sunday 28/12/2008

You should probably chose freaks or la junta... they are the cheapest

Mayhem is really weak, get rid of it soon. Either get a leader as 0- JP says or the almighty Bloodh.

The rest of your cards looks good.

All stars-pirannha is not a bad combo, but you need randy and jessie for all stars to be good.

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(please delete this i accidently placed it in the wrong thread.)


Seems and Old School UR are my two favs

saturday 27/12/2008

Its cheap but if u write a comment to change someone
please make it so i can sell that card and buy the new 1 comments would be greatsmiley



its pretty strong, but i was wondering from anyone if there was a way to make it stronger (maybe Ambre (R) or a more ability dependent clan than Montana?)

I suggest these cards: but please notice that I do not have Marlysa Cr

Nope it doesnt favour OHKO! i remember someone once told me he used kolos and his opponent used around 6 pillz, and it still won. i totally forgot the details though.

I am starting to get the feeling rescue is not the best clan for ELO. They just dont hold strong against the stop bonus cards.

What you guys think? How can i make rescue work?/can i?

yes, it's personal preference

I see that gaia with 9 power and 4 damage has more potential for attacking than using krik for defending, or for attacking but will only deal 3 damage

Sargh is damn good. Only flaw is his low damage. But he is one huge wall.

Guru is awesome but i think he wouldnt be able to afford it lol

friday 26/12/2008

GJ strengthboy! smiley

Cute deck! smiley

Id use arno and marina! smiley

use this link, tanto is very helpfull, and he should be able to make you a deck in yor budget

I'm a noob using uppers and was almost top ~100 last dt.. I think they are good and I don't have any card over 1k yet <_<

I like Ulu Waut but their ability in ELO is kinda lackluster. However this elo banned card are amazing. I would pick a new clan but a good type 2 survivor would be.
Miss lulabee
Wee Lee

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