monday 22/12/2008

Please read the rules and check the exact winnings table there to understand the point scoring system. Then, if you still do not understand, ask a question on the message board. Please do not post unless you have referred to the rules.

Guys(and gals) this is not a game which one counter which one
counter nellie with tula
counter tula with platinum
and it will just move on a cycle

You should check the game rules for explanation.

What do you think?

I dont hav vickie cr or lyse teria thats obvious but i hav all the other good montanas and i hav all the good uppers and soon im gonna get jackie can u suggest a deck (include jackie cause im gonna get her)

Larry is tough, there are not many good rescue 2*. Steve is good with his -2 damage min1 but is expensive.

However, having more than one Vansaar _IN THE WAREHOUSE_ will give you the xp bonus of one Vansaar. (Another exception to general rule smiley)

Mihalll7_UM do you think All Stars are the cheapest clan?
Striker cost 12 000 clintz now and Marina cost 9000 clintz now!!

If you are titan
we will not take a look at your card except if you only have around 20 cards... smiley

what clans do you like?

Ive changed burt to rubie already, in the future im thinking something like:
sharon to ottavia
prince jr to mona
frakie hi to zatman
stanford to jackie

Sentinel is good for ELO and DT. I use such a deck myself. But you need to strategise well in order for Sentinel deck to work.

"Take note that in this room, during all daily tournaments, the number of bonus points awarded for a character leveling up will be limited to 0 pts, KO bonus are also limited to 2 pts. Finally, everybody must be visible during a tournament."

Its on the play menu on the type 1/2 rooms

sunday 21/12/2008


thanks for the time. it includes jungo (hoping that will get more people to look at it)

I would like to know what kind of preset would be able to get some igh rateings by changing some cards of this preset
If you have any sudgetions to make this type two deck stronger without cr's I would be glad if you could comment.

This is what rescue needssmiley

Do not do t2 cause remember there are no restrictions

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