tuesday 09/12/2008

In an 8 card pack you are guaranteed exactly 1 rare, you will get 4-5 commons

Where is it?

this deck got me 12 victories in type2 survivor.
enjoy smiley


allstars pussycats

wut u think about it?

i think i came out with my best deck ever...high dmg....high power...reducers...

seems 100% complete...

vote it! smileysmiley ty

Or Freaks/Sarkohm: Boris, Olga, Maciej, Hula, Graksmxxt, Na Boh, Corrina and Eris. You have also Cassandra, Skrummxxt and Wakai as choice.

I decided to buy Pussycats since it's cheaper than Sentinels. Close this please Mod and thanks for all who comment.

Swap havok to copper

The poison won't stack, it's one or the other. With piranhas and nightmare gaining popularity this could be a card to make freaks an option in elo; doubtful though.

If u have f.e. Coby and 2 other Sentinel, Coby will deal 3 additional damage, and nobody else

monday 08/12/2008

Its alright but being a fan of piranas ive used this sort of deck with ambre and it didn't go amazingly well. maybe morphun or dhalia instead of ambre
both decks here are gr8 for pill mulnipulation

hot 32 messages

Kerozinn cr (i dont think it was my first card) i think it was three days before it became i cr, had saved up creditz from tournys and elo and got it in an action pack with josh and someone else.

Hello / Hi!

I'd like your opinion on my presets, there's something I want to improve?

Deck Elo Gheist/Junkz : http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=257910&from=list

thx smiley

The one you used to visit was terminated by the provider. The creator of the website is trying to set up a new one. (I think...)

See http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=3&id_subject=675127&subject_page=1

Thinking of dropping Azel for Timmy, Sargh or Dieter.
But which one?

Final Junta´s Deck Elo


Leadesrs are always better for mono clans, but for freacks morphum is better than eklore.

Katan and rhed are weak, rest is ok

Salrohm work well to espesialy on a budget: murray wakai trinmkkt and na boh : freaks poison is hi damage and murray and wakai leave a health gap leaving a big diference and with damage reducers it is hard to keep up with

We are not the one that decide wich country is available for SMS/phone.
I believe there might be laws that prevent our payment provider to have access in Philippine.
If you know any gaming website that provide SMS billing in Philippine, let us know (thru support).

Survivor type elo....

I don't know, the same as in ELO tournaments smiley

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