wednesday 03/12/2008

The guilds have improvements planned. Please be patient smiley

The ability will say -X damage or if you win the round you suffer no damage.

Sorry, right after posting I finally found my answers, just had to look in the right place. Thank you very much.

monday 01/12/2008

You also need to face a simple fact (look at the tables given in "game rules" section) which is that you do gain points faster if you win by KO with remaining pillz, which is of course much easier against players with similar or weaker deck, it's a fact, I can't change facts to please you, it's how the game is made, just face it.

I would really like it if some of you checked out the deck i made..

Allstars have - Striker and Marina

@ mphdragon - Thx!! That's what I was talking about. Dalhia and Morphun are just to good to take out. I know that this is a ELO deck, but with so many good 2 stars in Piranas, is easy to get space.

@ ncoffey - That's a way different point of view! Different, but realistic! And very good! Ambre gives more power so that pillz getter cards can do theyre job without wasting more pillz, puting me with a pillz mine, for fury or to win. THAT's A GREAT IDEA!!

If you dont have ctz play la junta, if you have cca 500k to spare play fang pi

Few more clintz then i'm gonna buy Don

Close please...thanks

sunday 30/11/2008

Http:// part of my gr8 decks series

I am extremely glad to see more people voting against a min of 3! ^.^

very valid points about making 4 damage go to 1 and him wreaking havoc..

But I really must say that dermagus has the best point. Really thought changing stuff there man!

I still feel that vholt with just 1 more damage point would make him worth putting in a deck since he would help do 2HKO's.

I will be much more passive about vholt from now on I geuss!

Wrong message board

I always preffered the "superstop" style of decks. nightmare and gheist type deck is pretty good.

Z3r0 dead

saturday 29/11/2008

Well, if you're looking for a tourney deck, you need to bring your star count down. Bangers do have a lot of great 2* and 3* cards to do this, including B Ball, Saddy, Graff, and Juicy Lord.

Otherwise, Blaaster is better than Sleam.

The links are on my biography
i hope you like them!!!!
(((((in my opinion my t2 deck is better than the elo deck)))))

She is fantasitic in elo (y'alls just crazy) all leaders (exept hugo vansar and timber) change the every aspect of the match. You opponent has to play arround the card or find a way to overpower the leader's ability. A leader is not common in elo (execpt hugo) and you opponent has no way of deailing with it, as a result you can predict what your oppnents will do. With ambre your opponent will immediatly try to win the rounds when ambre doesn't work. knowing this you can put 1-3 pillz on the card and still win. She should go with mono becuase otherwise it screws up you bonuses. ambre does not have a specific deck that she has to go with. she does not take up to much space, but what you have to do is make a sacrafice of one of your 5 star cards. If this seems worth it to you then go for it. wheater you do is tottaly opinion

I think we all know she dominates t2 survivor in almost any deck

Shakorm deck will always have uranus Petra and Murray, after that.

If you play ELO: do not use Wakai, he is a complete waste. Use Nah Boh instead.

Eris is the best 5*star card in teh clan nowadays
Corrina is a solid card no matter how yuo see her.

Corrina and Eris are 2 of the few cards in the clan wich do not need their ability.

And that's all, mono shakrom is not a great idea for you, combine with something else.

A final note about Eklore: If you have High Power Cards (La Junta/Roots/Sentinel), then you want Morphum to add attack to your cards, if you have low power (Montana/Rescue/Nightmare) then you want to reduce opponent's pillz better with Eklore, and make it hard for the opponent to surmount the clan bonus.

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