friday 21/11/2008


Montana: Prince Jr, Edd, Mona, Ottavia

thursday 20/11/2008

I see that you cannot sell your cards on the market, if it is at all possible buy at least a few credits to unlock that ability. Then you will be able to get more value for your cards and build the deck you want.

As the others mentioned, pick one or two clans and buy good cards.

You might try looking at the public presets for ideas on inexpensive good decks.

Ok after 5 wins u get 14 health and 10 pillz right
ok number 1 u have 14 health now so u can afford to take hits do bluffs more often (especially when u are using a rescue who are the kings of 1 pill vs 1 pill play.
number2 ive possible make decks which involve morphun and bridget
number3 think of solutions of winning with bad hands this vid might help
number4 take your time
number5 u when facing weaknesses e.g piranas just remember what are there weaknesses. e.g piranas low damage. nightmare low power.
hopefully these tips will help

Well.. you can use 1 or two pillz too.
actually ambre courage is fun
people said oh only for two round her ability useful
what happen if
I use glorg / nistarok / rolph / toro + ambre courage and only put 1 or 2 pillz? (if you use kolos or XU52, that's a serious threats, many people will use some pillz because they are hoping you bluff with kolos)

your opp might think, "oh I will attack back when he don't have ambre's ability" and he lt your card pass through or only put 1 or 2 pillz
but that's a big mistake, 6 damage goes through, and they must deal with another one or two round (especially will be hard if they don't have damage reducer)

Yeah...vansaar is not used for battles, rather its for lvling up your cards quickly to make it to the next daily tournament smiley

Thnx i got it plz

wednesday 19/11/2008

Thank you, ChaosBot, for that wonderful advice. smiley

Well thanks guys, I'd manage to get 69/2553 in the DT thanks to Tyd, but I now got both, thanks again smiley

The problem with Sentiel-Piranas as a combo is that they both lack a decent damage reducer.

tuesday 18/11/2008

It's up to you though..
ulu watu is very expensive and their price is not reasonable for new player (I mean it)
for example:
b ball only 700 (6/2 -2 opp damagemin 2)
gabrielle is 4.5K (5/3, -2 opp damage min 1)

montana, ulu watu:

try to get this:
don / hugo
prince jr

krik / ice jim

if you have more money:

prince jr

ice jim / gaia / krik (I prefer ice jim in this deck because of SOA)

read my description
vote comment etc

Good and cheap Rescue deck, got tons of credits from DT's using it: Frida, Ghoub, Larry, Lea, Pam, Slyde, Tanner and Hugo.
Of course, there are several ways to upgrade, for example, introducing Anita, Elvira, or Kerry.

Gil, gibson, lolly, onik, and you have my ELO deck!

Do you think there should be a restriction on how many events people are allowed to join because it could get confusing for them and cause battles to not be played

I have an idea for daily tournament instead of winning just clintz (5-6k average) i think you should give a rare card to the winner of a DT and reduce the prize money or spread it out more e.g 2nd gets more percentage then what he/she is getting at the moment

Broly - the format would be too complicated, constantly trying to remember which clan is banned. the reason I like DTs is that they are wide-open. Everything is game.

ELO is the format were UR tries to make the game ballanced, that is why they ban cards and clans.

If you are intested in playing complicated formats i suggest that you create an event where you can control the rules.

The reason you lost that example is the "random" Factor. In some game rooms there is a random element where the lower attack wins.

My advise would be to play and learn for your expereinces.

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