saturday 20/12/2008

Hi All !

Here Are My Presets , I Would Like Your Comment On My " Jungle " And " Circus Cast " Series !


Capslock is considered shouting, so please do not use it, unless you mean it.
Courage abilities activated on those rounds when you put the first card, so 2 times every match.


I need a help to finish it

I am lvl 16

My opinion is, dont start a half-deck with jungo yet, since there are more jungo clan members coming. wait til they come, and then change the cards. im sure there is at least 1 good card among the next batch of jungo

smiley (ha! u think that just because i was away for a few days bcuz i had gastric pains, i forgot my signature?)

friday 19/12/2008

@Clubber: Yes. Only If They Win The Round Then You Gain +2 Life smiley

Here is another deck with 3 freak cards, this time with more damage on their side


Is don gary mortbax sharon lelena timmy estalt sargh i dont care about stars cos i use it for t2
for elo its don mortbax pino ricardo nerfeniti erzsebet sargh timmy

I made a deck by the name of JNGA XII... 50% Sakrohm and 50% Jungo... 8 cards total... and it didn't get as nearly a big ressponse as i thought it would... I was wondering if you (the mass public) had any ideas...

The cards in the deck are: (all maxed out)

P.S.- the deck is for ELO Survivor mode/style

@ rated r:
tula has -4 power min 2

hula has poison 2, min 3

thursday 18/12/2008

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You can buy on the market, click the amount of clintz you have as a shortcut

Really, I dont think Fang Pi is a strong clan. Ulu Watu is very strong, but very expenisve. Really uppers will do it better, and Frankie Hi is very good. A cheap Uppers deck to you:

Frankie Hi
Mickey T (or Gina Glitt)

At your level, just the -10 bonus will spank most opponents. Remember to use at least 1 pill (or having at least 6 attk) if you are playing with random, so you can have a cheap sureshot.

I would also recommend Rescue:
Hugo (you will get for free when you reach lv 15).

Both are cheap and reasonable decks. Dont forget about fight once each Daily Tournament to get 50 clintz, it helps a lot when you are starting.

Ok thanks

Well, I acquired the Sakhrom cards suggested. I was able to get Uranus, Murray and Na Boh for my Dorian and I had Petra to begin withsmiley I'm looking forward to trying it out. My nightmare wasn't cutting it.

I am still only one shy in the Montana department, but I dunno because the cards look never really appealed to me....

3) The background is first blue, and later the background comes to life!

My mistake, it's their first level at any rate. There is no level 1 Bodenpower it turns out.

preset: 270768

Ode to manga Faiy Tale, Yey! smiley

Also rate my other manga favorite One Piece, Yey! smiley
preset: 118609
One Piece (JP)

GG's! smiley

What is 0LD and EVO?

wednesday 17/12/2008

Okay, so.. read the rules please?
if you don't understand, we are here to help you smiley

take dean or trish

but if I must choose, definetly, amiral py is better than molly by far

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