thursday 18/12/2008

My mistake, it's their first level at any rate. There is no level 1 Bodenpower it turns out.

preset: 270768

Ode to manga Faiy Tale, Yey! smiley

Also rate my other manga favorite One Piece, Yey! smiley
preset: 118609
One Piece (JP)

GG's! smiley

What is 0LD and EVO?

wednesday 17/12/2008

Okay, so.. read the rules please?
if you don't understand, we are here to help you smiley

take dean or trish

but if I must choose, definetly, amiral py is better than molly by far

Ok thanks guys

tuesday 16/12/2008

Here is my newly made Preset
Poor Man ELO V6

"Those rooms exist. It's called ELO/ELO no random rooms
If you don't like those cards play ELO or t2 with low star decks. OR you could make a deck like those and play it yourself. UR isn't all about winning it's about having fun too."

Yes, I agree it's for having fun, but it's no fun to lose to random and to overpowered cards. For me anyway. Like I said, I'd rather lose to a newbie with great strategy than to a high level player with Jackie, Zatman, Vickie Cr, and another.

Yes, I tried playing in ELO during Random tournament hours, but I can't accumulate enough points because understandably, my opponents had to think long and hard before making a move.

It could be just:
Type 1 Restricted (fair even for newbies), Type 1 Unrestricted (for people with unbalanced cards), and Type 2 Unrestricted. Dunno if random factor has to be added. In my mind, Type 1 Restricted would allow a newbie to win against high level players.

How about



comes to bang on 15k

I would wait for them, when they realease you buy from new blood and sell those cards for new ones.

I made a deck: deleted

Well, before using that rpesent, I was using Hugo, in fact. But cards with powerful abilities hinder me. So I bought a Hawk and replaced Hugo and there, I ended up with the same deck.
As of the moment, it's Roots, Sentinel, GHEIST.

Go Sentinel!

From play experience, yeah, GHEIST I can beat, but Roots is a different matter (perhaps only 50% chance of winning.

Give us Sentinel another 8 power, 2-3 star (to replace either John or Rick) card and we'll do better against SOA!

@sergio Well with all he clintz you win, yes, I do think so.smiley
I've come in the top 5 for a DT 7 times with this deck and top 10 two times.smiley
And even more countless times in the top 50 with this deck in a DT after starting 15 minuted late.smiley

monday 15/12/2008

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Ok thx.
I guess i read Eyrik's comments wrong. I was just looking for a leader that "fit" the question i had.

A little preset I made to counter roots/gheist combinations smiley
Feel free to coment!

No damage reducers and besides jackie and the zatman power is 6 or lower so marina is more vital to your deck



Sentinels this week..XD lol ...i think piranas..+ nightmare..XD low damage..XD though

Shark is SO right
if he didnt say that i would have...
the 2 new All stars, randy & jessie did serve a hard time. while jessie went through all the DRs, randy did some serious damage, copying the opponent's power and then droppping it by 2.


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