tuesday 03/02/2009

Read the manual; and read what is written to the left if you select a room.

Hawk, Lehane, Dayton, Luis

that's my choice for a sentinel half, many people prefer skiner to luis.

Hawk should be in every sentinel deck tbh, he's just too good not to be.

I'd also rather take coby over miranda tbh, he's averaging an 8/5 which is preferable to me than a 7/6, of course he can with luck go up to an 8/7 so he doesn't do too badly in a half deck at all.

Then again I don't really fancy your sentinel half at all, not a single card in there I'd likely put in a half deck.

Wardog, Dean, Bryan, Jane Ramba (or trish to save cash).

That allows your sentinel half to up luis to coby.

Jalil is to be kept! smiley

Cute deck! smiley

Get the new rescue, they are strong! smiley

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Full decks, smiley

As i wrote there,i would put vermyn n 3* on lennox,and charlie yayoi full

And once you have Zatman, you don't need frankie. Rubie is a better option

i got first in a non-random tournament with this
luckily i got in my last battle with a round 2 ko

monday 02/02/2009

15 stats is very good for level 5 cards
but most of good no ability cards level 5 have 14 base stats

very good: 15 base: dorian, cassandra
good: 14 base: oyoh, no nam
so-so 13 base high power: eyrik:
bad: 13 base or lower low power: reine cr

no ability always comes with nice base power (Except old card like sandy dieg etc)

Alright... so, reading through some more threads, I find that Nightmare is a horrible deck for ELO (when compared to others, that is). Looking through, it seems that the All Stars, Piranas, Roots, and Sentinel clans are the more widely preferred these days, so I decided to just utilize those four, having two separate ELO decks. First up, my Roots/Piranas deck...

Miken Moose


I'm certain I just used a cookie cutter setup for Roots, but on the Piranas side, the only two things I'm worried about are Rhed and Tyd... Were they good three star cards to choose, or should I have chosen Andsom in place of one?

Or maybe... I shouldn't have even used three star cards, and I should have used a four star and a two star... I suppose they would be Tula and Katan if I used that, but I'm still afraid about Tula. I hear all these great reviews of her, but I just can't get used to the idea. If this setup for Piranas doesn't work, I might just use this though.

Bloodh (or Dalhia - I can't decide)
Tula (or Spycee - I can't decide)

What set do you think would fit best?

And then... my All Stars/Sentinel thought.

Robb (or Kang/Randy - I can't decide)


I have nearly no doubts about this deck, except for the decision I have to make (Kang, Randy, or Robb...?).

So... what do you guys think of these two decks? Do they have the chance of reaching a 1400+ ELO rating? :o Suggestions?

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Ongh/sylth combo is good
use radek + jalil
bragh is a no go unless T2
use either scotty/greow depending on style of play

IF you have money go for the second one, and you are ready for ELO

the uppers half from what I see cannot compete against many clans in ELO
especially all stars and roots
all stars: rubie and samantha 3 power, heck, that is very low (nellie can win the round since she still has -3 opp power)
roots, will out power them since rubie, nellie and samantha only has 5 power (nellie against SOA) and bettenka becomes 7/4

I choose the second one,
but change kawan to gibson

This is my Elo deck should i change anything?


I prefer glorg to kenny too and in my decks nistarok always takes the kolos spot as kolos can easily be stopped by a lot of cards and nistarok has got better attack power then kolos if kolos goes up against let's say psylo he get downgraded to a measily 4 damage for 5 stars and that is in my opinion BAD STUFF

Random . Where Kolos = Win If Played Well , No Matter What Other Clans Are ...

Beach Partey! I need help how to strengthen this deck I would love to read your comments and please rate!smiley

I would replace kreen with greow/scotty and max wandasmiley

Well, I guess I just kind of assumed that Type 1 is to Type 2 how Advanced is to Traditional in Yugioh...
I mean, since I'm planning to play in the ELO eventually, shouldn't I get used to playing in Type 1? I'm just a noob, so if what I'm saying is crazy and doesn't make any since then please enlighten me.

Just hit lvl 15 and thinking about building a deck for ELO.

Since I have mostly Montanas, I was considering a spinoff of Tanto's Budget Montana + Hugo by replacing Veccio with Filomena and Giovanni with Edd. However, I'm missing Ottavia and Edd, the two most expensive cards so I am now considering a Montana-Roots deck which will probably run me like 200 Cz more.

Edd (1.8k)

ROOTS (11*)
Noodile (700)
Yookie (500)
Rico (500)
Miken Moose (300)

What do you think of the Montana-Roots meta deck? Is there another Montana metadeck I should look at (that will cost me under 4k)? Should I stick with a Mono Montana + Hugo?

PS. For those that suggest I try my luck with packs, I bought 50 creditsyesterday, opened two Danger packs (hoping to get some Uppers or Sakrohm) but ended up getting some low value Gheist, Nightmare and Piranha cards (5 worth under 300 and Erika... sorry... just had to rant)

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