saturday 17/01/2009

After asking around and using the advice from people in this thread. I'm changing my deck. I only need one more card, which I would be able to get if either of my cards for sale sell. The new deck will be a hybrid La Junta/Freaks. I went with that mainly because it was both affordable and something that interested me. I was thinking about Roots, but since they apparently get banned every other week, that probably isn't the best option till I get a bit more worth built up.

So here's the idea for the new deck, the last one being the card I don't yet have. Let me know what you think.


La Junta:
Jane Ramba (currently using Vansaar just he's the only other card I have left, haha)

So, that's the idea. I will have about 5-6k clintz left over if I can ever sell Blaaster without losing a ton, if anyone has any idea for good modifications within that budget.

Thanks to all who helped so far.

I'm not sure what point you're arguing. From what you've said, it sounds like the ability to use weaker versions of a card would be bad because the prices for cards would go down according to lower demand?

Or am I completely misunderstanding what you posted?

friday 16/01/2009

pleae comment and rate!!

Or 6 <insert non-Rescue clan>, and any two of Noodile, Wanda, Gwen, Jane Ramba, Svelthlana, Warren, or Zatman at 1 star. AKA "splashing" filler so you can use heavier guns in your "real" deck - you get 23 stars to spend on 6 cards, meaning you can pack in the beef with ease, while the filler is never entirely useless - they either have high Power or Power=Power Opp across the boards.

I personally like Dash over Veenyle. I know SOA makes both of them about worthless but Dash can sometimes get some extra damage in on a careless oponnent and it can make some opponents hold back on their high damage cards.

Excellent, thank you.

I used i think gheist with cards liek nina and e.g in mono

"I say that it'll be hard,because everyone knows that new cards come out daily."
LOL thats all I can say. smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

I am going to assume u want piranhas with another clan for ELO? for T2 piranhas are not the best choice so i will assume ELO/T1

either one will do... i think u have a bit more choices with the Junx deck as to different combinations.... your sentinel half deck will start with Hawk and Lehane.... then its Dayton Aurelia Copper (4 or 5 star) Skinner Coby to choose from >>> depending on how many stars u need.

Junx are a bit more open as to who you will include... Gil likely. Peeler, Gibson, Rowdy, Veenyl Onik Lolly Keanew in whatever combination that suits you.

the great thing about piranhas are they are flexible enough to take up 10-15 stars if u want.
if u want the fun and high stakes play style of pill manipulation... then its definitely Junx/Piranha u want.

thursday 15/01/2009

Hi Carlos, wellcome to the game.

The decks are build up for different kind of events. If you wanna play Daily tournaments (most likelly), the best deck you can build is a combo of Montan and uppers, Montana and shakrom, uppers and shakrom, or just full Montana.

If you are looking for ELO tournament it is even easier, look at the top 3 clans being used in the ELO ranking this week, and building a deck with those 2 clans is gonna work well for sure.

Pein really has the poin in here, Montana Shakrom and play many DTs with it (tyoe2), you will enjoy

Just that you know, your best cards:

Bloodh (Better for ELO than DT)
Murray (better for ELO than DT)
Edd (better for DT than ELO)
SkrumxxT (better for DT than ELO)
Wanda (Better for ELO than DT)
Scubb (only for monclan)

You ok cards:


So most of your cards are pretty good. Montana Shakrom for DTs for sure (do not use Don), for ELO use Gheists with montana, or gheist with sentinels.

No I actually think the odd tiebreaker method is fine because it's like a Last-in First out system. DTs are a race for points afterall.

Rooms that dont have a die sign on it means that its a random room...rooms with die signs means its random

Yep completely agree shamwow. like jeena on alec or coby...

3 days... man...

wednesday 14/01/2009

I would remove 4 cards
if you get rid of the 5 stars you have an elo deck
and switch alexei with striker as soon as you get him

"If you're winning with a 5* card with 8 damage, chances are you're getting a 2H KO with one of the cards being a 5*, this will give you very very little points and you wont do that great in a DT using this strategy ... if you look at the top DT decks you're unlikely to see many 5* cards if any getting used."

Completely untrue! I win DT's using exactly this strategy, and so do lots of other folks. Ever played the (in)famous B0WSER? Use a heavy like Vickie Cr or Lamar Cr when you run into a game that's not going to give you many points or will last longer than you want. Drag the match out with cards that give you lots of points - like Prince Jr - when you have an easier game and an opponent who's moving quickly. I've won four tournaments in the last week using Gangstars [T2, DT Winner], which is designed to quick-kill using 5* cards.

Vickie should be stable in the 60 - 80k range for awhile, but she'll be in high demand in the long term and will get more expensive in a few months, and even more expensive after that. On the off chance you end up deciding that she's not your bag of tea for dailies (what!?), she's still a good investment.

Then use trinmkkt of course, but what are you gonna use this deck for?

Just A NoboDY.... he is NOT allowed to use two clans.

i think going for 3-4 clan is a good idea overall.. the slight chance of a bonus activating is too good to pass up.
yep but the best plan is to use as many non bonus dependent card as possible.... good thing some clans have a couple of those. killer abilities will also be important... and hence a mandatory SOA in the deck is probably needed

tuesday 13/01/2009

It happens : /

It's a common mistake made by people who see the name in purple, when they try to do this one of the ways they try is just typing down the name

the deck is here: deleted

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