tuesday 30/12/2008

Freaks because of poison u can save pillz
or La Junta with the +damage

Scubb he is way better

LoL. i think you need to have had purchased credits at least once before. An easy way to do this is using the sms Text Method, which allows you to send a text message in order to recieve forty credits. No credit card required. Of course, you still need to be 18 smiley

monday 29/12/2008

@ DanClep : i agree with you but Pussycats is an expensive clan to use as it excels in Elo matches. A decent affordable deck without the use of unevolved cards could be:

5 Bridget
4 Baby Q
4 Elly Mae
3 Svelthlana
3 Betty
2 Feelyn
2 Wanda
2 Ella

however pussycats without Charlie and Yayoi does seem a little weak.

I think it's dumb that you have to buy credits to sell on the market you might as well sell to kate and buy the packs but on topic i think it'd work ok if you balance the cards my deck right now isn't so good

First off... lose andsom and hugo... repalce them for 5*= Bloodh or daliah
3*= tyd

I' would stick in nobrodroid, gil, onik and gibson...
if you stick malmoth in on his first level you can also put atakool in there

sunday 28/12/2008

Yes, it is really ok deck, you might be able to get some top10 with it in DT. When you get enough clintz, try to get the half uppers deck (Jackie, rubie, zatman and another one of your choice between samantha, dorian, nelly, bethenka or burt)

Also maybe worth trying is to put Rosa instead of Price Jr and Filomena.

Good luck.

Wow i've jz been away for a day or two and so much has happen o.0
anywayz i made my choice,so tis will might be the end of this thread (yes codtwo i notice the thread is goin mre than it required )
thx for every1 tat gave their ideas ,really great help (apart from giving me a headache for whch to choose)
however,i still need a tiny help from all of you guys ><


rate this deck and giv comments =D
pls and thank you smiley

logo UR 6 messages

Budget roots piranas:

I hope you are playing DTs

You can get better results by dropping stars (you'll get more points), get Rubie and Mona in, get rid of Murphy, Don and Dorian, also get Filomena, Simon or Price Jr

Kawan for rowdy
Malmoth for nobrodroid

Or youcan stick malmoth in on his first level and youve gained three extra stars

You should probably chose freaks or la junta... they are the cheapest

Mayhem is really weak, get rid of it soon. Either get a leader as 0- JP says or the almighty Bloodh.

The rest of your cards looks good.

All stars-pirannha is not a bad combo, but you need randy and jessie for all stars to be good.

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(please delete this i accidently placed it in the wrong thread.)


Seems and Old School UR are my two favs

saturday 27/12/2008

Its cheap but if u write a comment to change someone
please make it so i can sell that card and buy the new 1 comments would be greatsmiley



its pretty strong, but i was wondering from anyone if there was a way to make it stronger (maybe Ambre (R) or a more ability dependent clan than Montana?)

I suggest these cards: but please notice that I do not have Marlysa Cr


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