monday 19/01/2009

Not rarity. Those cards can not be found in packs any more. So they are above being rare, they are Collectors.

In rooms with the randomizer effect, you can loose even though you have a higher attack. The only way to definitely win in these rooms is to get a Sure-Shot - having twice as much attack as the opponent.

Deck help!

Hula M
Khar lL2
Dacha Macha L1
Twyh L1
Zoltan L1
Gheistling M
Brandon M
Lihoi Chun M


Tanto hes not sellng he probably has 20 creds from tournys and just askng for help smiley

What about the crs be4 them.. the soleil cards.. what about b4 them? oh and wuz ther any cards that were crs in the beggining of the game

sunday 18/01/2009

This is my first deck so i wasnt focused on making anything specifically but i guess u could call it a survivor deck (not even lv20 yet) smiley

Yeah, adding 0s really makes the number bigger, sometimes more so that you think.

Like, for instance, we all know 1 billion is a big number. But, it's so big, you can't count to 1 billion. You would die of old age first. You can do out the math.

Is that OT enough smiley

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Yey for Clintz!!!

Yeah. it looks really like a mess at first, but u'll eventually get the hang of it, once u reach levle 40 of course smiley want more damage reducers for Survivor, and I would run Nobrodroid or Rowdy over Taham, in either format.

actually i want 26* so i can play T2 and hopefully get more points smiley
bree & gabrielle isnt really my type..sorwie

If you have to choose one or the other, I'd recommend Eve, to push your Poison through. But really...I would do this:

Remove Eve, add Soushee.
Remove Odile, add Ongh.
Remove Radek, add Sylth.

Sylth is going to be a staple of any Jungoz deck, and his Poison is much more effective than that of the Freaks. And Ongh is going to be a great 5*, who has no problem going up against high power cards, and even drags cards like Willy and Shayna down to his own level.

Of course, this is too expensive right now, so I understand if you can only do Eve or Cassandra.

Poison is like flipping a switch - once it's activated, it stays in place. Furthermore, if you activate another Poison ability, it replaces the old one - they don't stack. In fact, I wish UR would add an on-screen indicator when you're poisoned - it could be as simple as a block at the bottom of the screen, with purple bubbles and "Poison X, min. X".

And yes, Sylth is probably the best member of the Jungoz...the only cards that really compete are Ongh and Mindy.

first, if they change it to sure shot, it will only make new player confused about what is sure shot
it's better to have only 1 definition of sure shot

second, what happen in no random room is, they trun off the random, so if you want to make it sure shot you must change they system so they will do sure shot when you or your opp win the round

havinga sure shot takes more time to finish rather than normal animation

saturday 17/01/2009

Mkay, Cassandra and Olga i can understand, Erpeto im not so sure about smiley and i like using Wolfgang as a reducer >.< he comes in handy when i dont feel like wasting pills smiley

Here is mine that i need help with and my fav clan is sentinels which is the clan it uses here it is:

Well here is one i could also need help with:

Sentinel - pricey but excellent if you can afford hawk/copper/coby ect

Haha so it's jungo?yea i dun really like chill but his 1 of d only dmg dealers in jungo for d 4*slot (greow is just too expensive for now)

Bangers are an inexpensive clan that are great in casual decks. Montana is an inexpensive clan that are great in Daily Tournament (Type 1) decks.

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