sunday 08/02/2009


please comment and tell me what to change...

saturday 07/02/2009

I was playing a guy with the legendary DJ Korr and finished him off by beating his Dj Korr with Prince Jr. What a finish he must have cried.

Thanks oh and nice preset.

Unfortunately, this isn't nearly as strong as Tiny Cuts. Junkz don't heve enough power cards in the 2-3* range. The only other combos that are going to win consistently in Type 2 w/ a 5+5 format is All Stars / Uppers and Uppers / Montana. Reduction is much much stronger than + attack in random hours, and the 2 or 4 extra attack points make a big difference in non-random times.

Random is totally random.. >.< winning percentage is higher if attack is higher.. case closed.. sorry.. smiley

frankie hi

vickie cr
prince jr

or switch the montanas to sakrohms
na boh

friday 06/02/2009

Kolos sheitane glorg hel bloodh spycee smokey hawkins

Piranas cheap tula spycee scubb smokey trey andsom sting and hugo very cheap if u wanna make beter put in blood hawkins but thats expensive

Our failures are known....

This is a deck made for 1400++ ELO.Wanted to have some clues or simply any idea to improve it.
All cards are studied and i think that this is the supreme combination on Gheist/pussycats

Bristone instead of leviatonn:coz i find it more useful:Against hawk and other high damagers with SoA she is brilliant,with a fair 4 dmg.
Wanda and svelthlana:Gr8 reducers and fillers.Svelthlana on gwen because i've noticed she works lots better:she screws cards like randy and lehane very easily coz of her low star count and ability.Wanda speaks alone smiley
Toro and Rolph:Two powerhouses,which can deal in an excellent way with allstars and sentinel.
Z3r0 d34d:best 2 stars of the gheist and one of the best 2* in the game.Makes the worst hand playable and his 7 power and potential 4 dmg make him gr8.
Yayoi:using her at 4 * because of high dmg.She is a reducer,a SoA and an damage dealer,with fairly high power.What else?
Charlie:charlie charlie charlie.....7-8.Even George Clooney would throw his Nespresso,and start with ''Charlie:What else?''


Ulus have 4 good 2 stars that I use in my deck.
Bree, Gabrielle, Warren(can be used at level 1) and Taigo.

Hi ive got 2 decks at the moment a half banger half fang pi and a half fang pi half piranhas
bangers/fang pi:
lost hog

and my other deck

fang pi/piranhas
(same fang pi as other deck)

all comments welcome thnx

thursday 05/02/2009

Their the only +life clan zodiberg

Hawk and lehanesmiley

No dont do that

A good rescue deck can easily get you a 1st, maybe not at the busiest times but I've gotten in the top 10 many times in midday tourneys with rescue and that's with higher scores than some latter time winners.

they vote and they comment

Oops, sorry for the bad link.

I have no problem with bargaining but many offers are downright ridiculous. and i have patience but its hard to find people who want sensible trades everyone ive encountered wants to either make tons of money on theirs sales or save bundles on their car insurance by switching to geico(wee joke). trades have been the only thing ive been able to have any success with.

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