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monday 02/03/2009

Miss twice cr very cheap on market 20k lower than standard price buy 1 make some clintz

Its Very Nice smiley

Green Face smiley

I suggest buying full decks as you begin your collection, but once you get to 40-50%, you should move towards buying either the specialty packs of the clans your lacking in (for instance, if Ulu Watu and Junkz are the clans you have the least of, get Cool Attitude), or buying Danger/Action packs, which have many valuable cards to sell.

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Check the ELO rankings for the most used clans and subscribe to the newsletter, smiley

Trish hands down, smiley

Here's some help:

make a all sentinels deck, smiley

Try this bro and make 1300 easy, smiley

rolph *5
methane *4
leviatonn *3
bristone *3
Smokey *3
tyd *3
hawkins *2
tula *2

GG's! smiley

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Yey survey!smiley

26* stars, smiley

Sooo... i guess try to make a bangers jungo deck, smiley
list your cards so we can help you properly (maybe just list your 10 most expensive cards) smiley

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Check public presets, smiley

I would use junkz, sentinel, piranas or pussycats w/ this particular clan, smiley

Read game rules, smiley

I like your 3rd preset, reminds me of Pangya, smiley

Low budget huh, try the piranas, they have good cheap cards to match other clans and a great half deck w/ all stars, smiley

Stick w/ the rescue you got, they can make 1300 easily every week, smiley
w/ your money, buy cards from your favorite clan and expand your collection from there, smiley


sunday 01/03/2009

I have taken tanto89's deck (DT montana upper) and put my spin on it
please can you rate and comment on it

thanx mods

Keep on climbing

12:48 Elo …you have narrowly escaped from ILLESCAS ACB, los dioses del olimpo (5-4) – your ELO value after the match: 1442
12:44 Elo …you have beat 0-Y2JTay-EVO, €€ No Woman No Cry €€ (12-4) – your ELO value after the match: 1433
12:39 Elo …you have lost against 0 surf, Rage Against Unfairs (3-9) – your ELO value after the match: 1423
12:33 Elo …you have beat LF-GrandFrere, La Fraternité (10-1) – your ELO value after the match: 1444
12:28 Elo …you have won by forfeit against 0-Y2JTay-EVO, €€ No Woman No Cry €€ (11-7) – your ELO value after the match: 1436
12:21 Elo …you have won by forfeit against skayZ (8-4) – your ELO value after the match: 1427

I guess all stars can sometimes sneak below the montana's bonus, at least in random for a chance of winning with few pillz. Having a chance against a good player is good. You only really need sure shots against the bad opponents.

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