monday 17/11/2008

Hello! I made another deck just for fun! Here it is: deleted. LOL! smiley

Why not use the typical mono-Montana deck (no CR)? Don, edd, Sharon, Ottavia, Filomena, prince jr, oscar/Veccio and mona. smiley

Oops, it didn't come out properly. smiley brain power = math skills + common sense

sunday 16/11/2008

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For the first one, no they dont stack up.

and no the poison will be gone since they went down below the min.. but you can poison them again.. smiley

Generally I'd say Hugo. But as said before. Post your deck and it'll be easier to decide.

I think that fights between guilds would be a great, great idea. It seems to be much better way to rank guilds comparing to the one basing on pure statistics and people within one guild would finally start helping their guild mates more than nowadays. It would also take rivalry into inter-national level, or

I also think it would be a great idea to add some additional info to players' profile, like the best achieved survivor/elo score (just an example) which would be good indicator of how good a player is. In some rooms there's a plenty of high- leveled players who spend most of their playing time playing against newbies with 2 Jackies, 2 Dorians, 2 Zatmans and Hugo. That kills of fun when you have to play two, three times in a row overpowered, similar decks like that. Now to gain more respect they would have to do more effort than spending few hours a days using the same decks and ripping of 'normal' players. It would also encourage you to risk for higher elo/survivor scoress and game would become even more fierce.

I know there are rooms for every one needs and you can always find one that you like the most. I know some of them give you more freedom on creating your deck but I think it would be good to forbid double/triple characters in the same deck in all of rooms. One Jackie, Vickie or Hawk a deck is far enough, why more creative players should be disadvanged?

Pls write some words what you think on my ideas

Comment and Rate....Dude!XD
Tell me what cards to change....Dude!XD

Dude!...I'm a Cop!XD

(Not the way I talk.:smirksmiley

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Mole people, or an underground civilization! Actually, they would kinda look like mutants since they lived in a different environment. TMNT, or Planet of the Apes! LOL! smiley

Check this out !!!

please rate and comment

Sorry guys what do you think about this elo deck?
i belive in this deck
comment and rates pls...

Low budget? ulu watu u can try jeff, buck, shayna, etc. if u really cant afford that try coraille and nympheea.

Both =) Anita comes first if u dont have steve



Not bad, but dammage is way too low...

saturday 15/11/2008

You're best off with a couple of clans (else sacrificing bonuses is just stupid) and going for both 2* and 3* cards.

Prince Jr

Jackie 3*
Dorian 3*

Whilst this retains only 3 2*'s it gives you huge average power (4 cards below 7 power, 2 of which give the opponent -2 power) as well as a decent (though hardly amazing) spread of damage and abilities.

Of course adding cards like lyse teria will make this deck amazingly good, but this is the discount version. I still think that having more than a couple of clans kills yourself against anyone that has any idea of how to play.


it's a four caln deck and founr ELO banned card deck

Nn is right: you can get mass of points by levellig up cards, or knocking out noobs with many pills saved in the danger zone.

Update list:-
Force Majeure(Ground Zero)
Academy of elite team
Elite team
Mod(Force,Merm) & Admins(Fraggle get special mention here an Euzebe too..smiley)

All of them teach me a lot of about this game..smiley and other things too..smiley
and lots of other people..if i right them all..i might have to make 2-3 post..or more.. smiley

Best regards,

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