sunday 01/02/2009

Piranas as of yet they have 2 awsom 5 stars jungo got 1 yet jungo got better 4 stars although i still wuld say piranas

Mindy definatly and get ongh and greow when u have enough money

Sell timber and mickey t and get better cards from market
make sure timber level 5

saturday 31/01/2009

Um... DJ Korr Cr is not underrated he is actually really good, anyways my favorite underrated card is Tank, she is overlooked for high power cards like bruce but a 6/5 SOA isn't that bad and can take out annoying cards that Have damage+ like Kolos, Hikiyousan, and Skrummxxt

Um. 8 emeth (or rather 4) do indeed get the support bous for "4 characters of their clan" in the hand. Support is NOT like bonus, it does not need "different" characters. (Else how would a single card without others of its clan get its own support? There is no "different" character from its own clan apart from itself)
Bonus on the other hand is only activated if there are DIFFERENT characters from the same clan. (So Rescue's _bonus support_ needs at least two different Rescue characters to be activated at all - if you have four times the same Rescue card, it has a theoretical bonus of +12 attack via support... but that bonus is not active as the requirement for activating it fails.)

I find your post somewhat confusing, Tanto. Once you seem to say what I say but then again: "except that support is bonus". I really do not understand what you mean to say there.

Enzo and Don aren't worth 5*. The only really good choice is Edd. You can use the star you've freed up to bump someone on the short side of the deck.

Prince Jr


26* and pretty strong. Three Uppers with 6 damage gives you lots of two hit KO options and lots of bluff potential. I disagree with Fluffy about Ottavia. She's playable in DT's and actually really helpful in random hours. Lyse is obviously better, but she's better than essentially every other card, so that's not a knock on Ottavia.

I am working on a prototype deck. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Predictability was a problem I was looking at too...and I avoid random mode like plague...Tyd be it smiley

And yes, Spycee sounds like the most viable option to kick, too, I let it through 99% of the times.

Thanks everyone! =)

Since your 2 stars are useless except tula, why don0t you just replace all your pirannhas?

Selysa, Z34r0 d34d, platinum and leviatonn smiley.

If you like that deck try mono all stars with Eyrik.

In your deck you are in need of Bryan instead of Loma Noju/alexei. He will increase all your drafts

maybe onik to norbrikdiord
then you have 1 star to put where ever you like.

This is rumor.. zzzz..every cards have chance to become cr except the one who already been cr'ed like kiki cr,rass cr

zzzz smiley

Oh shit.. I bought the danger pack and got lame cards T.T
Nellie, Gheistling, Bob Joby..
l'll put nellie insted of frankie hi

I have replied to this question already, will you throw it again and again untill someone tells you what you wanna hear?

Hugo almost loses total attack for rescues, I'd say playing biclan is a better idea (althou bad idea) than playing with Hugo.


Ive got some deck changes that will make it work out.

im stuck between sargh, eadh, and deiter.

i really lik sarghs 7 power and -7attk ability and im currently leaning toward him

remember i have 3 points to spend on a nightmare creature

jungle cats

rate and comment please

friday 30/01/2009

Piranas + Bangers! 17k deck

Smokey 2500
Tula 400
Tyd 1000
Deadeye 1000
Bodenpower 2200
Blaaster 5500
Graff 1000
Juicy Lord 3500

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