wednesday 05/11/2008


rate that
i did NOT DO well with that last deck
haha live and learn i gess
anyway somthin clicked in my head like 20 min ago
and this is what came out
i think its solid
tell me what u think smileysmiley

I prefer petra over Skrum
And Wakai over Na Boh

also then you can upgrade someone.. smiley

say arno - noodile.. smiley
just prefernce tho..

Lao cr yu mei and ryuichi if u could afford him... rock hard yeah

I said if you only have like 150 clintz get endora or k cube

Very Very Weak against ROOTS, NIGHTMARE and PIRANHA deck...

tuesday 04/11/2008

Lol it disapeared sry here we go


please comment and rate it smiley

Considering your cards I'd recommend this:

Dieter, Nistarok, Timmy, Ead
Murray, Na Boh, Trinmkkt, Uranus

Which means you're buying Ead for ~300 and Uranus for ~3.7k at their current prices (Uranus may well drop but I've not looked at sak prices in a while).

Try this all you need with this deck
is one round win and the reducers take care of youe opp cards.


about this


pls rate and comment boys

Thx everyone I have an idea like this
Gil Gibson Rowdy Lolly/OniK
Sheitane Azel Glorg Eadh/Hel
I dont have Kenny Kolos Glorg right now im saving up for them

I think you may misunderstand the purpose of type two. Ideally you want as powerful of a deck as possible while still staying close to 25 stars, that way you can get more points per battle, with so many high level cards, even if you win, you wont get a lot of points in the tournament.

@UC_Thylus : if you like Piranas, you better rely on luck to have enough amount of pills to land that gamble ability, and use their massive power to keep the opponent thinking..

I disagree with this statement. Piranas don't rely on luck in having enough pills to land their ability. They rely on good reading. If you dismantle your opponents strategy it is easy to read them, then <insert appropriate amount of pillz here>

And for the statements saying Nightmare has low power that is not entirely true. Timmy is a 3star with 7 pow. Sargh another 3 star with 7 pow -7 attack.

We all know that both Nightmare and Piranas rely on their abilities as they are the most powerful in the game. SOB is just pawnage. General CR is no longer a 1 hit KO card anyone?

Like someone else said. Nightmare and Piranas are "two diffrent sides of the same coin". When both played in conjunction create an intensively strategic deck, where one slip-up can cost you the game providing you use some deck building skills.

Because I consider a deck with Kenny / Kolos together far from strategic (could it be more obvious?)

My 2 cents

monday 03/11/2008

Here is one of my decks. Rate it , comment it and tell me if/how can I impprove it. GG'ssmiley

Please close this.. i will make another topic with a different title coz nobody seems to be commenting.

I have added a leader now!!!
here it is, the new deck!!!!

Bumb and thanks for all the comment so far please feel free to brows my other decks
Thank you

I say that Fang Pi and Nightmare works great

Try this! smiley

Shakra *5
ratanah *4
Noodile *3
Jeena *2
Oyoh *5
Ashley *2
Flo *2
Lewis *1

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