friday 26/12/2008

thursday 25/12/2008

So really JonelethStar you just wants to trade one type of luck for another or completely change the setup of the DTs altogether?

There is no problem here. Why are people still complaining? No changes are needed.

Splata cr. His price wont stop rising its a good investment. i sold mine at like 65k.

Well your playing t2 so icant help you there... but it looks like a pretty poor deck you should look at the characters so more. Also in my personal opinon, t2 isnt worth playing. the prizes in elo and survivor are far greater.


Vote And Coment Plz.

Remember 5 things to make your ultimate elo deck
1)full/half deck with atleast 3 soa/sob
2)good cards which have a elo cap
3)get some cards in your budget
4)dont sell your cards until you are quite sure
5)use the best possible cards you get which can actully fight with damage redusers or increasers and aviod 1hko


I also think Twyh is a good card, alhtough she has low power. If the opponent dont have SOA or SOB, in 1st turn its 8 from damage and poison, +5 life, for a gap of 13. If you have damage reduction in your deck (in this case wolfgang 3* and Shoushee can be very helpfull), the opponent will have a big problem.

But really the 10 * halp bozzy have posted looks very good smiley

Nightmare works really well with jungo as well

DT: uppers (even in type 2, but 26 stars)
type 2: ulu watu
ELO: ulu watu

It's nice that you got him as a present, now to learn how to play him smiley

Close thread pls?

Ye i just set this new deck up and i really need soem critisism because i think im doing pretty good with it but theres room for change.
Please let me kno

nightmarish assassins

smileyNice deck with decent power.

wednesday 24/12/2008

Well instead of posting my own topic this seems very relevant. this is my Allstars + Hugo + Montana deck. Its pretty powerful and i dont lose with it. Please tell me what you think.

Also if your going to argue that shetiane is the best because of her high damage, you could say that hula comes close if not better (although i do not agree with you at all)

Naykee can be just as powerful with Bodenpower. I don't know many cases where Kluwn will not have an SOA or SOB used on him.

Ok, I have 20 credits finally and I have never bought a pack of cards so my question is which pack to buy, I am making a Junkz/Ulu Watu deck and it's coming along far.


Ulu Watu:
Ice Jim
Miss Lulabee

Timber (play on selling)

Thats my current deck.

I play gheist and i am having some difficulties against rescue any suggestions my deck is bristone,levitonn,ludamilla,methane,toro,rolph,Z3r0 D34d and plantium

Jungo are not good for DTs as you cannot do a quick KO

Id rather prefer my nighmare deleted add dieter to k-kube and its dt

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