friday 18/11/2016

Cool silver is like a hmmm i not to sure when i do reach 100 cause it takes a year gold i will probly never get a box from that one ever.

thursday 17/11/2016

Opps for got to say ther min should be 1 would make this clan so great.

wednesday 16/11/2016

Someone said 1 KO in Elo.

With my luck, it will be a card I have been meaning to get, but don't have the clintz to buy... Like Bogdan or Pericles... smiley

tuesday 15/11/2016

I personally don't see any reason why i should play DT atm. only for the faster rounds smiley

monday 14/11/2016

I all ways lock them witch is close as i can to delete my old post when i make a new one then the old ones get removed.

sunday 13/11/2016

Does anyone know a site where I can create fake Urban Rivals characters? I saw a few made for My Little Pony characters in 2012, but those designs are out of date.

saturday 12/11/2016

Hemdall is really good as well

The problem with Michael is his extremely low versatility. If you're using him, you NEED to win, and you need to win without facing a dr. Also, when used on reprisal he's underwhelming so he's really set to that one single role.
Minerva, on the other hand is-
1. A better wall
2. A dr
3. A damage dealer when paired with other dr
4. A block card to use against cards that will gap a lot, like Kenny cr or freaks r1 for a free round win
5. A bluff, since no one dares pill against her. Not one person I know has pilled more than three

friday 11/11/2016

Alright alright no need to be A-holes smileysmileysmiley

Ok, thanks

thursday 10/11/2016

It will come back later, you can still use them on the old site.

Solomon could also be Bangers and Ambre could also be Skeelz

wednesday 09/11/2016

We should support staff

My achievements is DT won 18
Top Score in elo - 1408
Highest value of my card is Guru cr followed by Manon Cr(got these cards after spinning 100 gold tokenz) now I've 49 gold tokenz

saturday 05/11/2016

^ That's for the bonus season.

For the first 2 seasons, it's a 200-400K Cr card.

Don't let this post die

friday 04/11/2016

Well that could be a tribute to fr if they made these 3 leaders then that be cool.

Ah no, 2x clintz from Tapjoy this weekend so higher chance of Nekron, oh... smiley

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