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sunday 11/01/2009

Nice ive pm u about it already lol

smiley feel free to comment

Version 2 is bettersmiley

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Too bad that Roots and All Stars rotate with the ELO banning...

not true smiley i can have a deck with 23 stars and its still valid for Elo, u just have to have less than 26, meaning 25 OR below... other than that mermaid said everything...
everything about ELO mode is right here at http://www.urban-rivals.com/game/rules.php?show=elo

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How do i get into a ELO battle? or how do i make a ELO deck??

How do i make a ELO DECK???

saturday 10/01/2009

Well here they are (with ashigaru)


rate and comment on if u want 2 smiley

I actually wanted 4 damage and above decks, and 5 power against SOB is...not within the theme of "high power", since all the other cards have decent_quite_high_power...

*** Mono-tana ***
It's a great deck for ELO

Its alike to the first deck posted, the deck I use and is very good:

Z3r0 D34d

Hawkins (in fact I use Spycee, but because I dont have Hawkins)


Fang Pi needs marlysa and Kerozinn to be competent.

Yeah crafton very good, but I have losed with my best card against a 9 pilled scubb.

Also to wasteroftime: When I used a full SOA deck without bonus against pirannhas, I didn't overkill them. My lack of abilities rendered the game to a coin flip all the time. You need abilities on your own as well as SOA.

Wish we could buy from kate

You seriously need Tanaereva.

Wakai to murray
bangers without blaaster is not very good'but sakrohm without petra will do just fine

and if you want to make it 13 stars, change petra to eris

Most people play Elo in non-random rooms. smiley

Oh, ok, I understand now. I was forgetting about that first pill. Thanks all!

friday 09/01/2009

I doubt i'm gonna sell them, i just wanted to hear what you had to said

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