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saturday 27/12/2008

yes, it's personal preference

I see that gaia with 9 power and 4 damage has more potential for attacking than using krik for defending, or for attacking but will only deal 3 damage

Sargh is damn good. Only flaw is his low damage. But he is one huge wall.

Guru is awesome but i think he wouldnt be able to afford it lol

friday 26/12/2008

GJ strengthboy! smiley

Cute deck! smiley

Id use arno and marina! smiley

use this link, tanto is very helpfull, and he should be able to make you a deck in yor budget

I'm a noob using uppers and was almost top ~100 last dt.. I think they are good and I don't have any card over 1k yet <_<

I like Ulu Waut but their ability in ELO is kinda lackluster. However this elo banned card are amazing. I would pick a new clan but a good type 2 survivor would be.
Miss lulabee
Wee Lee

Not quite 50-50

54.5% stanford
45.5% randy


Thats The Version 2 worldpad helped me to change Hula To Esmeralda.


This Is The Version 3 Where apricotsoup told me to put in Hel For Sheitane.


thursday 25/12/2008

So really JonelethStar you just wants to trade one type of luck for another or completely change the setup of the DTs altogether?

There is no problem here. Why are people still complaining? No changes are needed.

Splata cr. His price wont stop rising its a good investment. i sold mine at like 65k.

Well your playing t2 so icant help you there... but it looks like a pretty poor deck you should look at the characters so more. Also in my personal opinon, t2 isnt worth playing. the prizes in elo and survivor are far greater.

Remember 5 things to make your ultimate elo deck
1)full/half deck with atleast 3 soa/sob
2)good cards which have a elo cap
3)get some cards in your budget
4)dont sell your cards until you are quite sure
5)use the best possible cards you get which can actully fight with damage redusers or increasers and aviod 1hko


I also think Twyh is a good card, alhtough she has low power. If the opponent dont have SOA or SOB, in 1st turn its 8 from damage and poison, +5 life, for a gap of 13. If you have damage reduction in your deck (in this case wolfgang 3* and Shoushee can be very helpfull), the opponent will have a big problem.

But really the 10 * halp bozzy have posted looks very good smiley

Nightmare works really well with jungo as well

DT: uppers (even in type 2, but 26 stars)
type 2: ulu watu
ELO: ulu watu

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