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tuesday 20/01/2009



Filomena 2*
Prince Jr 2*
Sharon 3*
Ottavia 3*
Giovanni 3*
Veccio 3*
Oscar 3*
Rosa 4*

For Type 1 daily tournaments. 23* keeps your hands low and gives you a chance to get more points. Rosa, Veccio, Giovanni all deal 6 damage and can combine for two hit KO's. Prince Jr is a big scorer. Filomena can be used to run up points too - plink for 1 point in games you know you're going to win.

If you want to stick with Montana you really need to get a hold of Edd and Rosa. Sell off Don and Griezzo and you'll have enough in the bank for Edd. Don't be fooled by Don, Enzo and their ilk. Aside from Vickie Cr, Edd is the only good 4 or 5 star card in the clan. Rosa is passable in a pinch, but the rest are junkers, at least when compared to the big cards in other +/- attack clans, like Dorian, Jackie, Rowdy, Peeler, Hawk, Graksmxxt, and so on.

Use a 24star uppers montana

Jackie (R)
Zatman (U)
That 3 star cheaper version of zatman that costs like 259 clitz
Samantha (C)

Prince Jr

Lol i got a 43 once or somewhere around that agianst a noob using 4 leaders and i was using 2star crap cards smiley

LA JUNTA! they are powerfulsmiley
jane ramba>7 power
bruce > 8 power
bryan 7 power
trish 8 power with ability all up that is 30 power smiley

monday 19/01/2009

Any deck suggestions(what cards work well together) and stratigies would be appriciated

Next couple 2 stars in La Junta are gonna be Molly and Dean. Next after that is Wardog, but he's gonna be out of your price range. Come to think of it, La Junta doesn't have too many 2 stars.

If it is tell me if not or need change plz tell me.

Sentiles Goes Surfing

Well what do you think
mixed w/ abiltitys or clans

check it out

Budget all stars ulu watu:


Great comments guys, given me much to think about, i have glorg and dieter too so will try my options. Like i said im still learning and this post has helped a lot.


it seems solid but how else could it be better

Hi Friends !

I Am Posting This Preset Because I Want Thid Deck To Be The Top 1 Of Mines .

Please Don't Comment To Add Bryan / Chiro .


Buy the 180 and repost for 195. You'll make about 5 clintz if it sells.

Minus the 50 clintz minimum bank expenses that would mean you only recieve 145, a loss of 35 clintz, I think this method of buying and selling will only work if you use the trade forum, or sell carda where you can make greater than 50 profit.

Not rarity. Those cards can not be found in packs any more. So they are above being rare, they are Collectors.

In rooms with the randomizer effect, you can loose even though you have a higher attack. The only way to definitely win in these rooms is to get a Sure-Shot - having twice as much attack as the opponent.

Deck help!

Hula M
Khar lL2
Dacha Macha L1
Twyh L1
Zoltan L1
Gheistling M
Brandon M
Lihoi Chun M


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