friday 05/12/2008

Keep hula lvl 2, but do what the guy sai dand get Olga instead of maciej, and lvl up yayoi, then it will be good.
My deck is the same except cassandra instead of Splata cas no1 will sell for 85k lol

First question: yes
second question: a higher level card may be stronger, but sometimes the total level exceeds 25 and u cant play Elo/T1 anymore. thus, players cut down on the levels so the entire deck can fit in

extras: a few other cards u can play not at full level :

gwen lvl 1
wanda lvl 1
noon stevens lvl 1
charlie lvl 4
yayoi lvl 3

juicy lord lvl 1
vermyn n lvl 3
and much, much, more (im sorry, but these are the only cards i can recall)

Just made a pretty decent elo deck and i would like to know hwat you guys think.
Leave comments here or on the preset page.

Any ideas?

Thats what i didsmiley i made it a preset but no one rated it

thursday 04/12/2008


My decks are:
as you can see, i like reducing damage lol, plz rate and comment, thanks smiley


cheap but very strong deck

And check the other decks as well if you want
I don't use any tourney decks, those are made just for fun
and i barely use half of the decks there because I'm stuck
but the main one is here Exploding Soccer Ball
rating is fine too

Here... check out the most best rated preset that fits your playing style either it be by countering via SOA / SOB / Poison, defense via Pussycats, baiting via Rescue / Sakrohm / Montana / Uppers / Junkz / Sentinels or power via Bangers, All Stars, Ulu Watu... then buy those cards, smiley

If it's type 2 why not use aurora, smiley

I have to agree with Miss Osaka, its a very solid deck.

The only problem I see is you have very low damage, no where in there can I see a 2 hit ko and even with fury not alot of 2 hit combos possibilities. So basically your chipping damage away from your opponent while most opponents will aim to knock you out with 2 turns, another reason why you'd have a hard time is that Piranas are everywhere in Elo, whos SOB cuts down +2 dmg bonus from La Juntas, and since your playing the low stars they are effectively neutered.

If your gonna play la junta Id go higher stars that have higher damage and and mix them with Piranas( more useful situational low stars then la junta in my opinion as well as pill minipulation abiliities and Sob for bonus)

Hope this helps.


Use the new cards like randy and jessie, imba! smiley

Peeler *5
malmoth *4
onik *3
gil *2
yayoi *4
meg *3
feelyn *2
wanda *2

start w/ that, then once you master it, use unevolved pussycats and upgrade the rest, GG's! smiley

Id rather play hattori *4, smiley

Save only 1 pill during DT and 3 for normal matches for BP bonus, smiley

Wanda *1, juicy lord *1 and na boh *1 and noodile *1

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