saturday 13/12/2008

Oh so that's why i couldn't access it.. i should browse the message boards more often. lol. anyway hope you get it fixed soon! and thank you for that site. its really helpful for building decks.

Im trying a pirana deck with gil (as a wildcard)

Most of my decks are:
1 5*
2 4*
3 2 *
2 3*

I always thought +2 was better because -2 always has a minimun

friday 12/12/2008

Level 5: Timber, Team: +1 Damage
Level 10: Vansaar, Team: Xp +90%
Level 15: Hugo, Team: +6 Attack
Level 20: Bridget, +1 Life Per Round
Level 25: Ashigaru, Strike Back
Level 30: Eyrik, Team: -1 Opp. Power, Min 5
Level 35: Ambre, Team: Courage, Power +3
Level 40: Eklore, -1 Opp. Pillz, Per Round, Min 5
Level 45: Morphun, +1 Pillz Per Round
Level 50: Vholt, Team: -1 Opp. Damage, Min 4

For a long time I ran Hugo Freaks. It was a good combination with Akendram, Esmeralda, and sometimes Vassili. Also the more your reduce your opponent's power the more +6 matters so he's good with Borris and Olga. The thing about Bridget is that you can't be too predictable, and if your line up is Bridget, Olga, Soushee and Wolfgang your opponent won't find it difficult to guess your strategy: Round one poison, chump block twice, then try to hit with Bridget. You get hosed by a single SOB in that kind of play, and I don't mean Piranas. I mean that just Samantha ruins your whole strategy. What makes Hugo better is that you can come on strong round one, but if that doesn't go well you can recover the game by winning round two. Also when SOB makes your poison completely useless it's better to have a leader that wins you one more fight than one that gives you 3 life, as that one battle is most likely over more than 3 life points.
The only leader I would recommend more than Hugo is Ambre. Ambre is very predictable but still good, and nobody would want to mess with an Olga with bonus backed up by Ambre - especially in nonrandom. If you spent 3 pillz and they blocked with someone with base 8 power, they would have to spend 6 pillz to beat you. Or if they had between 5 and 7 power that would make them need 8 pillz.

I did check the list of fansites, and didn't find anything like it in the links that were listed as English. It doesn't seem very current either, since some sites were closed down.

Okay thanks!
BTW i forgot to post my ELO plan for mono Fang Pi.
I was considering Kati, Ryuichi, Windy Mor, Unagi, Yu Mei, Rei, Sakazuki, and Macumba.
Anyways thanks for the advice.

Meh......less 3 stars...but well...i tried to compress everything inside..


comment and rate pls....<<< no crs

You know, support hasn't be taken to damage reduction. Imagine a pussycat with Support: -1 opponent damage. I mean, don't put it on a 2 star like Ella, but that on a 4 star 6/6 would be pretty good. It might even get them some ELO play again.

Support poison also hasn't been done, but that doesn't make much sense IMOP. The Support clans don't seem like poison is a good mix, and it would be redundant with Freaks (worst than that, you could win a fight and result in your opponent being at higher life due to the weaker poison taking over) but the point is that support hasn't been completely played out yet.

thursday 11/12/2008

Thanks, I was just wondering about that kind of deck smiley

About the unevolved cards, dorian, vickie, jackie and zatman are pretty good options, but it's expensive...

Do a half piranas half all stars. that sounds good

If its full gheist Morphum stands out a mile.

Please Could people please give me suggestions on my deck

i think its ok but was condsidering changing nerferti to sheitane/ehad

then Timmy to kenny but i dont no please give suggestions

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Rescue in random and i guess la junta in non random cause they normaly vs sob clans and the have hi power

Point Gainer (RESCUE)

Nine cards, but low starred T2 deck smiley

I would also reccomend MMs decksmiley

Montana and cause I'm feeling nice I will give you a choice on any montana that is not Lyse Teria CR or Vickie CR

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