wednesday 14/01/2009

Just A NoboDY.... he is NOT allowed to use two clans.

i think going for 3-4 clan is a good idea overall.. the slight chance of a bonus activating is too good to pass up.
yep but the best plan is to use as many non bonus dependent card as possible.... good thing some clans have a couple of those. killer abilities will also be important... and hence a mandatory SOA in the deck is probably needed

tuesday 13/01/2009

It happens : /

It's a common mistake made by people who see the name in purple, when they try to do this one of the ways they try is just typing down the name

the deck is here: deleted

Is this a good combo?

all comments are welcome.

Can someone please help me whith some advise on my new deck deleted, I think its pretty good but I know I can do something better, after all im kind of a newbie at creating decks.smiley

If my Power ratings are significantly higher than my opponents, and they don't have any characters with high Damage, this actually works pretty well. Besides that case, you want to be tricky.

I think what creepy (level 12) is realizing in this post is that it's not a good idea to use all your pills at the beginning.

I would add that it is good to use all your pills in the beginning if you can push for a win.

@ mphdragon - I think that, in this case, Spycee is the best card to have. I think I need a SOA in a ability...And it's good to have a blocker in my deck (SOA and SOB).
@ excallibur - Sentinel are just too expensive. And I don't like them mutch, either.
@ dj_ansh - Good deck, but I really want to play with Piranas and not Montanas.
@ Tanto89 - I have already done my deck, but that's also a good idea. Thanks!

So, my deck is... Party In The Sea!

Any support?

Hugo with mono rescue. idk, hugo with rescue is a bit of dead weight. 5stars for just a small +3atk boost to the rescue. use aurora instead because she can really change games.
heres a nice deck for mono rescue. soz can't find the preset


now im puzzled how u afforded bodenpower,cassandra and jalil (when jalil is expensive on released).

As far as I know, it doesn't seem to be on a schedule, like new clan members (every two weeks) and new clans (every six months) are. But I'm fairly new.

Can I get this thread closed.

You can play 2 matches in a tournament and still get 50 clitz freesmiley

On modern machines.. i doubt youd notice any game speed difference. maybe there is a bit.

on an old comp (like my 9 year old lappy)... i wont dare try this on java.

monday 12/01/2009

I like eryik here cuz u got some nice power 7 and then u got power reducers
like eadh and havok
so pick eryik

Not enough damage. Someone scores a 5-8 hit on you and well, yea that's life.

The question should be wich one is worst.

When the stats didn't match the star count.

I also consider Emeth to be better than No Nam, even if you are running a half La Junta deck (though I usually avoid a 5* for La Junta half deck). For the most part that extra 1 damage isn't going to make a huge difference.

sunday 11/01/2009

Lol, I guess by now you should had realised that putting always the same ability in your cards is ridicoulous, you cannot use pillz gaining abilities in 4th round, and you waste your abilites whenever opponents plays a SOA. Winning pillz to gain more pillz helps on nothing, what wins this game is damage.

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