tuesday 28/10/2008

I also think the Ambre will be the better one.

Azel definatly 2weeks from this friday
she is just as good as kolos and kenny and she is only 3k now i think when she get out of neww blood her value will go up

You answered your question already..

My suggestion is to swap platoona with neykee and get rid of syd noze and get yourself a good leader like hugo or someting (suggesting to get rid of cause i hate decks with more than 8 cards... idk why i just dont like chances to get bad cards...)

To read all about ELO:

I think ELO is from 00:00 in monday until 24:00 in sunday

Whoa, sorry i ment to put Fang... for fang pi clang... and thanks for advise i think thats what im gonna stick with

monday 27/10/2008

Sure..here it is:

JUST I say its for newbies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! use this for idiots....

Deleted that preset, and made a few adjustments. Please use the following link.



Could you rate my deck please, thankssmiley

Agreed ^
I'm Playing 26*'s for the DT's with:

sunday 26/10/2008

Well I'm going to buy robb for cyan and leave rico 4 a little bit longer cause he is doing well at my deck thanks 4 help anyway

This is an awesome deck for dt that i found today, it gave me 25-30 points per battle
comment and rate

Thanks 4434553422 AoEM_Martan Special thanks to Groslm
@Groslm thanks for ur suggestion again
Onik seems like a gd card but i'm doubt its ability based on a courage its so predictable
I didn't play Junkz before but I've read a lot of articles they say the main 2 cards for Junkz are Gibson and Veenyle
ur build gives me a brand new thread out of the old thoughts
I'm always stick to the old thoughts like Gibson Veenyle Kenny should be in a deck
Junkz+Nightmare Junkz+Gheist Which is the better choice?Or If there's another better combination with other clans?
Whether there's a better deck combo power and dmg perfectly I know theres no best deck it only decides on the playstyle
But I have no playstyle yet now sadly

Plz rate and comment


Please open this preset for T1 freaks and piranas (normal and elo)


Ah.. my bad,
lyse teria price is more than 3.5 million XD

Try cool i got lulabee once. but only once smiley

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