sunday 03/03/2013

wednesday 27/02/2013

Speedy event #5

Prizes for top 4 of each group

1. - Hammer
2. - Hefty
3. - Fuzz
4. - Nancy

tuesday 26/02/2013

Uhhhh, wrong section =.=

sunday 24/02/2013

saturday 23/02/2013

1 more place available.

friday 22/02/2013

Running a bit behind schedule
but we are now down to 4 couples
Clint City Romance

Ahh, I'm on your blacklist so I can't join, ah sad face smiley

thursday 21/02/2013

Im joining im a senior level 17!

tuesday 19/02/2013

Here's the link to my event.

monday 18/02/2013

Current donations now ≈ to 428,000 clintz!

sunday 17/02/2013

1 more hour to join!

Donations welcome. Donate over 1k and receive a life in the lotto round. Please join

saturday 16/02/2013

Elmination Chamber smiley
hello, boy's and girl i have my 1st event coming soon with nice prizes..and a bounty of bonus.Gateway to elmination chambers open smiley

friday 15/02/2013

Just For Players who want to test their Skills and at the same time want to win some cool prize

Maximum players changed to 25 smiley

thursday 14/02/2013


Your typical Type2 format tournament. 16 players, group stage. Top 2 participants from each group move on to the knockout stage. May the best man/woman win!

Last chance to join this event!

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