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tuesday 10/02/2009

malmoth lvl 1

I... really would not like that. I mean, at which point do we get all the calculation so that we are only a clicker who does not need to think? The luck factor got high enough already even in no-random (one guess (or two) either wins or loses a game pretty often... where both guesses are valid ways for your opponent to act)

I think we’ve discussed the issue at length.
I've read all your posts and your ideas and I'll keep it in mind.

As Force Majeure said, you could send an email to the support if you have suggestions and ideas about the game. We always read them and you'll receive an answer : support-en@urban-rivals.com

monday 09/02/2009

What's with the hate for Morphun ? smiley

I'd rather have 16 pills than have 16 life, or 2 chances with power with a deck that lacks in damage

Wow dude u just played for a month and u already got better cars than me smiley
anyway, I think Enzo would b better since u got too many high damage cards already


My decks...Please comment and tell me what I need to change.

They are totally meaningless in estimating the strength of your opponentn. Merely tells you how often they have played - not necessarily how good they are. Post level 30 one _mostly_ has experiened players who played "a bit"... but then there is no real telling if level 40 or level 90 will win. (After all either might also try out a new deck, play a fun deck, try something new and weird...) Personally "competing" for levels seems silly to me. Unless you count "being more active than others" an achievement. Oh well... An yes, there are those free leaders. But they are definitely no need-to-play cards.

If in elo..i really suggest sentinels.. smiley
if in DT..i think a mix is better than mono(not saying mono is not good) maybe sakhrom..because low star..


here it is..it is type 1 though

I like something like this:

Greow (SOA will be %^#$$&%**@!!!! when they see Greow and Slyth)


*Hula is too weak, easily overpilled by Piranas for my liking.

All Stars and Piranas are a good pairing that falls within your generous budget yet does not really get elo banned often.

Striker/Alexei Randy Robb Jessie
Tyd Bloodh Smokey Hawkins

a lot of 2HKO options and good power. only thing is that this is an all out offence deck with no damage reduction (but who cares?)

Lol i dont use fang pi tho they just seem so flexible with two 3 stars being used at lvl 2 two 1 5 star being used at lvl 2 (others can be but are not really usable) the best 2 star in the game (better then lehane cause 4 damage:*smiley an awsom 9/8 5 star it is just too awsomsmiley

*cough cough* read the rules *cough cough*

Are you sure you played them in the round first; i.e picking them first, instead of them attacking first? Cuz i thats what i thought when i started out

sunday 08/02/2009

Depends on ur Time zone, smiley

ELO in my country (Philippines) ends at exactly 5 am on a Monday morning and resumes @ 10 am for the new clan.

Therope, during dailies, ELO value isn't updated instantly. Their ELO value does go down, but it's not displayed on the site instantly.

Hugo fits with most clans piranas help get there pillz montana help u get ur higher thrnen 8 attack four ur 18 attack diff very effecient hugo is good with bout all clans timber pretty good for those 1 hkos with timber like no nam and hammer
bridget i wouldnt recomend and ashigaru not in elo and ur not 30 yet smiley

It is usefull to see if your opp is bluffing or not he sends out a 6/1 card and u have a chance to kill with kolos or something it gives u the upper hand but i just did not like him


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