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monday 23/02/2009

I have started using montana for ELO. They are good against most clans except pussycats and piranas. Since they dont have any good SoA it actually work out quite well mixing it with Roots.

Lennox kawan ghoub lou... all cards i dont really like seeing when random is on during a DT.

It gets you +6 points if you 1) play OLD style and 2) win the match.

Thanks for the advice and the links, they are very very usefull. Though i kind of hoped that the guys on here would use this to post they're methods of deck building and why they use that method to help new guys to the game and even the most experienced players if they are having a hard time coming up with new ideas or stratergys

Can i buy nina?

sunday 22/02/2009

The problem with mono freaks is that the poison clan bonus doesn't stack, meaning that if you land it once, further applications of the poison damage is pointless. That is why most people who run Freaks, run them as a half deck with another clan with a different bonus that is useful with poison (such as pussycats for -dmg or jungo for +life)

I think the negative score for that deck is a bit harsh, those are probably all of the really good non-CR Freaks cards, but I definitely would not run mono Freaks.

Looking at your cards, you have 3 decent Sentinel cards. What I would do is one of the following :

Buy : Aurelia (decent 2 star till you can afford Lehane), Luis (SoA), John (potential 9 power with mono deck), Miranda (solid card), and than either Skiner or Dayton to round off the deck. If not enough funds, sell off the extra cards.

You also have the option of selling off the cards you do have, specifically Tank and Miss Chloe, and building a different deck, such as Hugo (free at lvl 15) + Montana deck that runs relatively cheap and is competitive as well. Look at the Budget Deck thread for an example.

Yep, stop all deck

I'm thinking
dieter glorg kenny eahd (13*)
Shakra Nahi CR Miken Moose Arno (12*)

Problems are as you said, Price and it seems stop all cards are really obvious. Gonna need to think of a good tactic to (ab)use them.

I could do a gheist halfdeck of
Z3r0 D34d Methane Luba Leviatonn (12*)

But it seems almost silly to go roots gheist.


Thanks everbody that helped. I will changed it.

Plz comment and rate


You were probaly playing in a random room

Hmmm throw in jungo


Instead of math equations for that basic situation try this: O*p=A, O equalling original power times pillz equals attack. Pr=power reduction= O- xy value of card(-x opp. power min y.)*pillz=attack. Basically, take the power reduction into account first then add pillz, bonus, etc.

Raving rabbids guild is a fun and active guild.

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It depends on the deck, and game type. Scotty is most certainly better than Psylo in certain decks, but other times not so much.
In Survivor T2, I'd say Lin Xia, as Lucia is ruled out by Hikiyousan, Tanaereva, Lulabee, Miss Lulabee and Wee Lee.
And never use any Jungo in Survivor T2, unless it's Ongh, Sylth and Greow as a 3 card half deck.

saturday 21/02/2009

I like 0-JP's deck, but it looks mighty expensive xD
Vermyn to Graff
Juicy Lord to B Ball
Coby to Dayton
and William to Aurelia

makes it much more cost friendly, if you ask me smiley

What would be a nice all stars deck?

The deck admittedly has most likely the poorest poor hand ELO could ever offer. But it also has the potentially most brutal ELO hand. Hawk with 11 power is pure brutal ownage. The +8 attack becomes an afterthought. smiley

It's only semi-serious, but I still can't help but wonder how that deck would play out in ELO.

I also realized a variant could be pulled using monoclan pussycats with Louise, Clara and Charlie, but I don't know if it would be as efficient for maximizing the power of the 5* cards.

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