thursday 05/02/2009

I have no problem with bargaining but many offers are downright ridiculous. and i have patience but its hard to find people who want sensible trades everyone ive encountered wants to either make tons of money on theirs sales or save bundles on their car insurance by switching to geico(wee joke). trades have been the only thing ive been able to have any success with.

wednesday 04/02/2009

If your going to do a 5/3 split use 3 ghiest. Jungo do not need their bonus to be effective.

Leviatonn 3
Methane 4
toro 4
Zero Dead 2
Platinum 2

Greow 4
Slyth 4
Mindy 2

thats if you want to use the whole split tactic

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26-28 seems to be the consensus thanks for your help guys. i was aware that the more stars the less points you are getting however i was not sure what star total to aim for in making my new deck. again thank you so much for your help im a bit of a noob when it comes to t2

I actually not that bad I win every 2 games of 3. =]

Its good but for top 10 you need more skill than cards its all about how you play

Ye the funny thing is that the only time that i have won a daily tornament was about year ago with almost none but starter cards. Now...Now i have Cr. cards and staff but keep loseing smiley I hate loseing smiley Cant help it smiley My secret is : Play after 3 A.M. There is barely a couple of ppl that could beat me in 3 A.M smiley I supose my weakness is that i love to play with outsider clans like Freaks i win a lot i lose a lot too but there is one thing i know for sure its pretty crap feeling to be beaten by Freak! And thats what is keeping me going!

Allright, thanks alot everyone smiley
Saved me alot of money - I guess I would've bought Copper hadn't you warned me smiley


>How does this look: Mindy (C), Scopica (U), Sylth (U), Ongh (U), Striker (U), Randy (U) Ashley (C), Jessie (R)?

It looks good, but it is too dependant on abilities. Only 3 cards work decently against roots/gheists.

Anyway, the best 2 stars for a jungo/all stars deck is Ashley, Jungo do not have any reducer, so she is a must.

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Today at 02:21

Yusuke (U)
Hattori (R)
Ryuichi (U)
Sakazuki (C)
Windy Mor (U)
Rei (R)
Xia Leming (U)
Unagi (C)

how's that?

Probably the best cards for fang pi, yu mei is also ok. but mono decks normally do better with a leader than a weak 5 starred card.

911 is not that great especially in T1

tuesday 03/02/2009

If you search the answers will come.

I play with tula better than Hawkins its bad card for me

Read. The. Manual.

Read the manual; and read what is written to the left if you select a room.

Hawk, Lehane, Dayton, Luis

that's my choice for a sentinel half, many people prefer skiner to luis.

Hawk should be in every sentinel deck tbh, he's just too good not to be.

I'd also rather take coby over miranda tbh, he's averaging an 8/5 which is preferable to me than a 7/6, of course he can with luck go up to an 8/7 so he doesn't do too badly in a half deck at all.

Then again I don't really fancy your sentinel half at all, not a single card in there I'd likely put in a half deck.

Wardog, Dean, Bryan, Jane Ramba (or trish to save cash).

That allows your sentinel half to up luis to coby.

Jalil is to be kept! smiley

Cute deck! smiley

Get the new rescue, they are strong! smiley

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Full decks, smiley

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