thursday 01/01/2009

Arno and jeena level 2 are better than miken mosse

Myke for Dean
Mitch for bruce
chiro for emeth

Budget deck find player Tanto89. i didnt buy credits too.
trey's power is too low, and subb is level 4. smokey is the best 3* filler for piranas imo tho.
i'll say keep going for smokey smiley

wednesday 31/12/2008

I use 2 basic approaches depending on the cards in my hand and my opponents hand. The key is to use just enough pills to win and not give your opponent a huge advantage. This is much eaiser in non-random because a 1 attack advantage garentees you victory. In random you can out play your opponent and still loose.

(1) Defensive - use low pills early and hope your opponent spends pills in the 1st or 2nd round. Then use the pill advantage to prevail. Good for winning matches but not for DTs because battles take to long.

(2) Offensive spend pills early on high damage cards and try for a quick KO. I play 4 to 6 pills on the first card and then the rest on the second card. One of my favorite combos is Methane and Levviaton. Meth does 7 damage with SOA and Lev does 5 damage with Stop All.

FK_Bruce - What deck are you using?

OK after your pieces of advice I saw the mistakes i've made by not using Wardog instead of Bruce and so on. Here is the improved version of my deck :[link=]War and Peace 2[/link]

Both cards have their ups and their downs...

Sharon has high damage making it easy for a two round match... bu if they stop her hability she is nothing

Ottavia has saved me very many times from kolos and kinjo but as Sharon, without her hability she is nothing.

I like using both lol

I got up to about 1390 with this one

Tyd is the best of them for its star count. Scubb is only playable in mono clan.

All Stars Pussycats

work it out.

tuesday 30/12/2008

Here's another one.

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Wow.. that's 19 stars.. how could you win with that deck?

rick to dayton
gran vista to tyd
spycee to sting
carlos to havok / hawk

Hilliry clinton ?

You might have been playing in survivor and the opponent might have started with 13 lives and you didnt see that and thought it only did 1 damage as he had 11 lives left.

Budget deck, but good none the less. When you get higher in the survivor food chain, i would personally switch decks to something with more damage reduct. Good luck and happy hunting smiley

It seems like your on a strict budget. So you should look to this topic for advice.

Freaks because of poison u can save pillz
or La Junta with the +damage

Scubb he is way better

LoL. i think you need to have had purchased credits at least once before. An easy way to do this is using the sms Text Method, which allows you to send a text message in order to recieve forty credits. No credit card required. Of course, you still need to be 18 smiley

monday 29/12/2008

@ DanClep : i agree with you but Pussycats is an expensive clan to use as it excels in Elo matches. A decent affordable deck without the use of unevolved cards could be:

5 Bridget
4 Baby Q
4 Elly Mae
3 Svelthlana
3 Betty
2 Feelyn
2 Wanda
2 Ella

however pussycats without Charlie and Yayoi does seem a little weak.

I think it's dumb that you have to buy credits to sell on the market you might as well sell to kate and buy the packs but on topic i think it'd work ok if you balance the cards my deck right now isn't so good

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