friday 23/01/2009

Best mono I can think of
110% Junk

Low Power ... BEST Ability ..

The second deck looks like a ton of maintenance...I would just drop Scopia for Mindy, and run 5* Charlie. Cards like Mindy and Wakai are greating when you know you're opponent is bluffing with a Uranus, Graksmxxt, etc.

Jungo make me want to play ELO, but I sold all my new Jungo. The two Sylth's I sold bought me a good 10% of the set, including almost all of Montana, and the rest that I sold helped me with Viki (although I also had to sell my only Kolos, Striker, and Bloodh). Ongh is just mean, and they have no shortage of good 3*'s, and one great 2*'s (along with two decent).

The first deck is great. It has quite a few 2 Hit KOs, and with the Jungo bonus, you don't need to worry about being 1 or 2 Hit KO'd yourself - meaning you don't need to waste pills that could push through the two you need to win. A lack of damage reduction hurts it, but damage reduction DOESN'T hurt it, so it's a two-sided sword. Finally, SOA kills every 2 Hit KO with Sylth, but with his 4 point life-gap, he can at least give help out with the endurance win, where Jungo are strong in anyway.

Great deck, Borat. smiley

Ok,u put it in a good description,thanks,mods please close

thursday 22/01/2009

Easier wins in T1 but slower players and less points
more points in T2 but there are 40* decks out there that a weak deck wont do well against

if you have a deck thats isnt quite how you like it yet.... type 1 for now. once you have the cards needed for a solid DT deck, go to type 2.

so id say if you are new with weak decks... type 1.

Thx guys. will try it out.

wednesday 21/01/2009

Lol readtherules

its a well balanced deck using junkz and gheist.
both clans cover weaknesses.
junkz cover gheist weakness of being bad in 1pill vs 1pill
while gheist cover junkz probelm of damage

-bonuses > +bonuses. For DT you want lower stars > higher stars, but Rescue scores high points, just slow games and probably few kills compared to Montana/Uppers with better low star cards and faster kills. I think Mono is the reason Rescue is weak.

No, remember your opponent gets 1 pill automatically..

tuesday 20/01/2009

Well since he never said anything about elo
I would go with uppers in the DT Duh
And Pussycats in Elo the cats are great bluffs

Ok , then i will not .

Ok so redid the math 30 to 30 forgot about the 1 pill auto.. Its realy un balanced when its on stars not non auto pills. hasty reaction to a close game on my part.. its was closer to 15 points. And now im creeped out that someone that plays the game and is not even payed can check into my account and see what i do and all that... thanks



Filomena 2*
Prince Jr 2*
Sharon 3*
Ottavia 3*
Giovanni 3*
Veccio 3*
Oscar 3*
Rosa 4*

For Type 1 daily tournaments. 23* keeps your hands low and gives you a chance to get more points. Rosa, Veccio, Giovanni all deal 6 damage and can combine for two hit KO's. Prince Jr is a big scorer. Filomena can be used to run up points too - plink for 1 point in games you know you're going to win.

If you want to stick with Montana you really need to get a hold of Edd and Rosa. Sell off Don and Griezzo and you'll have enough in the bank for Edd. Don't be fooled by Don, Enzo and their ilk. Aside from Vickie Cr, Edd is the only good 4 or 5 star card in the clan. Rosa is passable in a pinch, but the rest are junkers, at least when compared to the big cards in other +/- attack clans, like Dorian, Jackie, Rowdy, Peeler, Hawk, Graksmxxt, and so on.

Use a 24star uppers montana

Jackie (R)
Zatman (U)
That 3 star cheaper version of zatman that costs like 259 clitz
Samantha (C)

Prince Jr

Lol i got a 43 once or somewhere around that agianst a noob using 4 leaders and i was using 2star crap cards smiley

LA JUNTA! they are powerfulsmiley
jane ramba>7 power
bruce > 8 power
bryan 7 power
trish 8 power with ability all up that is 30 power smiley

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