tuesday 27/01/2009

Sorry to ask such a stpid question, but I wonder how to put links in my posts.

I don't understand what the Type1 decks are for. Your ELO decks ain't bad.

With Kolos you can make a nice Nightmare deck, but if you still want a mono Montana then put out Griezzo Vansaar, Timber and Kolos then put Edd, Mona, Oscar and Sharon in. Also you may consider putting Hugo in your deck since his ability works well with the Montana bonus, and you can get him at an early level

I;m alredy doing smiley

Okay, I've came up with this http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=327964 deck, since I got Robb in booster. Will do the work?

Well..for starter this is really great.. smiley how did you manage to get this without buying credits?XD
anyway..i suggest if you got money winifred => chiro even though it is not very suitable for this deck..it has higher power.. smiley if you got 2k++ to spend just put bryan instead of winifred..

your sentinels side is quite good..robin you could exchange for luis.. smiley higher power.. smiley

This is a good deck..Just play in Daily tournament and collect credits.. smiley You will do great.. smiley

Simon -> ottavia would be a lot better

Search tool..


No random is so close to random. I've lost when my attack was 10 higher

monday 26/01/2009

Edd would get you better results on DTs, but if you wanna invest, start playing ELO with a decent deck. Mono pirannhas are too random for ELO, if oyu wanna get those collectors you will need to learn how to use Roots, all starts, gheist or sentinels.

You can also start saving for Lyse teria of course smiley in 2 years you will have the cash.

power * pillz = attack

so + attack mean, you add your attack
same with - attack

if you are saying +7 attack each pillz, it's power, not attack (remember, power * pillz)

-IF- i use FPC at all nvm ELO i use.

Marlysa cr
Kerozinn cr
windy mor 2*
xia leming 2*

that leaves 14* for another half. take say sentinel for example. it could be

Marlysa cr
Kerozinn cr
windy mor 2*
xia leming 2*


i have actually used that a few times and works if you know how to use FPC. smiley
might be to many 2* for some people tho XD

(-^.^-) Shadow.
("smiley ("smiley

How about Miken Moose (2*) against Lou 5*) smiley

Tell me if you know anyone selling Vickie at a good price then

This is my newest deck it has really done good till now


"2nd, your deck is weak. Gheistling (C)? Ludmilla (C) is way better. You should buy Bristone (U) too, unless you can pay for Leviatonn (R). Cards like Dr Saw (C) and Methane (R) are very cheap just now, too. Rolph (R) is also a great card for its price. About the Piranas, you could get Tyd (C), or Sting (U), maybe even Andsom (U)."

Ah crap! I sold my Ludmilla cuz usually the 'min. 4' wouldn't help too much. *Sets about rectifying*

Thanks a lot! smiley

Im trying fluffy - RBE deck out now
thanks for everyones replies

I doubt you got 1400 but i dont doubt that you did well i went on a winning streak and finished with 1200

SOA doesn't kill piranhas, what kills piranhas is that THEY LACK SOA, use abilities yourself.

Petra, Uranus, Murray, Nah boh, with cooper, Hawk, Lehane and whatever level 1 will slice pirannhas.

You could even use courage based cards.

Ulu watu is ok for T1, if you get wee Lee, Gabrielle and nanook you would pair up with shakrom or uppers with uranus+graxxmmxt & uranus or zatman + jackie.

That deck is too weak for any T2 format...even DTs, where 26* decks are ideal.

This would be viable in DTs, but you really would need Vickie for Survivor.

Don / Enzo
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