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wednesday 28/01/2009

First of all, I'm going to point out something that every commenter seems to miss: -X attack isn't like adding pills to a card, and -X power isn't like adding power to the card. They affect your opponents pills, which is similar in most ways, but with some important differences.

Anyway - Montana is an easy clan to "master", so you were probably able to hit every nail on the head, pretty easily. What you failed to do was acknowledge 5* cards outside of Vickie...Enzo and Don ARE good substitutes if you can't afford her, even in DTs.

I didn't say that im putting them together

tuesday 27/01/2009

I ahve tried Jungo with roots with no success at all.

With roots it works sentinels, Ulu watu, pussycats, Gheist and junkz

Please rate and comment on it. And tell me how to improve it.
Please vote green smiley

One shot is about the worst way to go. Check out the rules, particularly the point tables:

Best you can get for a win with a 5* card is 3 points, and that's only if you beat another 5* card. A hefty part of your score depends on the total number of stars in your hand, but here's the worst case for Kolos:

You draw Kolos, Ilena, Nistarok and Estalt. 20 stars! Yay! But according the tables page, you gets 25 - (your hand) points for winning. So you only get 5 points for winning that match. You open with Kolos and get a one hit KO! Yay! But ... you only get three more points, and that's assuming you faced a 5* card. You probably used all or your pillz to get the one hit KO, so no points there. Total: 8 points.

Compare to a hand like Prince Jr, Mona, Jackie, Rubie. That's really strong, and it nets you 13 points per win (25 - 12 = 13) before you even play a round of the game. Prince Jr gets five points for winning vs. a 4* or 5* card. Assume you win with him, Mona and Jackie to get a KO. Probably going to be 22 - 24 points if thge KO comes with 1-2 pillz remaining. 3 times as many as you're getting for your Kolos kills.

Moral of the story: high star cards are fun, but they suck when it comes to getting points and there aren't many cases in which you'd want more than 1-2 heavy hitters in a DT deck.

My view.
while all leaders bring something to the clan it comes down to ambre and morphun (another choice in my mind is bridget for the pyschological effeect on opponent..pillz and life :O *runs screaming into a fence*)but ambre wins it... piranas generally lack damage and power is something they are good with... but the extra power on courage.. well dalia always scary to fight.. but an 11 power dalia??? *soils himself and runs into more fences*

I have a new deck and want to see what people think of it...
dont care where ya put your comments... and bumps are good.. the more who comment the better idea i get smiley

Pussycats If u have charlie use all ur pillz then the others reduce damage

Ok, i used piranas and roots in the end as i could not decide which one to go with. also, that way when one gets banned from ELO i will use the other with pussycats. here is my final deck:
Miken Moose

Thanks for the advice.

Try to get Bristone for Luba

Sorry to ask such a stpid question, but I wonder how to put links in my posts.

I don't understand what the Type1 decks are for. Your ELO decks ain't bad.

With Kolos you can make a nice Nightmare deck, but if you still want a mono Montana then put out Griezzo Vansaar, Timber and Kolos then put Edd, Mona, Oscar and Sharon in. Also you may consider putting Hugo in your deck since his ability works well with the Montana bonus, and you can get him at an early level

I;m alredy doing smiley

Okay, I've came up with this http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=327964 deck, since I got Robb in booster. Will do the work?

Well..for starter this is really great.. smiley how did you manage to get this without buying credits?XD
anyway..i suggest if you got money winifred => chiro even though it is not very suitable for this deck..it has higher power.. smiley if you got 2k++ to spend just put bryan instead of winifred..

your sentinels side is quite good..robin you could exchange for luis.. smiley higher power.. smiley

This is a good deck..Just play in Daily tournament and collect credits.. smiley You will do great.. smiley

Simon -> ottavia would be a lot better

Search tool..


No random is so close to random. I've lost when my attack was 10 higher

monday 26/01/2009

Edd would get you better results on DTs, but if you wanna invest, start playing ELO with a decent deck. Mono pirannhas are too random for ELO, if oyu wanna get those collectors you will need to learn how to use Roots, all starts, gheist or sentinels.

You can also start saving for Lyse teria of course smiley in 2 years you will have the cash.

power * pillz = attack

so + attack mean, you add your attack
same with - attack

if you are saying +7 attack each pillz, it's power, not attack (remember, power * pillz)

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