tuesday 02/04/2013

It can be good, but i think both works fine. If you have the budget, get Qubik or Eebiza instead of Fizzle

You can try roots this week.

Jeena and Tuck aren't banned so Roots>Gheist for the week.

Ksendra can do some offense as well as defence. For example, Ksendra's Dr makes the opponent not want to pill as you can just bluff Ksendra. 7,7 is also pretty good stats.

Also the fact that having 2 revenge cards isn't bad at all.. i mean, it's much more easy to control than confidence.


monday 01/04/2013

Wee lee needs to get unbanned.

It gives Ulu a good replacement when eddie is banned.

But when eddie is unbanned,

Gabrielle, Wee lee, Eddie, Nanook/Eugene might be a little too good.

sunday 31/03/2013

To answer your PS:

Delete most of the link to look like this
Change the = to :

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The thing about ELO is, it is ELO. ELO ain't just a name here, it is a ranking/scoring system invented for Chess leagues.

If you have high ELO rating and you face a player with low one, you get less points for win, lose more points if you lose. Vice versa!

I have observed that winning 75% of games ensures an increased rating after each 4 matches (3/1).

Although winning every match is an option, obvious thing is it is impossible -- at least for human-like minds. smiley

Nice, i'd change virginia for petra and ashiko for the three star jungo of your preference smiley

saturday 30/03/2013

I find Coco to be not as useful this week. Low power, and most opponents usually either have SOB as their bonus. smiley
As for Tremorh, I decided to cut the -Pillz characters from this build. That's why there's no Hawkins or Tremorh.
If I were to put them in, I'd go Tyd -> Hawkins, and Veenyle Cr -> Tremorh.

friday 29/03/2013

Oh-em-gee. im officially scared. just kidding but lame title.

Cards Of Concern (COC): nistarok, orlok (possibly change eadh dieter and arawka)

figure rest out yourself

Thanks for the heads up and advice ambre

Solid, soa kinda hurts

SOA really kills you. If you feel comfortable, keep one of Jautya and Oflgn, then get someting more stable.

thursday 28/03/2013

Whats the point of posting a deck asking for feedback if you don't like what people say. Overall I would agree with Orcales choices.

If you are building a deck around Karrion (which you didn't say) that is fine but what happens if you don't draw him. If you look at the worst hand draw of your deck it is lacking in a lot of ways. You have to many Dr and defeat cards and little damage.

If you draw a hand with karrion it will be the only card people have to worry about and easy to counter. Putting in + life cards like Murry or Waiki have a lot more synergy. Currently you won't be able to beat solid decks with this deck beyond using karrion to 50/50 your way to 1200. I would do the following

Russel > Pan
Orlok > Edwin or cutey
Embolt > Murray


Yes! I forgot about wonald. Wonald >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Harleen.

Such a terrible card. Experience in elo with ulu will tell you.

wednesday 27/03/2013


When I'm against freaks, I usually depend on the All stars to win the round smiley. I would pill saki or randy to the point where it doesn't make sense for the opponent to pill more. smiley I almost always overpill the first round against freaks and DR and get a win in for the rest.


This was for the last week smiley

Sakrohm side is OK, Wakai and Aleister are just preferences although I prefer the latter.
The nightmare side is weak on power and can easily be beaten if their bonus don't work. You should replace Edwin with Artus, giving that 1 star breather space to upgrade another card. Maybe Dieter to Azgroth or Glorg to Karrion depending on whether you want your SoA to be offensive or defensive, respectively. Murray to Jautya/Petra will work out fine too.

Ulu watu are now a elo clan smiley. Their newer releases really buffed them up.

True. Bangers is not used much when either blaster cr or beeboy is banned. It is a rare week when both are unbanned.

tuesday 26/03/2013

I think there miight be alot of gheist this week due to unbanning of leviatonn

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