monday 08/12/2008

We are not the one that decide wich country is available for SMS/phone.
I believe there might be laws that prevent our payment provider to have access in Philippine.
If you know any gaming website that provide SMS billing in Philippine, let us know (thru support).

Survivor type elo....

I don't know, the same as in ELO tournaments smiley


plz tell me what's wrong with it smiley

Rescue are best while mono so you always have +12 atk

I reakon eyric is better because more power for everybody really halps you win

He's trying to make a video that could help beginners in picking out a clan by making a videosmiley


He asked how to play it, not any side comments... here's my reasoning... opponent goes fury w/ kinjo... how to beat it...
6 pills murray, omg lg mga tol ha! hehe, once murray hits, dnt be afraid of the 1 hit ko, simple, smiley

If she hits and there are no cards stopping her ability, she gets to apply it. smiley

IMO, the decks that use other support clans other than the 3 most used will be a contender deck. W/c means that I may use Sentinels, GHEIST, Piranas and Roots w/ another clan other than these and will still be able to make 1400, smiley

Oh well..XD

Ahuhuhu! smileysmiley

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Depends on the deck construction and pill allocation. smiley

sunday 07/12/2008

Kl nice deck

Rescue mono alec kerry aurora larry lea hax and even suzie

Check presets, if you got all cards in that preset, click on add to my collection, smiley

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Warehouse smiley

Change John To Copper's Dog 1*

saturday 06/12/2008

And i know, i need Kolos and Kenny, and probably some more.
Oh, and i have Glorg

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