friday 07/10/2016

Will we have adverts of hive cards now?

thursday 06/10/2016

If you win vs SOB, you get poison 2, min. 3
If you win vs SOA, you get poison 2, min. 3 (if the bonus is active)
If you win vs neither SOB nor SOA, you get poison 2, min. 3
So it's like Protection: Bonus, but better, because you don't need to have another Freaks-card in play

Tbh I have to agree with OPG, it is more valuable when there is some more insight rather than repeating the stats etc

wednesday 05/10/2016

I mean he's got a point (Mokra & Hawk will always be better than Kagura), but that's hardly a piercing insight.

Yeah, that is a good point. smiley

Another DT match was left hanging during my turn. smiley
Looks like my opponent was the one to time out though. smiley

So when are we going to see the Hive's clan HQ in the game? Then again, I play the game on my PC (I don't own an android) so that could be it.

Nice seeing ppl talking to me lol its just that i was here when it was very popular and have been playing this whole year with players numbering from 1000-2000 this year so yeah its scary if it drops i like the game

tuesday 04/10/2016

Yes it is going really well for the staff. An letting all players know what's going on really helps a lot.
when player's know what's wrong we tend to give more slack an not jump the gun.

I love how they listen to the player's an made some changes on the game from the player's ideas. Plus they know witch ones to filter out. slow an steady is winning this race for sure.

I agree with ghelas here with the idea that maybe there should be a clan rotation in ELO. With this, if a clan or two are removed from ELO for a month or so, then there might be an influx of that clan's cards on the market for cheaper, which would benefit everyone who might want to play that clan.

I have a very good internet. I have had literally no issues with it and I play/have played much more consuming games, e.g WoW etc. I also have connection issues but only for ARCADE.

sunday 02/10/2016

Yeah a lotto sounds good. Perhaps paying 5% of the card's market price to enter? 3 cards per week maybe?

saturday 01/10/2016

If I didn't have fun playing UR then I wouldn't be here everyday! smiley

How about a clan called

Beardz smiley

friday 30/09/2016

Lin xia looks like she grabs her boob while stabbing you with the other hand. kinky?

@whytestallion : please, the new market is like going back to kindengarden smiley

thursday 29/09/2016


Also you could use the old website, as it's a much larger window and lets you see all of them at once.

Bikini Joe Ld
Regen 1 max 10 or Heal 2 max 7

wednesday 28/09/2016

It's dat boi

Lol wrong thread methinks BUT I think winning would be the key to equalizer. It allows you to decide when to use it rather than allowing it every time. This explanation did help me understand your idea better, that'd work better than what I originally thought

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