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monday 26/01/2009

This is my newest deck it has really done good till now


"2nd, your deck is weak. Gheistling (C)? Ludmilla (C) is way better. You should buy Bristone (U) too, unless you can pay for Leviatonn (R). Cards like Dr Saw (C) and Methane (R) are very cheap just now, too. Rolph (R) is also a great card for its price. About the Piranas, you could get Tyd (C), or Sting (U), maybe even Andsom (U)."

Ah crap! I sold my Ludmilla cuz usually the 'min. 4' wouldn't help too much. *Sets about rectifying*

Thanks a lot! smiley

Im trying fluffy - RBE deck out now
thanks for everyones replies

I doubt you got 1400 but i dont doubt that you did well i went on a winning streak and finished with 1200

SOA doesn't kill piranhas, what kills piranhas is that THEY LACK SOA, use abilities yourself.

Petra, Uranus, Murray, Nah boh, with cooper, Hawk, Lehane and whatever level 1 will slice pirannhas.

You could even use courage based cards.

Ulu watu is ok for T1, if you get wee Lee, Gabrielle and nanook you would pair up with shakrom or uppers with uranus+graxxmmxt & uranus or zatman + jackie.

That deck is too weak for any T2 format...even DTs, where 26* decks are ideal.

This would be viable in DTs, but you really would need Vickie for Survivor.

Don / Enzo
Prince Jr

Sorry for the double post
i checked ur profile, ur lvl 13, you need to be lvl 20 or above to play survivor
shoulda checked before....

So, what to do now? Just informing: Sentinel is banned.
And sincerely, dunno why was All Stars dominating. They arent so strong.

And I love facing Fang Pi Clang in ELO.. its sooo fun crush them! smiley

sunday 25/01/2009

Oh, I forgot. The slightly lower star count can be important because going second is quite an advantage.

I'd advise against New Blood unless you want to play Jungo (since new blood is full of those at the moment).
As everyone said. Try to figure out what clan you could imagine enjoying. Buy a few packs for that. I dont think you really need to spend as much as 250 credits.
Buying 3 decks you will get 1.5 less cards than spending the same amound of credits on other packs. You'd get 3 rares but with the other packs you would have the chance of 5 rares. With decks you would get completly random clans

Montanas and Uppers best for rookies, and best for DTs

Rescue are not any good nowadays.

Best cards for Montana:

Vickie Lyse teria (unaffordable probably) then
Mona, Sharon, Prince Jr, Edd.

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I think its cool how jungo and freak's bonuses counter each other smiley

Level 5 only needs 9-10 match to level up.. smiley but yeah actually 3* and 4* are the best.. smiley

Just use the 8cards you already had then once you reach level 10 train the others.

Yea. It did.

saturday 24/01/2009

Damn if only UR allowed ppl to edit their posts then we could've ask wanna the UR veterans to start a sticky thread for this topicsmileysmileysmiley

Unfortunately most deck in order to get 1400 need to be the top clans because those clans will have a significate advantage over over clans and decks then.
anywho so no all stars and roots.
sentinels and.... gheist maybe (although gheist seem to have probelms with roots because roots overpower them).

heres a nice deck although i would change rolph to methane and then william to aurelia to save costs.

why is this deck gd well because there is a fair lot of damage with nukes like methane, hawk, toro, dayton. gd at one 1pill vs 1pill play. strong 2 stars so even a weak hand has gd chances of winning. beefy trump cards.
only weakness is defence with bristone as the only defender so this deck is for the aggresive type.


Except maybe fang pi, I don't have endless pockets of money. My actual budget is about 100,000 clintz or so. Again, any ideas appreciated

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