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friday 30/01/2009

Piranas + Bangers! 17k deck

Smokey 2500
Tula 400
Tyd 1000
Deadeye 1000
Bodenpower 2200
Blaaster 5500
Graff 1000
Juicy Lord 3500

^---^ read the title. i will list the decks here - Bear in mind these are all my original deck ideas.
Ok, First is something i call "high-sea pacifists"
Miken moose
Bikini party
Cassio Cr
Monster night
Well, they are the best 3 of my 5 Personal opionion. so which is best? please tell me!

BUDGET Montana Uppers

Its not mine, i found it. Will this deck help me come in like the top 25th in the DT's more often than not?

Randy Striker Marina Jessie
Gil Rowdy ( Keanew / Otakool ) Onik

I really need some more feedback here, please people.

is eadh really better than sargh?

i agree that shitane is better than hel.

the main im looking for a boost to power, my deck is lacking in that category. and zerio dead and sargh both have 7 power, one with good damage, and the other with a really useful attack reducer.

You will enjoy Trish if you try her.

I tried full La junta for a while but they are too random. If you go mono always think about getting a leader.

Bruce is not very good, Winston sucks badly.

Wardog, Dean and jane ramba are the only ones that are really good.

Kk thanks admins please close

Take out slyde and na boh

put in eris and ludwig

thursday 29/01/2009

Uppers' bonus is a little better, but as has been said, Sakhrom is balanced out differently. Sakhrom has the two best DRs in the game (both being -5, min. 1), and another great DR in Trinmkkt (Nah Boh is playable as well). They also have some great life-gain cards that get around an opponent's DRs, like Murray and Wakai.

Aurelia and Alexei is the better choice.

But if you an afford it, Striker's one point of damage over Alexei is a huge difference. I'd also run Hawk over Havoc, so you have a better chance of drawing SOA.

Ok thx then close this :]

Ive got to say im pretty happy with my nightmare/ghiest deck, its scored me 1315 in elo. ima take a break until next week.

heres the deck


Mono Sakrohm

Thanks Fluffy ( I Hope I Can Tell U " Fluffy " ) )


That is the preset i am currently using with these 2 clans

Leviatonn bristone toro/methane z3ro d34d

Yookie, noodile, rico, ratanah

lehane hawk (with copper, dayton, rebecca/aurelia or john level 1)

striker marina jessie ashley robb randy

if you don't really need cash also worth considering:

wanda level 1, gwen level 1, yayoi (level 3 or 4), charlie (level 4 or 5).

As a side clan you can also use:

boden power, blaaster, vermyn (level 3 or 4), b ball, graff

Nanook, gaia, gabrielle

Gil veenyle gibson

Those are the cards that work for me. I found Piranhas and shakrom not reliable enough and end up on guesses too many times. On the other side montanas and rescues are all about luck, stay away from them.

Err.. i thought this already asked just few days ago?? smiley,

Just play in Lost awrehous while leveling up your cards or just get your low star high power and go to fight club and play and conserve pillz.. smiley,

For ELO collectors playable:

Selysa, marlysa, Kerozinn, Splata and Tessa

For Type2 you also have Miss Twice

But if you play daily tournaments, anything but Vickie is nonsense (maybe Lamar).

wednesday 28/01/2009

Thanks for the help marv...unfortunatly now im having second thoughts about nm/gheist

my friend told me that rescue is very good right in t1 and evo, think id be better off with them?

for now im just trying to rack up some clintz and credit,s so winning some tournaments is my goal. (well placing anyway)

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