wednesday 19/11/2008

The problem with Sentiel-Piranas as a combo is that they both lack a decent damage reducer.

tuesday 18/11/2008

It's up to you though..
ulu watu is very expensive and their price is not reasonable for new player (I mean it)
for example:
b ball only 700 (6/2 -2 opp damagemin 2)
gabrielle is 4.5K (5/3, -2 opp damage min 1)

montana, ulu watu:

try to get this:
don / hugo
prince jr

krik / ice jim

if you have more money:

prince jr

ice jim / gaia / krik (I prefer ice jim in this deck because of SOA)

read my description
vote comment etc

Good and cheap Rescue deck, got tons of credits from DT's using it: Frida, Ghoub, Larry, Lea, Pam, Slyde, Tanner and Hugo.
Of course, there are several ways to upgrade, for example, introducing Anita, Elvira, or Kerry.

Gil, gibson, lolly, onik, and you have my ELO deck!

Do you think there should be a restriction on how many events people are allowed to join because it could get confusing for them and cause battles to not be played

I have an idea for daily tournament instead of winning just clintz (5-6k average) i think you should give a rare card to the winner of a DT and reduce the prize money or spread it out more e.g 2nd gets more percentage then what he/she is getting at the moment

Broly - the format would be too complicated, constantly trying to remember which clan is banned. the reason I like DTs is that they are wide-open. Everything is game.

ELO is the format were UR tries to make the game ballanced, that is why they ban cards and clans.

If you are intested in playing complicated formats i suggest that you create an event where you can control the rules.

The reason you lost that example is the "random" Factor. In some game rooms there is a random element where the lower attack wins.

My advise would be to play and learn for your expereinces.

Im with manoverboard... how about something more like this?

more power less blockers!!

Ghiest - Z3ro D34d, Leviatonn, Platiumn, & Bristone/Luba/Meyen
Nightmare - Dieter, Eadh, Sheitane, & Timmy

I am currently using both in T1 to get extra battle points for low stars. It has been working ok, can be hard to win but gives lots of points for victory.

Just get the cards in noob-nations deck

Not possible..period..
1)multi-accounts are not allowed here, it can get you blacklisted..or worse, all those accounts banned including yours
2)you can't sell Timber for 10clintz, 50 is the can't sell a card privately either unless you buy credits
3)with that, you now know and I hope you will avoid making the mistake of creating a multi-account

What is the best preset of gaining more points in DT?

post here smiley

monday 17/11/2008



and please leave any comments... green faces please smiley

U will lose points....20 points...but if u are playing survivor and the challenge times out ur survivor record stays intact

Please read the game rules..smiley the admins do that page not to be ignored but to be read..smiley

this deck has worked very well forme so far and in tournies i have placed in the top 100
so i am posting this preset so that others as in you. can be goodin tourines and also if you like it please rate and ty for your time smiley

Shakra, miken moose, yookie/rico and noodile

Hello! I made another deck just for fun! Here it is: deleted. LOL! smiley

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