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saturday 14/02/2009

preset: 354747

Thanks! smiley

friday 13/02/2009

I would be opposed to that "more useful" attack calculater. It takes the game to the point where the player has less to think. Such "improvements" are not necessarily good. (Besides, can't you caluclate it in your head? Take it as free extra training! It surely doesn't hurt you to excercise calculating in your head fast... See, UR is for education :O) Long story short: I'd argue that calculating everything in front of the player in a game like Urban Rivals is not an improvement but positively HARMFUL to the game.

Hell, apart from reading the screen it would be easy enough to write a bot for UR already... (Sidenote if some admin reads this: is there any policy on bots in UR? I cannot remember there being any... and NSC-players have a certain appeal... and from UR side (i.e. not made by players) could even "cheat". Hm, maybe I'll make an extra topic on that later. Or rather mail the support, remembering what I was told last time :O

Animations: oh yes, let us switch them off, shorten them... I feel sometimes reminded about endless special attack animations that cannot be interrupted. At some point they become simply annoying. Problem? If I deactivate them and my opponent does not... I still have to wait -_-. This can already be seen in fast mode v. normal mode players... I would still like a FAST play mode - with chess clocks giving 1 minute total to each players for ALL rounds (needs not even be a tourney room).

It's alright you should use jungo's and bangers


This is an early attempt at a Sakrohm/Sentinels deck. I'm only using fully evolved characters. Thanks in advance for any help.

thursday 12/02/2009

Oh i also put wee lee cuz i sold tanareava but it had tanareava when i originally used it

Vermyn N


wednesday 11/02/2009


Season to taste (3 other Jungo or look elsewhere)

thats it

U should sort them by clan cuse its hard to look at em and i dun know what a name means smiley

Glosh is very dangerous for all SoA cards (Jackie, Rubie, Lyse Teria Cr). That´s why this new dt deck is a good alternative to


the link for the DT deck can be found by my third message where i wrote "New link for the t2 daily tournament deck:"

as for junkz for sakhrom can you be a bit more specific and specify which cards and/or why is junks is better suited for it.
cuz it is really kind of vague when you just mention a clan to use and nothing else.

And to be honest the kinda of respond/comment i was looking for was on what card to replace the current card in the deck (if any of them needed to be replaced) base on the clan being used. In other words, make my adjustments using the cards within the clans that is being used in the deck. Not completely changing the deck around and using a different clan combo, which would be more like making a different deck.

but none the less , thanks for the input smiley

It really depends on what you feel like playing, but w/ that amount of cash... hmm... pussycats, smiley

Still needs jackie's SOA, smiley

tuesday 10/02/2009

I haven't tested it out yet, and was shocked and disappointed when I found no one had created it before (because it led me to think it was horrible), but I was wanting to look for more professional opinions.

I get it - there IS NO RATANAH. But is it possible that I could be successful without that one card? >_>



Solved im using a mon rescue.You can close.

Ok , Thanks .

Ok I played ELO a lot of time before at good times i only use 1 deck from 1000 - 1300 but seams that it doesnt work anymore

Can anyone help me make a deck for ELO from 1000-1100 and 1100-1200 and 1200 up

Post here i want to try them

Oh, I just thought since it says DT deck, and the deck on the top is 28*

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