saturday 03/01/2009

Luck...a very important factor in life...
but i NEVER rely on luck. my solid decks i do not play risky...i only abuse my luck for fun in games i dont really have seriousness in.

luck is there to assist u, but not meant to be abused. luck can save u from a miracle, but it can also kill u when u least expect it. even i, one of the luckiest insects on earth, still does not have the guts to keep 2 leaders in a 12 card deck. maybe a 20 card deck, but definitely not 12. odds are too harsh.

Oh did i mention? its also about how "kiasu" u are, who gets to publish the preset first smiley
for those who doesnt know what "kiasu" is....

Cool, might grab a couple

friday 02/01/2009

Gheist cheap but effective (not top) half deck: Luba, Darth, Platinum, and Ludmilla (but you could also take Bristone, shes very cheap at the moment.
Nightmare cheap and usable (very far from top) half deck: Sargh, Erzsebet, Eadh, Estalt.

But... if you want SOB, I suggest you to try Piranas, Nightmare is weak without the expensive cards. You can try Cyan, Tula, Andsom, and the other card, maybe Spycee, but if you can Sting is very good.

Yep thats even better tanto..

but striker is ridiculously priced atm.... i swear he hit 9-10k last week.

Its my new one need your opinions and suggestions to make it better

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25 * is still type 1 Type 2 starts ar 26 *

Kati needs a replacement there. -HUgo, and Vladimir are both ok.
You should change gheistling to something better like bristole, and on the long run you will need some better cards like leviatonn, methane, toro, rolph and z3r0 d34d

Close please

thursday 01/01/2009

Play in non random play by your heart not by your mind believe in your cards your cards will believe in you smiley

K, thanks for the help. I just got back from beach so that's why it's a late response but I am going to work up for some of these cards..hopefully I can earn the clintz, lol.

Type 2
Olga Wolfgang Cassandra Eve
Uranus Petra GraksmxxT Eris

Please comment and/or rate smiley

type 1 PowerHouse

this is a very cheap montana deck (note hugo u can get once u reach lv15)

Arno and jeena level 2 are better than miken mosse

Myke for Dean
Mitch for bruce
chiro for emeth

Budget deck find player Tanto89. i didnt buy credits too.
trey's power is too low, and subb is level 4. smokey is the best 3* filler for piranas imo tho.
i'll say keep going for smokey smiley

wednesday 31/12/2008

I use 2 basic approaches depending on the cards in my hand and my opponents hand. The key is to use just enough pills to win and not give your opponent a huge advantage. This is much eaiser in non-random because a 1 attack advantage garentees you victory. In random you can out play your opponent and still loose.

(1) Defensive - use low pills early and hope your opponent spends pills in the 1st or 2nd round. Then use the pill advantage to prevail. Good for winning matches but not for DTs because battles take to long.

(2) Offensive spend pills early on high damage cards and try for a quick KO. I play 4 to 6 pills on the first card and then the rest on the second card. One of my favorite combos is Methane and Levviaton. Meth does 7 damage with SOA and Lev does 5 damage with Stop All.

FK_Bruce - What deck are you using?

OK after your pieces of advice I saw the mistakes i've made by not using Wardog instead of Bruce and so on. Here is the improved version of my deck :[link=]War and Peace 2[/link]

Both cards have their ups and their downs...

Sharon has high damage making it easy for a two round match... bu if they stop her hability she is nothing

Ottavia has saved me very many times from kolos and kinjo but as Sharon, without her hability she is nothing.

I like using both lol

I got up to about 1390 with this one

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