wednesday 26/11/2008

I need a top player in elo to teach me how to play elo. Anybody in intrested send me a pm.

You're best move at the moment would be to go to the shop and purchase some credits.

As a rookie, I recommend getting a few full deck packs and experimenting with each clan, see which ones you like best and then just concentrate on those clans.

Here is also a tip when purchasing cards from the market, *usually*, the more expensive the card, the better the card is. So sometimes, you should save up to get expensive cards. They can really help to improve your deck.

tuesday 25/11/2008

Jackie, Zatman and Rubie are the uppers that will bring you money.

Very similar to what I used to play with when I won many DT.

Of course Lyse Teria instead of Ottavia would make it better.

But it also pays to have Betenka instead of Burt/Frankie Hi to get 2 hit Kos combined with Jackie/Rubie.

I always like Edd over ottavia and Filomena over Prince Jr, but that is kind of personal.

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The real problem is that Flo didn't have its bonus active.

What you need is more clintz, to begin scoring at daily tournaments, get DAnger packs, and build a montana-uppers-shakhorn deck.

With your cards it looks obvious to go for sentinel/bangers



your last card maybe saddy, althou 3 star cards from bangers ain't pretty good.

Another option is to do sentinel-pirannhas

Tula, trey, smokey and bloodh

sunday 23/11/2008

I'm building the 911 and so far i have Kerry and Aurora. Overall cost of the 911 is about 24k.

one of the best elo survivors. plz comment

Lot of 5 damage and two hit k.o. deck!smiley

Alien K.O. Killers

Its a good idea but i don't think it will work because there will be only the same cards Vs the same cards



saturday 22/11/2008

What should i cange in this deck? please help

New players

I version of this deck

Who do you think needs replaced if anyone and rate green plz =p smiley
Pure Pill manipulation

Taham to Gibson
Sting to Dhalia

Um dark love, i think it shows all decks with the clans you pick and then all the other clans in that preset.

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