most likely the poorest poor hand ELO could ever offer. But it also has the potentially most brutal ELO hand. Hawk with 11 power is pure brutal ownage. The +8 attack becomes an afterthought. smiley

It's only semi-serious, but I still can't help but wonder how that deck would play out in ELO.

I also realized a variant could be pulled using monoclan pussycats with Louise, Clara and Charlie, but I don't know if it would be as efficient for maximizing the power of the 5* cards.

But if you're thinking on a Mono Junkz deck, you may have to think on low-star cards, such as Otakool, Onik, Keanew, Veenyle and even Dash, sometimes.

Gil (2*), Rowdy (4*), Gibson (4*), Otakool (3*), Onik (3*), Veenyle (2*), Peeler/Taham (5*) and Dash (2*).
Thought of this deck in 5 minutes, and it's not that bad. Peeler or Taham. It's your choice. I prefer Peeler, but you can also put Hugo instead. Think about it smiley

The first one has too many weak cards
second one is okay


Have a nICE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!smiley

Come and see it!!!!!!!!!smiley

Rescue was kind of a bad choice to pick for a first clan due to their insane prices and the inability to mix with other clans. However I would get glosh ASAP he is staying a 2.3k right now but he is going to raise fast in a few months. Prehaps sell your Timber and Vaansar to kate to buy him (see as their price only goes down). Get Suzie,Lea, and Larry after that. You should be spending all your credits (win them from DT and ELO) on Action packs as to give you a chance to get better rescue.

Really wish you the best of luck.

Here's a sweet deck for survivor t2

If you play well, it is very possible to get to the top 150 with the deck that UM-1984 suggested

friday 20/02/2009

If you've got the cash I'd change 0-JP's deck somewhat. But as it's already a cash hog the changes aren't huge

Skrumxxt > Eris (much much more solid card and his 8 damage is wasted in a deck with no 4 damage cards, eris works just as well for SoA and just much better in general).

Wanda > 1*
Wakai > Murray

You lose 1 damage on wanda and gain 1 power, 1 damage and 1 life on Wakai>Murry :/

Else a cheaper option



Comments and Suggestions pls


I thought about oxen too.. I think I'll get him..

The deck's interesting enough. But Fang Pi Clang is just depressingly weak in ELO. I made it to 1204 ELO once while Alec and Zatman weren't ELO-banned somehow, Hugo played a huge part of it. With Mono Fang Pi, since the Piranas popped up, I haven't pulled anything above 1100.

Let me outline what I mean with a picture:

Linda > Chiro OR Gertrud
Xia Leming > Windston (or Dean, Dean is serious ownage for 2*, or Wardog, who also is massive 2* ownage)
Yu Mei > Bryan
Kerozinn Cr > Emeth

Everything Fang Pi Clang does, La Junta does, better. It's a sad place to be, really. Chiro might suck in a halfdeck but if she has bonus active she can still pound for 6 without needing courage. Otherwise she's a glorified Wardog, which can still wall quite well next to a bunch of all stars. Everything else a very solid. Emeth alone is a 7/6 with attack +5, with extra Juntas he just becomes monstrous. Bryan doesn't need an explanation, and La Junta has 3 usable and strong 2* cards.

I have pretty much all of the piranas and the jungos and have been using them as half and half with different combos or mono each. I can't seem to get above 1150 and i was wondering if anyone had any tips? thanks!

thursday 19/02/2009

Bristone Bristone Bristone Bristone

Oh, and Toro is used over xu52 even on type2, so go guess.

Wanda is better than Feelyn for obvious reason, and ultra cheap.

Untill now I said exactly the same al Slify hehe. Well, here I differ: Betty is bad card, Effie is ok (Ella might be better), I hate Rolph, but IMO your only good deck without EVO with this clans is to get Rolph instead of Toro (I mean in place of Xu52)

Pretty decent, but your 3 sentinel 1 upper draws are very very weak.

To solve it I advice you to remove skniner, and put Oxen in the picture. hawk and Lehane can survive without their bonus, but Rubie and nellie do NOT

Any deck with 2 of the top 3 clans is good enough to ge tyou to 1300 as long as you play enough matches.

I am at 1300-1350 and all I am using is a simple full ghesits. With sentinels and All stars, or sentinels piranhas you can easilly get to 1400

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