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saturday 04/05/2013

BTW when is the last date for joining?

thursday 02/05/2013

Aaaaaaah stupid argos stop forgetting!

wednesday 01/05/2013

Please read the discription and follow in the event before entering. It will only take about 30 mins

Join this event. smiley

tuesday 30/04/2013

Dregn's Crew the final qualifier

monday 29/04/2013

Only two places left in the first qualifier

sunday 28/04/2013

Hey everyone here is my new event Alphabattle #0 (beta) I you like this event and would love to play events like this or other creator events than please join the aforementioned newsletter event smiley

saturday 27/04/2013

friday 26/04/2013

Actually, please close this thread. I will create an event thread with a much more clearer statement of rules and entry fees, thank you mods smiley

thursday 25/04/2013

I want to start this weekend (in south Africa) but I want more people to join the pot is now at 55 cards

Looks good, can't wait for a qualifier with clans that I have doin can join smiley

So there is 0 spots left but i'm thinking of increasing the spots to 20 (3 are reserved so only 15 people in event atm)

Anyways if you want to join now's about your last chance smiley

tuesday 23/04/2013

Join up guys loads of great prizes smiley

Please join my Lottery, it is free. You can win cards until I feel like I don't want to keep the event anymore. I will try to have the lottery as often as I can. Please join (it is mostly crap-cards, but anyway, its free).



Sorry was in a rush to do this lol
the events formats will be voted upon each stage will have a new variable to vote upon the first stage is the budget
Players will publish their decks and their decls must be in the price range of said formats

1st will get roughly 300k in prizes
2nd will get roughly 150k in prizes
3rd will get roughly 75k in prizes and 4th will get roughly 25k in prizes
the winning group will spilt the jackpot
Prizes may be given for winning rounds or finishing with a certains score smiley

monday 22/04/2013

sunday 21/04/2013

This is not really the place to be posting this smiley

deleted is where you'll find up to date info for D0S

thursday 18/04/2013


Duc is challenging the world for an epic event! Try to beat us and get a chance at optaining the massive jackpot (250K) and a collecter, about 100k.

All you have to do is survive the 4 rounds and beat our final champion.

all other rules + information can be found on the event page.
Meet you there!

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